Monday, April 6, 2015

Warranted Clichés At The Ocean

 What can you even say about the beach? Any descriptor words and emotions about the ocean seem like the most obvious cliché ever: Long walks on the beach | Gazing off to the end of the earth | The sun setting on that elusive skyline somewhere out there | The ebbing and flowing of the tide mimicking real life.

There's so many euphemisms, so many clichés, so many unoriginal thoughts about what the ocean means to us. "Us" being these tiny people, who still feel small when we stand beside the ocean (oh man,there's another one).

But the funny thing is: They are all outstandingly true. The ocean does cast a spell on all who visit. I notice it in a variety of ways ...

The beach evokes the animal lover side in you.
 (^I call Squirrels & Seahawks free pets. Sooooo cute.  )
The beach evokes the most emotional side in you.
 (^Discussing our lives while dodging a rocky walk and an emotional ocean = SO MANY FEELINGS )

The beach evokes the exploring side in you.

The beach evokes the "way to weekend perfectly!" side in you.
  (^A weekend at the coast is far better than one in Portland. Pretty much always. )

The beach evokes the artistic side of you.
 (^I had just gotten a bunch of colored camera lenses for xmas this year, which I used for these shots. )

The beach evokes the physical side of you.
 (^Dude, this was a 5-hour hike. Worth every bit of sweat for those views. )

The beach evokes the child in you.
 (^Jumping pictures honestly make me awkward to look at. Including this one. Try-Hard phobia, and I deserve the blame here. )

 The beach evokes the 'GO FOR IT' attitude side in you.
(^Jay (left- in orange) starting a run at 7:30 AM on our day of vacation)

The beach evokes the sentimental side in you.
The beach evokes the "nature is art" side of you.
 (^One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. And I sat there for 30 minutes to get all the settings right on my camera. )

 The beach evokes the just be yourself side in you.

The beach evokes the "It may be winter, but we're enjoying summer views" side in you.

The beach evokes the most romantic side of you.

The beach evokes the environmental side in you.

The beach evokes the 'what's important' side in you.
 (^New Year's DAY 2015 with my Mom on the Oregon Coast. The best. Minus that spaghetti strip of hair. What the beeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp????)

The beach evokes the 'simple joys' side in you.

The beach evokes the questioning side of you.

The beach evokes the I love my friends side in you.

The beach evokes the boundless energy side of you.

The beach evokes the independent side of you.

The beach evokes the happiness in you.
I have been spoiled having the Oregon coast a mere 50 minutes away much of my life. I know whenever our Midwest relatives come to visit they can't kick off their shoes and race from the car to the crashing waves fast enough which serves as a nice reminder that not everyone gets access to this when they want. Not everyone can be off work at 4:45 and be seated at dinner with a view of soaring sea hawks by 6 PM.

I complain a lot about my home state: We have hipsters (eye roll, barf, etc. etc.), an illegal amount of fleece jackets, rainfall that rivals a shower head & 5-star restaurants frequented by people in Teva sandals and socks but... we do have the ocean. And if I think really hard about that- that is more than enough.


PorkStar said...

Love this post!!!! Cute pics and such nice and positive messages.
Hipsters (eye roll, barf, etc. etc.) <--- LMAO.... this is why we are friends ha!
Also, with that view and with hills and things coming out of the ocean right next to the beach, it's awesome to have all those additional experiences. Beaches in NJ have no hills near by whatsoever. It sure evokes everything you mentioned, but for most of us here, it evokes the lazy fat f*ck in all of us, therefore you will see 85% of beach goers laying down and the other 15% in the water. That's about it. Oh and it evokes rowdiness and foolishness because for some reason people think they can set up their own bar at the beach.

Pat Hatt said...

The ocean is near here too and it is a great spot, not much exploring in many I've been to though. And to the winter one, no way lol mountains of snow prevent that.

Jax said...

Living on Long Island means I get to take advantage of the fact that I will hit the beach in any direction that I choose to go in. Now if only we could be like the Grecian beaches I visited years back with warm water and no sand. Yes, please!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love love love this. I have been an hour from the ocean my whole life and I wouldn't trade it for anything and will never be farther from it than that. So many things written and sung about the the ocean, so many cliches but all so true.

I can't see the nature/one of your favorite pics ever! It's coming up with no image for me.

Stevie Hanna said...

Wow! Amazing photos! Love this post ...I live in the valley of California so it's a 3 hour drive if I want to feel any of those cliche's but man is it worth it!

Jodi said...

Gorgeous pics. I love the beach SO much. But I hate going in the water unless I can see the bottom. Scared of crabs or other things that might pinch! :)

Laura Darling said...

This makes me want to be at the beach right now!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@porkstar ha! well, it's okay to be lazy at the beach! That's part of the fun too! I should have mentioned that.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Stevie- def. worth it!!

@jodi - ha, aw! That's cute. I do know of a lot of people who have jellyfish stings!

@Laura - I know :)

@Steph - yes, I LOVE the east coast beaches too!! You guys get the sunrise which is always a nice treat for me.

@Jax- ha, preach!

mirmirzimzim said...

Love this! And that artsy pic and the favorite pic are amazing!!