Monday, February 9, 2015

The One With Chandler's First Birthday

So as I wrote about here, Chandler turned 1-year-old at the end of January. And it certainly wasn't a day that was going to pass by without a little celebration.

The plan that was drafted months prior to his birthday was that we would actually have a birthday party for him where I would force my family to come and we'd have presents and drinks and the whole she-bang. At the end, I'd present Chandler a cake I made from scratch for him to devour. In my mind, it was going to be fun, funny and quirky.
Unfortunately, the only reason that didn't happen wasn't because of the fact that it'd be insane to invite people over for a dog's birthday (I like that idea!) but due to the fact that the holidays knocked it outta me and I just really didn't get around to a formal party. So it became a small, little affair for our little family.

Additionally, I ended up not making the cake. Jay had a Monday off from work and agreed to do it then (the day before Chandler's birthday) as a favor to me. However, being the very talented cook he is, I think he was really excited to execute this task and bake his furry son a cake from scratch. After the cake, all we needed was some very special champagne to toast his existence and what better way to toast CHANDLER than with CHANDON champagne? Party's a go.
^Gang's all here.
^Ready for your cake, birthday boy?
^The cake giving to Chandler via Jay's view
^Smile a little, Chandler!
^Chandon. The official champagne of Chandler's life. Topped off with a J.Adler Terrier bottle stop to also represent our wiry little one.
^What a cute little shaggy mcdoo.
^Appropriately-labeled presents

It was a cute little night and I loved spending the time to recognize our love of him. But make no mistake, I will take the time next year to make sure that my family suffers through a dog party. Because I love my dog and I love that family has to come to stupid stuff like that for you. Ha. That's reason enough to have it.

Enjoy the day!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the idea of a birthday party for a furry friend! Happy birthday to Chandler :) looks like he enjoyed himself.

Camila Faria said...

I'd totally LOVE a dog party, you should do it next year. And yes, Chandler looks SO adorable!!!

Jessica said...

Aw Chandler is so cute! =)



Pat Hatt said...

haha he looks to be having a great time. With his very own cake, how could he not

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

this is adorable! any "excuse" for champagne, right? happy bday to chandler :)

Jax said...

You guys are adorable! Dogs ARE part of the family and they deserve birthday parties too. That champange looks yummy!

Jodi said...

Too funny! I'd celebrate my dog's bday (if I had one) but no way my family would come! Maybe invite friends who also have dogs?!

BLovedBoston said...

What a fun celebration!!! Love the bubbly you guys had! xo, Biana -

Unknown said...

Your dog drinks more champagne than I do ;)

Lauren said...

Hahaha I love it! I used to make sure I got my cat a birthday cake (for his mom and dad) every year, but I've been lazy lately. Thanks for the reminder to do better and add champagne!

Elle Sees said...

i love that he has his own official champagne!!

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

Haha! I love this idea! We always do something small for our pups but I would love to make my family sit through a puparty! They'd hate me!

Unknown said...