Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stomping Grounds

One of my favorite parts about being with my husband is having access to his hometown. Now I happen to like my husband. Kinda. Sorta. :) BUT even if I didn't, I'd probably fake it for awhile just to continually have access to this mini-city all the way down there at the bottom of the state. Because it's legit the best. 

For obvious reasons, it's a really special place for him: It's where he was raised, where his parents still live, where his childhood friends flock back to a few times a year for a few days of camaraderie and toasts. He loves it down there.
^Chandler enjoying Jay's mom's property

BUT it is also very special for us as a couple
. Since he first invited me down there in 2009 and our subsequent many, many, many visits thereafter, it has been very clear to Jay that I have fallen plain ol' hard for Ashland myself. On top of that, I love Jay IN Ashland. He's at ease, he takes charge, he's generally pretty happy. So while it's very clearly 'his place', he dang well knows it's very special as 'our' place as well. We always have an amazing time there.
So when we had Chandler down in Ashland last summer on the very grounds where we would get married, I couldn't get enough of watching his flamboyant smile, his leaping through the fields and watching his rowdy body pepper in an out of burrows, logs, fences and trees. 

Looks like Ashland agrees just fine with all of us. Which continues to make it that much more special.


Pat Hatt said...

The pup sure looks as happy as can be there indeed. Sounds like the perfect getaway spot for all

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love those places. That's my aunt's property upstate for us. Even the dogs love it.

Shelby @ Making Waves said...

That looks like such a beautiful spot! What a special place to always have to go back to.

Lauren Farrow said...

Love the photos! Chandler looks great against the soft, green background. His black fur really pops in contrast.

Such great spring photos.