Thursday, May 14, 2015

How To Find Out If Someone Is A Good Person With Two Questions

Ask them the following:

1) Do they like dogs?
2) Do they like Sandra Bullock?

If the answer to either of these questions is 'NO'. Run. Run as fast as you can away from this person. 

The Case for Dogs:
^Up at the cabin with my family dog, Maddie. Dogs = the best companions and make for the most organically fun days.
 Because no one in their right mind doesn't like the joy of a smiling dog whose only goal in life is to greet you, cuddle, be outside and eat food. I've never met anyone in my life who consistently freaks the eff out because I've come back after my 40 second trek to the trash chute. I mean, I'm not worthy of this BUT - Carpe Diem! "HI! You little bubbly, better version of anti-depression pills you, thank you for loving me so much! I missed you too! I'll never leave for 1 minute to go down to the lobby to get the mail ever again! Ever! Oh! And you growl to protect me when you sense danger. Cuddle me at night. And bathe me in kisses when I seem down?". I mean, what's not to like in these perfect creations!?! God must have spent a little more timmmmee on themmm.

The Case for Sandra: 
^You got a problem with Bullock? You got a problem with America.| Image VIA
Just as lovely is Miss Sandra B who has done no wrong, appeals to all generations and is just a classy, educated, hilarious little sweetheart. You don't even have to be obsessed with her to still be a good person. But anyone who in fact states they don't like her is hiding a huge, vile, dark secret. And I'm not planning on being around when it is unleashed upon the world. It's actually a statistical fact that every serial killer who has ever lived has a childhood history of disparaging remarks against our nation's masterpiece, Sandra Bullock*.

So happy hunting for good people. You're welcome for this helpful information!

*This is false. But seems likely.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

LOLOL @ this is false, but seems likely. Indeed.

I like both so I'm safe!

Pat Hatt said...

lol number one is yes. The cats act like I left for hours when I come back from the trash chute too lol

Number two, meh, I guess I like her, have nothing against her.

Lauren Farrow said...

LOL! OK, I definitely see your point with loving dogs!!! Every single day when I am with my furry friends I am so grateful for them. They bring such joy to my life because they express their happiness at all times and their unconditional love boosts my spirit!
I like Sandra Bullock, too... but I'm not obsessed with her. Luckily, according to your post, I am still a good person though... phew...

Gracey Williams said...

Hahaha totally agree. I've never met anyone who dislikes Sandra Bullock. But I have no room in my life for people who don't like dogs, probably because they are all in a mental hospital somewhere.

Breakfast at Gracey's

Jax said...

Omg this is way too funny!!!! I love Sandra Bullock and I find her absolutely gorgeous and quirky funny . Great picks!!!

PorkStar said...

Aww I love dogs too!, Sadly in my place I can't have pets but I've managed to hide my cat in here and i totally love her. Although most of the attention and reception i get form her is in the form of a quick jump at me and head straight to the kitchen to feed her. As for cuddling, I've managed to deal with the biting and the scratching, but that's part of the love she gives to her daddy.

And as for Sandra, I've always loved her and her acting. She is very original and funny. And so im good on your book then.

However, that first pic, my first instinct was ... push push... LMAO sorry, it's Thursday and feeling a little evil. :P

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

I am weary of anyone who outwardly says they don't like cats or dogs, or any animal! like why is that something you'd share, you know? and who doesn't like sandra bullock right?!

Elle Sees said...

right?? i just feel like i'd get along with sandy (i call her that bc we are friends in my mind). and dogs! no explanation needed.