Friday, February 20, 2015

Snowless Getaways

Snow. So much snow!

I'm clearly not talking about my neck of the woods since we've been SOL in that department. For instance, I drove past my favorite ski resort a few weekends ago only to see a bunch of brown dirt down the main run. What in the heck? If Mother Nature was a peacekeeper she'd bundle up some of that unwanted snow over on the east coast and deliver it to us westerners who look forward to skiing all year! It really bums me out. Not to mention, I would adore all of that snow you all have right outside my front door... I truly would. But alas, it's not meant to be.

What can I say? I just love a really cold winter. And so even though we didn't have the usual chilliness a couple weekends ago in Central Oregon, I still loved the annual trip to a city that shines during the winter months:
 ^Keep your friends close. Keep cabin-owning friends closer.
 ^Thankfully it's just people obsessed with their cats that get the bad rap, because I know I've reached an unhealthy level of compassion for this little one.

^Brewery, outdoor cold weather, college buddies, dog... can't complain.
^And here's a nice depiction of the winter we've been having. #WhyIsAllTheSnowEast
^Chandler & Bowser: Two Titans of 90s Pop Culture
^10 Barrel Brewery in Bend, Oregon. A delightful way to spend a Saturday.

^T-Shirts in January.
^Having him at the driving range was not the best plan. Tons of moving balls all over that he can't access... so that was fun.
^Our buddies & their adorable Puggle below.
^The outdoor patio at the brewery is riddled with dogs, Chandler made an equally-sized friend in this one.

^Cabin relaxation.
^At the driving range trying this out. Spoiler alert: I am awful (as if you couldn't tell by the way I dressed to go there).
^After getting way too rowdy for this crowd with that other puppy, someone was in time-out from the ground for a little bit. I see Jay really minds the added weight.
^Cabins: Where dreams come true.

Happy Weekending, all!! I'm throwing my Sister's baby shower on Sunday so it's gonna be a busy one for me. :) Gotta usher that nephew into this world properly.


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

we will gladly give you some snow from Boston! I wish there was some way haha. have a good weekend!

Pat Hatt said...

You want some snow, I'll ship it along. haha yeah the pup and lots of moving balls, not a good mixture.

Jax said...

ahh...CONGRATS to your sister and to you as a soon-to-be auntie!! That's really exciting.

You are TOTALLY welcome to ALL of the snow NY gets. It's alllll yours, girl. hahaha I hate the snow mainly because my man does snow removal as part of his job. That means that depending on how big of a storm, he'll disappear for a day or two. Then little old me has to shovel and clean off her own car. :( :( :( I know, #WAH. haha

PorkStar said...

Dear Caitlin:

Please come and have all of this snow. All of it. Some of the wind and the ice can be added to the package as a bonus... just take all of it and keep it there.

There is some brown and yellow snow too. Those feel free to send over to Texas.

Thank you

Please hurry.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Caitlin this is why we-re friends - you're only the second person (besides myself) that I've ever heard say they love a good cold winter :)

Panty Buns said...

I knew you'd expressed a love for the windy city before and some for snow, but I didn't realize quite how much of a snow-bunny you are. There's been a lot of single digit temperatures with high winds and snowstorms every three days near me out on Long Island in New York and it might snow again tonight. Those piles of snow keep getting higher and my back keeps aching more. If there were some easy way to send it your way I sure wouldn't miss it. I've had my winter's worth. It's getting ridiculous. I really should start building big snow sculptures or igloos.
I hope you get your snow soon. I guess the lack of snow inspired you to try goofing, er, I mean golfing? I'm looking forward to the start of my favourite season, Spring, in less than four weeks.
Wow! Chandler is getting big, and it looks like his hair is getting longer? He's getting kind of big to be a lap dog isn't he? I wonder what he weighs now.

Ainy said...

Here in Virginia we are dealing with about 8 inches of snow! Love your blog :)

Unknown said...

You do weekends better than anyone else I know ;)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@PB- aw, I know you all are suffering over there!!!! I'm sorry for rubbing it in that i wish I had it. I hope you are staying warm!!

@Porkstar: Senddd to meeeeeeee!

@Jax, Jaime & Pat: Please see above ^ :)

@OE: Love that! Kindred spirits

@Ainy: Thank you!!!

@MD: No, no! your last post was about sky diving!