Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I think your home airport is generally a pretty special place. Like most of my fellow Americans (so politico), I have flown my whole life starting from when I was a little girl. My family especially flew to the east coast (where my Mom is from) and the Midwest (where my Dad is from) numerous times a year. From the vantage point of a 5 or 6 year old, a day of flying to those locations was a long, exhausting, hands at my side, small bout of h*ll.  As I deboarded the plane with groggy eyes and my pink backpack flapping away behind me, I specifically always remember how happy I was to see the first official sign of home.

This carpet.
 Over the last few years, this odd patterned, kitschy, weird print/color has gained its own little following. You may or may not have seen numerous pictures of people's feet at the airport on Instagram with the hashtag #pdxcarpet alongside it. It has become its own little visiting destination. And I totally understand why. Because apparently it wasn't just me who felt comforted by this (horrifically) ugly carpet and knew that they were home.
 Well, unfortunately to us Natives: It now has an expiration date. They are removing the beloved design on the left (below), with an even uglier design on the right (below). I mean, what??! Clearly we have an affinity for odd carpet at the airport but forest green (vs the teal of the original) and that 80s design? Ugh, I don't get why they can't just duplicate and keep it the traditionally bad design that we all adore.

 Anyway, the announcement came a few weeks ago that they were officially starting to tear up the carpet. I felt a wee bit sad that I wouldn't see it again as I truly have loved it forever. So, because we had a workout planned that Saturday adjacent to the airport, we stopped in and went to say our goodbyes...
... only to find out that it will take them through Thanksgiving to change out all 13 acres of it. So we have some more time to embrace it before it goes away, oooops. Oh well, it gave us a chance to wander the airport with no stress of getting to a flight (when does that happen?) and throw some money at all the local businesses who have sold-out on the carpet for profit.

^Purchased that local brew of course.
^I have had those shoes since high school and I have worn than no more than 7 times, I swear. I can't believe they would ever get into a post. Odds are so low!
^iPhone captures of that majesticness.
 So, happily we'll have more time to soak it all in before it's gone forever. Which makes me a happier camper. Sidenote: Of course all national coverage of this is now declaring that we're all so 'Portlandia' and quirky & weird and 'omg classic Portland freaks...'. Um, no. This genuinely means something to people from here. Well either that or I'm just as weird as the rest of the city & don't notice it anymore. But I prefer to fight for the reputation of Portland and loudly proclaim that we aren't made up entirely of hipsters & clowns. Can't some normal people just love an airport carpet anymoreeee?!?

However, I do love our airport besides its flooring. It's so clean & the entering breezeway (below) just makes me appreciate the structural gifts of mankind.

Catch ya later, carpet.


Pat Hatt said...

haha that is one ugly carpet, but I guess it grows on one especially when it means home

Jax said...

I have a HUGE fear of flying. I'm lucky if I can make it ONTO the plane and then off without an anxiety attack. The carpet is the last thing I'm thinking of. haha

I love how you appreciate all of the little things in your life! It's so awesome how you even took time to notice it. Although, I have to slightly agree with Pat. It's a pretty ugly carpet! haha

Kristen said...

i have never been to that airport, i guess i'll see the new carpet one day! i love airports with glass ceilings and tons of windows, always soothes me. i hate cramed, closed in airports!

Laynah said...

Airports are super special places...the hardest goodbyes and the warmest hellos are felt there! Kinda sad that they dont just duplicate the original

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

lol, it really is ugly Jax & Pat! I do know that. But it's just... familiar? :)

Kara said...

That's so funny about the carpet!! We have pretty horrible carpet in ours too - I think it's like a bad 80s grayish pattern. What I associate with our airport is the smell of burning rubber and HEAT! It's always a rude awakening to exit that air conditioned building after a vacation somewhere cool, only to be slammed in the face with true, classic Phoenix heat. Yuck.

On a more positive note, our airport has become more famous in recent years for having super delicious gourmet food. I may or may not have sampled some of this with flights of tequila on a recent red eye...