Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Pet Peeve Edition: 3 Things I am Utterly Tired of Seeing

1) This Quote
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Over the years, I have truly grown to hate this quote. I don't know... perhaps it's the fact that I see it every place we go. Perhaps it's the fact that I don't dance like 'no one is watchinnnnggggggg' that much so I don't really get it. Perhaps it's the fact that it sounds like it would be said by someone who is bawling profusely and eating ice cream (to add on to a larger cliche). OR perhaps it's the fact that I don't know too many people who are better at dancing around others than they are alone. But I do know that the sun has set (in my eyes) on this quote and I hate it. 

2) Any, any, annnnyyy videos of parents rapping
 (^Omg... just no. I can barely even look at this without wanting to save this mom from herself. | Image VIA)

You know when some things make you so awkward you just have a hard time looking or watching them? I feel that with every inch of my body when parents make rap videos about parenting and then release them praying and hoping they go 'viral'. Like a lot of people shared that 'Christmas Jammies' one that some parents released a couple years ago... I mean, I get the joke and the ironic part of rapping about your safe and lovely home life. And who in their right mind DOESN'T love Christmas jammies??? But honestly, truly, madly, deeply- watching you and your family rap about it makes me have such a high level of second-hand embarrassment that I generally can't stomach the videos more than twenty or so seconds. I don't find them remotely clever and I wouldn't consider them in the same realm as cute. I don't know why, I don't try to feel this way (honest!) ... but I do. And parents rapping about parenting is the worse.

3) This Marilyn Monroe quote and the context it's always posted in
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Marilyn Monroe sure had a lot of neat things to say. And she's beautiful. And an icon. And I get the appeal of mimicking her words. But the above quote ... first of all: Are we sure she said that?? And secondly, I generally only see it posted by people who are in the midst of a relationship meltdown and thus feel that they need to validate themselves by releasing that on Facebook for 'likes' and comments saying 'Power to you!!! You are sticking to your guns!'. Eye roll. Sure, there's merit to the quote. But if you post it as a message to someone who has scorned or is in the middle of scorning you ... I say take it offline. Otherwise your 'worst' sounds like an overly emotional wreck who dramatizes everything. And I agree that that's a bit difficult for people to deal with.

So there, my opinions on those three things. And there's room to disagree or lash back at me. For instance, some rebuttals might be:
1- the dancing quote) You have "Keep Calm Carry On" hanging in your living room which is also an overdone phrase. True.
2-parents rapping) You have a blog but you are bothered by others releasing things online? True.
3-Marilyn Quote) Said blogs allows comments and you always love and post quotes ... True.

But I still stick to my opinions 'cause we all got 'em on something.


Pat Hatt said...

haha the dance one I've seen around a lot too. I just skim over it. Those viral video hopefuls annoy, rap or not.

Stevie Hanna said...

Buwahahahahaha!!! this post -HOWEVER, I totally LOVE parents rapping!!! Maybe bc I liked rap in my high school days and now that I'm a parent I see these other Mommy and Daddies and I can relate ...still a little badass left in us, but now we just rap about gold fish crackers and sippy cups lol ...I have hopes that you'll change your mind on this one some day! *crosses fingers*

Panty Buns said...

If I looked as good as the woman in the photo that goes with the first quote I'd want everybody to be watching. As it is I don't dance because I think I look like a total spaz if I try. I don't even dance when I know nobody (except the NSA) is watching. I totally get the pet peeves thing and agree wholeheartedly with the parents rapping peeve - ugh! I can understand the skepticism about the Marilyn quote too. Thanks for reminding me of yet another reason I don't do Facebook - as if I needed one.

Unknown said...

Totally agree on all three! I do love the Marilyn Monroe quote, but like most things, people tend to miss the point :P

Jax said...

Lol!!!!! I love this. Parents need a new claim to fame. Hahaha

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Pat - I generally like them when they are organically good. Not when it's an attempt to be viral!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Stevie - You are not alone! A lot of people do too. I'm not saying my opinion is warranted, it's just how I feel :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@PB - ha! A solid point. Yes, she's quite pretty.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Michael - yes, the quote has loads of sense in it. I just think it's misused!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Jax- I like parent sketches, that's a good claim to fame. lol, I dont know why but I just hate the rapping aspect.

Kara said...

Honestly I kind of loathe any "inspirational memes"! I mostly like the ones that are funny, otherwise NOT INTERESTED. Haha (I also have a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. Shrug!)