Friday, April 10, 2015

Glücklicher Freitag!

Happy Friday, all!

Well as of noon today, Jay will officially be en route to Germany for a business trip followed-up by five days in the South of France visiting with his Dad (amazing timing worked out  w/ Jay's biz trip colliding w/ his dad's vacation). If you think you're jealous, think of how I feel with nothing left here but chores, silence and a big bed all to myself and a full DVR of shows he hates that I can enjoy without his 'This is so awful, how can you watch this?' drivel (well... maybe not all bad..)
(^Love this of this professional traveler)

To be honest, while clearly the south of France sounds nice, I am way more jealous that he'll be in Deutschland. The 'Arts' in my "BA" derives from my mastering of the German language. By that (of course) I mean that I have the vocabulary of a two-year-old but still! Since 10th grade until the end of college, the German language was studied, spoken, written & listened to by me over and over and over again. But I have yet to make it to that country. So am I excited that he's going there without me? Überhaupt nicht. Das ist dumm und egoistisch.

So, though he will be missed, I hope to do a few of these things this weekend:
  • Take my dog on a hike (weather permitting).
  • Fill an entire box of things to get rid of.
  • Organize about 500 of my photos.
  • Get a spray-tan.
  • Clean my house (duh and ugh).
  • Hit the gym.
  • See some friends/nephew.
  • Drink a really nice glass of wine. 
  • Pack for my upcoming business trip.
  • Watch a documentary.
(^Just the two of us this weekend, bud!)

I am heading to Boston on Tuesday for work so with me out the rest of the week and Jay gone all week, I will NOT be food prepping on Sunday. Which will basically free up that whole day and I'm quite excited about that gift of time and about the fact that I don't need to throw any cheddar at groceries as well. Exciting things all around.

 Wishing you the happiest weekend!


erika sorocco said...

Single with the pup weekends are amazing every now and again. Especially when you have the run of the place and can totally pull a Kevin McCallister 'Home Alone', yes?

P.S. I always reserve my free weekends for self-tanning because that stuff takes forever to dry! :P

PorkStar said...

Oh you could have waited just a little longer to have the joint account and have that sweet income tax money just for yourself this weekend haha... :)

A year ago I was living in the south of France too with the gf, but now that I'm single again, I'd go back there only for the wine and the love child kitten I left there.

And hey, i hope you get to take pics and post while in Boston... if you could, take a Megabus to NY and come have a drink. And it's on you cause that's how it is with tourists. They are the ones paying :P

Pat Hatt said...

haha so you watch awful shows? Oh the shame. Weekends home alone can be fun and no cooking is a bonus

Lauren Farrow said...

No sprechen sie deutsch...

But welcome to Boston!! I must warn you it is a tad bit chilly now. Actually, yesterday it was snowing... so pack some sweaters!

Enjoy the weekend. Nothing like some quality time with our canine friends!

Amy @The Crazy Wise Woman said...

Enjoy your quiet weekend and a Sunday with no meal prep! That is a gift of time!!!

Jax said...

Wow...that's crazy!!! I would like to go on a business trip like that hahaha...south of France after?? Not baddd...Psh, Boston's gorgeous. Between that and no meal prep, it sounds like a nice mini vaca too.

Stevie Hanna said...

It's good to get some time to yourself every once in a while and it's good to miss your man! Well for me at least, I feel like it reminds me why I love him lol. Have fun with your to-do list :)

Gracey Williams said...

Enjoy that the big bed and watch all the shows you can while it lasts! Hope you have a good weekend!

Breakfast at Gracey's

Zsuzsi said...

Quality time is the best, I like your list :) Schönes Wochenende!

Unknown said...

I'm jealous of anyone who gets to travel. I haven't been anywhere in over a year, I'm going nuts :P