Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thou Shalt Not ...

1) Thou Shalt Not ... take rude images of others at the gym.
^Exercise is exercise.
Every time I see a picture someone else took at the gym to make fun of them, I just assume that this photographer was either a) a gym newbie or b) a total @$$hole. Honestly, the gym is a place to get fit. To zone out. To reach your own goals. I get unbelievably annoyed when I see that someone has posted a picture of someone cause they were 'not doing a machine right' or doing a weird stretch. Um... focus on your own life. I really think the gym is the last place on earth that we should try to make people feel bad about themselves. And news flash: Some people are so intimidated by machines they don't know and the whole gym culture that they avoid the place altogether. Awful to punish them for it once they're there.

2) Thou Shalt Not ... make the general public aware, at all, under any circumstance, that you are fighting with your friends.
A large majority of my friends have been in my life since I was a young buck ... so I'm familiar with the inevitable bickering amongst yourself. We all know each other so well in my friend group that we definitely have moments when we are snippy with one another. But, when I go to a grown woman's facebook/twitter/blog and she's posting messages such as "I figured at 30 I wouldn't deal with friend fights like this" or "Wow. I guess you don't know half your friends", I honestly wonder what in the &%$ they are thinking. Out of respect to anyone in my life, I promise they will never stumble upon anything I put 'out there' and feel like I'm talking poorly about them.

3) Thou Shalt Not ... ask to see a picture on my iPhone as you stand behind me to look at my phone while I look for said photo.
This really is not something people do intentionally so I'm not trying to smack at nice people who make a mistake... but, oh my. If you ask to see a photo on my phone and I'm pulling it up- do not stand behind me and lean over my shoulder as I sift through my phone to find it. I don't have anything on my phone that specifically embarrasses me but with my to-do list on there, my pictures, my random thoughts... just give me a min to get this straight before you are breathing over my shoulder.

4) Thou Shalt Not ... talk smack about "feminism" without recognizing that you are directly reaping the benefits of it.
^We can be who we are thanks to those before us. Feminism = Choice.

Listen. Listen. You do not have to identify as a 'feminist' to agree to this. And I should probably state that I reduce feminism to choice. That's entirely what it means to me. Free choice to live how we want to live. What I'm simply saying is that loud-mouthed, outgoing, awesome females (basically the best kind of girls) who say they are proclaiming these opinions in spite of feminists is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Hate on how you think the movement has gone, discuss the differences of your point vs the majority feminist view but dear God: Do not, for one second, act as if YOU are able to speak your mind so freely without the help of feminism. Truly - nothing makes me eye-roll more. There's a reason most of us girls don't recall a time when we weren't allowed to speak up and that's largely because of the bold work ladies did before us. Read a book maybe? Bye.

5) Thou Shalt Not ... Stand behind my computer. Because that is so annoying.
Again ... I'm never doing anything online that's embarrassing. But this just bugs the willies out of me. Back up a little bit!

6) Thou Shalt Not ...Upload five million screen grabs of guys from online dating sites to make fun of them.
^Hi, I'm Caitlin & I like cats.
I have seen this happen TWICE now where a girl uploads a bunch of screen grabs of guys she deems deplorable online and their profile summary... and one of her friends knows who she posted the image of. One time the comment read "hey, that's my brother..." and I just cringed with awkwardness reading that. Geez Louise, unless it's really, truly noteworthy- leave the poor guy who is holding a fish and smiling funny with the dorky (but excusable) 'hi there' caption a break. Or Snapchat it to your crew, don't put him on blast online.

And that's my opinion on all that. Any to add or ones you would duke out with me?


PorkStar said...

# 3 and # 6 in particular, totally agree with...

Even if I have or don't have stuff on my phone that people should not see, it is very annoying when people just invade the surrounding area of the phone. Worst yet, when you are driving and people feel the need to look at the pictures and because you are busy, they want to hold the phone for you.

#2: I usually unfollow these individuals because I think we are all grown ups and posting attention grabbing, cry baby comments is just childish.

Pat Hatt said...

The damn whiners that go on facebook and boo hoo over every little thing need to grow up. My phone is usually off, so no go for anyone there lol and yeah, leave the people at the gym alone. They are doing something while most people who see the picture you post are sitting on their far arse doing nothing. The cat agrees with the last one and the statement too haha

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

People who air dirty laundry or engage in vaguebooking on the facespace should stop. Immediately.

By definition, feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. I don't comprehend why anyone would not want to identify as a feminist given the definition of it. It pisses me off.

I would murder someone who took a picture of me at the gym. I do, however, take photos of people being ridiculous on public transportation.

Jax said...

I love this series!! The gym thing is so true...a girl at my job is constantly taking pictures of other people and then makes fun of them. So rude and obnoxious!!!! Ug forget the photo thing, she will read one of my text messages if she walks to my desk and it pops across the top...and will comment on it!!!!!! As you can tell, her and I are bffs. Ugh

Unknown said...

I've never heard that take on feminism, but I agree :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

haha ^ I love all of the above. Awesome takes!