Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Rewind: March 20-22, 2015

After work on Friday, I shut off my corporate brain and headed to a restaurant with friends to catch the end of the March Madness Oregon game (Yay, Ducks!). Once victory was secure, I made my way home and watched "Mystic Pizza" while I let my brain decompress from a crazy busy week. Upon conclusion of the film, I did not pass Go, I did not collect $200 and rather, curled-up in bed for an early night in.

Saturday morning: I rarely enjoy the coveted "Weeknight night's sleep on a weekend". You know the one where you head to bed after drinking some tea, sleep over 8 hours (which I never do on a weeknight anyway so who knows what I'm saying), and wake up feeling refreshed & rejuvenated but without having to rise immediately for work? Oh my is that the dream. But having done it Friday night miraculously; I arose Saturday morning with stars in my eyes and a new zeal for this day. So the first thing we did after coffee was rush off to brunch (which I'll post more in-depth about this week because it's a Portland gem)....
Followed by a some antique stores & estates sales and a glorious cat-nap. I arose from the catnap and put my now un-glorious hair to good use when I went over to my Sister's house to visit my nephew and soak up that indistinguishable newborn smell...
^Bonding bonding with the little guy. He chilled on my chest like that for about an hour.

... and then back home to get ready to meet up with my girlfriends. Some wanted to go out, some didn't- so I erred on the side of caution and got dressed to go out just in case the night went that way. It didn't. What we ended up doing was watching Dateline & doing a GD puzzle (like a physical, cardboard puzzle), so needless to say I was quite overdressed in the beginning. But after slipping into my girlfriends' sweats & socks, a puzzle & a murder mystery wasn't too shabby.
^See Michael Scott back there? Told you that show is always on in my house. Always. And here's me saying bye to my little one before leaving Jay & Chandler to their own devices when I went to see my girlfriends.

And then there was Sunday.

I rose, guzzled some coffee at home and loved up my dog because it was our family anniversary. Meaning, we had finally had Chandler one whole year. More on that later and I'm sorry if you aren't into dogs, or pets, or just this feeling of thankfulness for another species. I can't help myself to gush. And after an inappropriate amount of kisses & belly scratches, I scurried out the door to meet another girlfriend for Brunch at one of the most popular places in Portland.
^Brunch at Besaw's in Portland w/ my beloved, Miranda. We waited 1.5 hours for our table and I will say the food was worth it. As was the gift of all the wait time to catch up with her. I got the Crab Benedict special above. I don't have a picture of it because after 1.5 hours waiting for a table, I got to eating immediately. But, if I had to describe it in two words it would be: Hamada, hamada.

Followed-by grocery store shopping at Trader Joe's & the usual Sunday Food Prep while we watched the Ducks bow out of March Madness :(
^All my Sundays. I made THIS and it was incredible.
Anyway, it was a fun weekend for sure, even though I basically ate my way through each hour and I now feel like a giant ball of dough heading into the week. Oh well.

Happy Monday guys, let's all feign excitement and have a great day!


Pat Hatt said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to rest like that every day, at least for a while. Sounds like a fun weekend indeed, with lots of belly scratching and belly filling

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I too feel like a giant ball of dough after this weekend.

I absolutely adore that kind of sleep on a weekend. I got it Friday night but not Saturday.

Happy happy happy family anniversary!!!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

oh my, yes!~ I'd be a brand new person!

Jax said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Happy family anniversary, and, by all means, gush about your dog!!!!

P.S. You mentioned my favorite meal of the day (brunch) and now I am hungry all over again. Haha

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

hah, glad I'm not alone!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

hah, brunch is great of course- though I think I'm ready for a break from it for now. Need to deflate!

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds awesome! I couldn't bring myself to watch any March Madness games anymore ever since my bracket started crashing and burning, ha.