Thursday, March 12, 2015

Christmas in Spring

I'm not even going to apologize about the fact that I am posting about Christmas this late. I'm perpetually about 2-3 months behind on my photo organization and it bugs me beyond belief. So before I forgive myself for this character flaw (#prayersneeded), I can't even possibly apologize to you for this post. However, I will say sorry on the grounds that it's likely to be boring and you're in the mood for florals for spring (groundbreaking) and not Xmas bliss.

So I wrote here about how I was in Ashland, Oregon for Christmas this year. This is where Jay is from and even though we've been together 900 years, we had always split up at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We both really loved being home with our fam and since our cities are five hours apart, that's always been the drill on the two major holidays. So this year was the first time I have ever been away from home on Christmas. It was completely bittersweet. The bitter being that I missed my family so much! I missed racing up the stairs to presents with my brother in the morning, something we did organically as little children but have jokingly done it now as adults. It makes us laugh every year because running & screaming for your presents in xmas pajamas with your sibling when you're this north of age 8 will chill you to your core. So creepy. I also missed putting bows on the family dog and hugging my family. I missed our jokes, I missed everyone. That was certainly the bitter.
^Walks on a ranch in Ashland over Christmas.

But the sweet was pretty dang good too. And I made sure to soak up this first Christmas away from home and love up my new side of the family.

Like me, Jay has divorced parents who get along super well. So you never have to divide and conquer any of the holidays. It's kinda a more the merrier type deal. So we spent our time in Ashland either with his dad's side, his mom's side or everyone together. And here's how it kinda played out in some of the pictures I got ...
^Christmas Eve: Done with work and happy campers.

After we finished our workloads Christmas Eve (worked remotely in the morning), we had drinks & watched a movie at his Dad's house. After which we then got ready for the night's festivities as his Mom's house and drove our sleigh over there for the Xmas Eve Party.
^Left: The outside Christmas Tree illuminating the inside | Right: Enjoying the view as we wait for the party to start.
^This entire side of the family Skyping relatives from afar, I loved this angle.
^Left: Cradling a tired boy who was sleeping under the table due to the number of people | Middle: Christmas Morning outside beauty | Right: Rocking my little one to sleep at the party. Have I mentioned I own a dog? Wink, Wink.
^Christmas Morning, soaking up the perfect sun with my sis-in-law Em & bro-in-law Logan.

Christmas morning was full of presents, coffee, tea, homemade breakfast by my mother-in-law, laughter, sun, quiet & exchanging stories. It was such a warm way to kick off the day.  However, sooner than later it was the afternoon and time to drive about 40 minutes East of Ashland to a Dude Ranch to spend Christmas night and the following few days w/ his Dad's side. As we headed up the mountain more and more, snow was abundant and it made my little heart soar. That was until we got to the actual Ranch and it only had a light dusting in that area, oh well- I took it indeed.
^First walks up at the Ranch on Christmas day. Oh, it was just so pretty. And yes, Jay let Movember turn into DeSHAVELESSember, as you can tell. It was shaved off in January.
^Chandler & his cousin dog, Maddox. How happy do they look on their first Christmases?
^The view at the Ranch. I think we're alone now.
^In my favorite Christmas sweater which was gifted to me from a friend who I can only assume needs a huge favor from me shortly because that was a huge amount of bonus points in her direction!
^Left: Brothers | Middle: Coffee, Chan & Walks | Right: Famdamily.
^Wakey, wakey. How many blankets & layers can I wear? Poor Chandler, always being dressed like a 2003 Abercrombie kid.
^Dogs were allowed to roam the acres and acres of Ranch freely which I let him do sometimes. But during this walk, there was a huge amount of Bulls in the nearby clearing and I just didn't trust Chandler not getting killed. So, I tied a huge long rope around my waist & his harness. He was able to move a bit more freely, I could still walk and hold my coffee as I was handsfree but I still could save him from a certain barky, trampled death.
^Dinner is served! This was Jay & my night to prepare the meal. I did a salad & Jay made this amazing beef thing that I don't even know how he did. It's funny how hard I try to be a good cook and how naturally he just is one.
^Walks, walks & more walks! One of my favorite things to do.

As you can plainly see, my first Christmas away from home was a success. A total gorgeous, naturey success. Hard to argue with city views, romping dogs & expansive ranches to call your own. And even though I spent the last day of the trip cozied up at my MIL's house sick with the flu, it was just a faboosh way to end 2014 (sidenote: I never say 'faboosh' in real life. I wonder where I get half the terms I type on here sometimes).

Alright, now that I got my Christmas post out of my system, it's on to Spring. :)


Pat Hatt said...

haha being a little behind just brings with it some christmas cheer. Sure looks like a grand time was had. Best for the pup to avoid the bulls indeed, we had one that got in with them and almost got trampled, she got away though.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Really gorgeous photos! I spy a Buddha in the Christmas morning photo similar to one I own. I love it. So much light in that room!

The skyping photos is great too.

We started spending Thanksgiving up at my aunt's house with neither of my parents or MFD's parents. But it involves a lot of walks and meals and being in the middle of not a lot, like this. And that's really centering. I like it.

Jax said...

It's rough having to split the holidays! Wait until you have a kid and everyone wants to see her/him. Haha bittersweet is the perfect word but it's so nice to hear that you and your hubby are making your own traditions now. :) love the pics and no need to apologize. Bloggers are the busiest people!!! Right? Haha