Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend Rewind: March 27th - 29th, 2015

Last weekend was great from the moment I left the office on Friday to  when I climbed into bed on Sunday night. From head to toe, top to bottom, bow to stern - it was a good weekend.
^Saturday night with the birthday girl!


On Friday evening, I left work and walked a few blocks away to my hair appointment to start off the weekend by trimming off my gross split ends & getting my dark color some much needed saturation. Immediately following that, I hopped on the trolley for home where I ate Chinese food with Jay & my visiting little brother. My brother is 6 years my junior and it's harder and harder to get him to spend actual sit down time with me so I always love when he pops over and I get to hear about his life. Once he left, Jay and I sat on the couch and had almost completely resigned ourselves to staying inside when I saw that "Wild" was playing down the street in 20 minutes. I had wanted to see that film in the theater (something I don't do too much) because of its ties to Oregon so we honestly jumped off the couch, wiped chinese food off our shirts and briskly moseyed over to the theater to enjoy the film.

I definitely loved the entire story but oh my is it ever emotional. My head hurt from crying that night and the next day. Oy. And it was amusing to see that they made Jay's hometown (Ashland) look like a 1960s Vietnam Protest & Portland's moment to shine on the big screen was quite depressing as well. Oh well, the movie was really good. And after it was over, we ran over to Clyde Common for a night cap and some conversation (aka we sat together looking at pictures of our dog because we are weirdly obsessed with him. I'm glad I had a solid friend group before I owned him because I would prob have trouble meeting new people now.).

^Saturday antics: Chilling on the porch after a visit to the gym

Saturday day ended up being one of the most productive days I've had in awhile. After weeks of nice weather and a blaring sun, I FINALLY tackled the chore I hate the most and have to do every 6 months: The Winter to Summer clothes swap out. Now that it's done I am a happy camper but in the midst of the mile-high pile of clothes on my bed and lugging boxes to storage... ugh, I wanted to stop and cry. Upon completion of that I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom & did all the floors. It took much of the day but made for a better Sunday and a happier home

Saturday night I went out for my girlfriend's golden birthday at "Old Gold" - get it? Because she's old and it's her golden birthday? Such a clever boyfriend planner of hers. It was lovely: Good food, great service, plenty of conversation and lots of laughs. And the birthday girl is someone I've loved since the moment I met her Freshman year of college.
^We all kinda liked that sign... Can you tell which picture was taken with the iPhone?


Sunday was riddled with a long car ride with Jay and Chandler, lunch at Fire on the Mountain & the weekly food prep (this week's posted here). After which we watched the HBO Scientology documentary which was fascinating. I did all that as I edited some pics and enjoyed the warm evening cuddling with the family.

The only thing missing this weekend was my nephew who I must go see ASAP this week. I miss that little blob but he was busy with his other side of the family last weekend.


Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like you got a lot in indeed. I never watched that movie, if it's emotional I avoid those lol I almost missed the pup under the bench in that last photo

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Way to get it done Saturday! I hate the clothes switch out too. I hated it more when I had to lug the off-season clothes down to the garage. Now I just move them to another room. LOL.

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

All of that sounds so nice! I need to start my spring cleaning; I've been putting it off as much as I can! And such a good picture of you and the girls; such beautiful ladies!

Unknown said...

Okay I'm a guy, so I'm very ignorant on these matters... Was holding the party at Old Gold for the joke really a good idea or were you being sarcastic?