Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wander Worker

Sometimes I wonder if it's redundant to call yourself a 'wanderlust'. Certainly not because the word has lost its meaning but more so: I don't know anyone who isn't. Aren't we all wanderlusters (is that right?) trapped in the body of some other defining quality such as an office employee? I think that above all else, when most humans rub that genie lamp - they'd request a big trip around the world verses a car. We all have wanderlust. The real trick is mapping out your life properly and working hard enough to ensure that you indulge that quality in yourself every now and again.

I had a really good day at work today. I won't say much in keeping my job off my blog but it was just a great day and really reinforced to me that I'm grateful for the position I have and I am excited to work harder moving forward. A large part of that drive is the hope that continuing to do well at my job will result in more personal and professional travel in my future. To see. To be. To experience. To eatttt.
^Belize on my Honeymoon in September
So the two really work in unison together. The delirious hope to fit in as many vacations as possible throughout the course of my life. And the willpower and drive to make it all eventually possible.

Yes, I believe there's a wanderlust inside every single one of us. She just has to work her way out. 

Pun intended.


Pat Hatt said...

That isn't a bad goal, getting to travel for work would sure be a perk. Does a wanderlust to win the lottery count? You get three wishes win you rub that lamp you know. haha

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...


I love my vacations and definitely work partly to be able to take them.