Thursday, April 23, 2015

God Loves A Terrier

Let's talk about Chandler. I know I rarreeelyyy mention him here but I figured okay, okay, okay - I'll talk about him on the blog for once. Ha! But really, I have been meaning to get to a few items surrounding that furball for awhile now. As I discussed here, we got Chandler from the Humane Society and had no idea what type of dog he would end up being. Everyone agreed that he probably had some Lab in him but that was as far as anyone could go with it. 
As Chandler grew, there was a point when his paws were far bigger than the rest of him so the guess became that he was going to be huge (thankfully he's not only bc we idiotically ignored that and still let him sleep on our bed, imagine if he had been a large dog?). But most notably as he aged was the appearance of rough, wiry hair all over the place. And alongside that, a certain insane disposition for energy: Yipping at everything. Jumping higher than our heads. Turbo-charged on the field like no dog I had ever seen. Agility at the park (casually leaping over fences and once- a golden retriever!). He was like a little bullet.

Bullet + Wiry hair = a solid guess that this was in fact a terrier we were dealing with. I haven't ever specifically worked with terriers so I was (and still partially am) a bit ill-equipped to deal with all the energy that entails at times. They like to whiz, leap, bound, yip and jump to a level of enthusiasm I have never seen (and I grew up with herding mixes which I always thought were as energetic as it got). It's crazy!

Showing how much he knows me, for Christmas Jay gave me a doggy DNA test. And while I hope the practice of receiving DNA tests from Jay doesn't carry into the future (...), I was estatic to get this one and finally find out what made up my beloved companion.

We swabbed his cheek and sent-off his sample with our guesses and I am very proud to say that after researching terriers, looking at his characteristics and noting his behavior - my final guess was the correct one.

Chandler is a Lab/Jack Russell Terrier mix.

It explains the wiry hair, the insane jumping ability, the energeticness, the independence. It explains it all. The DNA indicates much more Lab than JRT however, he wholly has the spirit of one.

A couple weeks ago, we decided it was time to give Chandler his summer cut. We thought he might like a break from the long hair with the approaching heat and we were so curious to see what he would look like without it.

Thanks to my Dad willing to help, we shaved Chandler and got to see him transform from looking highly terrier to a little more Labish. It was and is funny. However, the DIY shaving left a little nick on his back leg. Not a big deal but the alcohol and Neosporin proved to be too intriguing to Chandler and he would not stop licking it thus not giving it a chance to heal. With no cone at home, we improvised with an airplane pillow and figured we were the smartest people around ... 

... until Jay left him at home with it all day by himself on a Monday. And I got to return to this...
^He gets in trouble for chewing but I can't really blame him for this one. He was basically left alone with a stuffed animal around his neck for eight hours. I'm not shocked this happened.

Yes, Chandler may look a bit more Labish now. But that boy is surely all Terrier.

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Pat Hatt said...

Never knew they had a doggy dna test, that is neat to know. Terriers have so much energy it isn't funny. We had an airedale that was just go go go.

Lauren Farrow said...

OMG!!!! You are telling my story!

It is so funny because my entire adult life (literally since I graduated undergrad) I have rescued dogs.... but my first rescue was a beagle and after her I thought I would always have beagles because she was THE BEST!!

So then we come across an ad for a "beagle" who was rescued from a hoarder's house and she needs a forever home. So I jump at the chance to rescue a beagle and call up her caretaker.

As it turns out the caretaker is an hour+ away from my house but she insists on bringing this little beagle to my house so that she can also assess the prospective living situation for the beagle (already named Dahlia).

Well, the caretaker and "beagle" get to my house and as soon as the energetic little beagle bounced through my front door I knew she was a beagle AND..... a Jack Russell Terrier mix!

That was seven years ago and Dahlia is still bouncing through the doors and jumping as high as my head. Bless her heart. We are lucky because she has a lot of beagle in her too and that gives her a bit of laziness.

I've adopted multiple dogs over the years. Mostly I adopt adult dogs and Dahlia is the youngest dog I've ever adopted (she was 11 months). All of them have been beagles except part of Dahlia ;-)

Dahlia is by far the "happiest" dog of them all and I think it is her terrier genes.

Lauren Farrow said...


I LOVE The pics of Chandler (and his name)!! Love the photos of the party he had while you were out. So adorable.

My first beagle was like Houdini and could find trouble regardless of what I did to stop her. I would come home to trash cans toppled over and trash strewn about. She would find a way to open cabinet doors and discover food to eat....

It is so frustrating when you first walk in the door and see the destruction, but then you remember that it is just your beloved little furry friend who was bored and all is forgiven.

Jax said...

Aww the pooch looks great with the summer do! Love it. He certainly does sound all terrier. I kind of wish you video taped him jumping over the golden retriever though. Lol

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Lauren- oh, I LOVE that story!! How cute and cool. It's so funny- they are definitely a reality check when you bring them home. But at least in our experience, as hard as he plays, he crashes even harder! So that's a bit nice. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading that.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Lauren and ha! Houdini sounds like a riot too! And yes, they are our little family members so they must be forgiven eventually :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Pat- I know, it's pretty cool. Gives you something to go off of. I've seen Airedale's in action and they certainly are!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Jax- omg sore spot, lol. I actually DID video tape it randomly as I was filming the view and then accidentally deleted it. I still haven't forgiven myself, lol.

erika sorocco said...

Le sigh...I love Chandler - such a cutie! And a party animal, obvi. :P

My sister found a small puppy last year, and wound up giving him to me because she couldn't keep him. Jake is a terrier mix {is that everyone's favorite way of describing a small dog?!}. He has boundless energy and is always ferreting down gopher holes trying to catch things. I seriously want the doggy dna test now - it sounds awesome!


Unknown said...

Soooo cute! I hate when dogs do naughty things so cutely that it's hard to be angry at them haha. Never get bored of your Chandler posts :)