Monday, May 4, 2015

Being A Bride

Well, guess what? Guess what? Wedding season is coming. I can at least take a little breather since I'm no longer the one making everyone RSVP or book hotels under my room block. I'm an old married lady now. And it's been my hope that I could (at some point) narrow down my thoughts about everything to come to a cohesive post about being a bride [organizing my photos will forever be the hugest self-imposed task/joy/heartache I have].
So, I will say this- if I were a Bride this year and/or if I had to do it over again, here's some crucial beauty points that I would be sure to care about while I continued to garner inspiration from Loverly.Com as well:
1) Eye Lashes.
Eyelashes are like the blinds to a west-facing building at sunset: Not crucial but without them, I doubt anyone appreciates the window. Lashes are just everything, right??? As a Bride, one of THE most important things you need to think about is the state of your lashes. Whether you are planning to rock your own natural, gorgeous ones [b*tch], get lash enhancements, use falsies for the day or just use some bomb mascara- the lashes need to be up to par for your big day. I LOVE this drugstore mascara and pretty sure it could cost $20 more than it does.

2) Spray-Tanning.
One of the saddest parts of my life is the fact that I am smart enough to know not to go tanning anymore. I honestly wish I knew less because tanning was such a delightful task for me before I realized that I was basically paying to prematurely age. HOWEVER, spray tans are nothing short of a gift from God. Any Bride in this world deserves to get their spray on before the big day. Two days before my wedding, I was definitely getting my faux-shade on for the big day.

3) Corset.
 I don't know what any girl was thinking who protested against corsets on the ladies. You lose 20lbs in 10 seconds. Invest in a dress that has a corset within and witness the splendor of real life Photoshop magic as you tighten it up and shrink that waist.

4) Cover-Up Stick.
Bless be the people who don't have any need for blemish makeup ... when I say 'bless' I also mean %$^& off, cause that's pretty superhuman. For the rest of us though- blemish makeup could not be more a pinch hitter. Getting to the big day is pretty stressful, this product makes that less noticeable.

5) Your exact day.
 One of the best 'beauty' tips I could give anyone would be to cater your 'beauty' to your exact wedding. Are you a summer bride? A beach bride? A winter bride? Each idea brings with it its own array of bounty. Cater everything regarding your bridal look to this exact location/time of year that YOU picked, you gorgeous bride, you. You will never regret it. 

Any ideas of your own?
*I wrote this post in unison with However, I did so on my own accord, with my own voice and I did NOT receive compensation for it. I was excited to post it because that site helped me a lot when I was planning my own wedding.


Pat Hatt said...

lmao at the $%^@ off part hahaha so violent.

Lauren Farrow said...

Awesome advice! Perhaps you should consider a career in wedding planning? It looks like you did a beautiful job on your wedding! Wow! It is so much fun to look at the pictures and remember such a wonderful time.

p.s. I, like Pat Hatt, also started laughing at your "violent" reaction to the blemish free. LOL

Jax said...

Love this post!! I actually had my make up trial on Saturday. I was debating if I should use my natural lashes or fake ones for the day. She convinced me to try the false lashes and I LOVED it.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

The lashes are a must!

I also did airbrushed face makeup and that didn't move all day. It was excellent.

PorkStar said...

LMFAO at the cussing about the blemish make up lol... damn, woman, might as well just spell it out! :)

For reasons that are pretty obvious, I was not a bride. I was the groom, many years ago and my wedding was very low key and a little imrpov. It was the best day of my life too. And oh, mine was a gothic wedding. And no, that did not include any make up for me at least.

Unknown said...

Those photos are GORGEOUS. Hopefully with those tips, you'll make someone a very happy woman one day ;)

Kara said...

Bahaha I also am super jealous of women with perfectly golden skin and impeccable eyelashes!! I had an AMAZING time at my wedding and I agree with the last part - style it to fit YOU. We did, and I have zero regrets :)

Adriana said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Great tips too!

Unknown said...

I love every photo I have seen of your wedding... you looked stunning and so everyone should follow this advice! :)