Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visiting the Sixties

One of the main reasons I take so many pictures is the sheer fact that it brings me so much joy looking back on them and reliving a time that used to be in my life. I remember so many more details, so many more people by my side and so many more seemingly insignificant instants that fill part of the pathway of my story. Don't you just love looking at pictures of say, a vacation, and going right back to that moment and remembering it as it was? It's just the best.

It's also incredibly special how you can obtain that feeling when you look at photos you're not even in. Even with no memory or back story on the shot, you can place yourself right there in that frame and get a taste of another time and imagine who these people were that you're looking at. I love doing that for eras such as the 1960s. Where everything was apparently colorful, vibrant and adorable.
^Such as these girls in their various, bright swimsuits having a grand old time. Did they manage to stay friends? How many of these women are still alive? | Image VIA
^Or Priscilla Presley's utterly perfect makeup/brow/hair game. Where is she driving to and she seems pretty happy to be telling a story. | Image VIA
^I love these handsome men's 'We're so happy we're off work!' faces (and the fact that the guy in the back is wearing a currently very popular frame of glasses). Are they father/son? Meeting the Wife/Mom for dinner? | Image VIA
^Who is this lovely woman and where did life end up taking her? How excited was she to get those fashionable earrings and how on earth did she put that headscarf on so perfectly? What a beauty. | Image VIA
^It's just so cute. Who had the pleasure of being the first owner of it?| Image VIA
^I adore the retro vibe of Sixties interior. Happiness abounds looking at it.| Image VIA
^From the man's sideburns, to the woman's sunglasses, to the adorable hat and the even better ponytail, I adore 'stepping into' this photo. It looks like a fun day. I'd love to know the reason behind the different expressions among the three women to whatever this man was saying.| Image VIA
The magic of photography never, ever fails. Bless you, cameras!

Additionally, I spilled a drink on my computer last night and it is now in the loving hands of a local computer repair guru. I hate being without it and I hate someone else having it. Don't laptops have a way of feeling like your diary/safe/special space? I just want it back!

Have a great one!


Jax said...

You know that I have a photo phobia, lol, but I am trying really hard to take more pictures this. I especially love the bright colors that you manage to capture. I love the whats happened in this picture of people we don't know game. I'm glad that I am not the only one who plays it. Great post!

Jax said...


Pat Hatt said...

An interior like that would sure brighten everything up haha not sure I'd ever go for such sideburns though.

Pat Hatt said...

Oh and poor computer, how dare you try and give it a drink lol