Monday, June 29, 2015

Happenings, Thoughts & Overdue Legal Wins

1) Chandler's ER visit
^Left: Jay carrying a very sick Chandler into the vet's office so we could say goodbye for the night. Right: Chandler recouping at home on my chest.

Last Wednesday, Jay came home from work to white-frothy vomit all over the house and found Chandler laying on the bed, panting & drooling heavily (he's not a drooler) while being totally uninterested that Jay had just arrived home. Anyone who has ever heard of the concept of a dog knows that that is a tell-tale sign of something off. As he was trying to figure out what was happening, he went into the bathroom to discover our pharmacy/first aid drawer had been opened and Chandler had chewed through various drugstore med bottles (Tylenol, Imodium & Biotin hair pills- Which don't work at all btw! You lied to me GNC 15-year-old sales boy. You lied to me.) and had eaten a lot of the pills. Gulp. Scary. I came home quickly after and we immediately put Chandler in his crate and carted him to the dog hospital (Sidenote: Another reason I love living downtown, the DH is located a few blocks away- much like everything else. We didn't have to panic while waiting at a red light or drive across town. Downtown life wins in everything but space, I tell you.) Anyway, to make a long story short, Chandler had to stay the night in the ICU and receive IV fluids all night. He came back to us the next day and after 24 hours of him sleeping and still refusing food/water - he started to return to his normal self. Phew. That was scary, awful and sobering. Looking back on it, I am thankful for vets, pet insurance (they covered $800 dollars of the $1,000 bill & took less than 24 hours to finalize our claim and mail the check. Color me impressed. We use this company.) & the kind people at Dove Lewis hospital who treated us amazingly as we freaked out.

I'd like to think that I have gotten the whole 'Night Owl' thing down so well that it never has any effect on me. But I've noticed that whenever I write a blog post late at night, even after doing a double-check before scheduling it to load the next morning at 5 AM, I ALWAYS have a huge grammatical error that I would certainly notice had I written it during normal hours. I generally check my own blog on the way to work (I take public transit so this doesn't mean I drive & read!) and am astounded that I missed something so obvious (like in this post, the original sentence about the Wicked Witch made no sense- how did I not notice that on reread?). Anyway, I guess I actually am tired late at night, as much as I think I'm not after years of rockin' insomnia. Thankful I can edit!

3)Authentic Blogging
When I first got really into blogging without the education of the whole ordeal, I got realllllly into trying to get followers. I saw that as super important. This manifested itself in posts that I thought would cater to a certain audience but really had nothing to do with me or why I like to write. For instance: Recap fashion posts after award shows. Do you think anyone in God's name thinks: "Omg, I can't wait for effing Caitlin from Portland, OR (who always talks about wearing sweats) to post her thoughts on all these gowns?". I'll answer: Haaayyyll no, they don't. And they shouldn't because I don't know much about things like that from a writing standpoint. I do know myself though and I'm qualified to write about that. When I took a blog hiatus after feeling super overwhelmed by how much time it took - I reevaluated why I wanted to blog. I really like to post pictures & write about things I do. I also like to go back and read my own blog and reflect on the thoughts I had during that point in my life. And I love reading blogs of people posting the same. These things bring me joy. And while bloggers inherently want followers, I'm not interested in faking my way to the top. I just like to write. Once I told myself to just write what I want, the desire to blog & the joy that comes from it came easily thereafter. So since I came back in December, this has felt like anything but a chore. I'm happy to be doing it again.

4) The importance of being young & stupid
^Left: Us on Saturday night. Right: 2005 memories.

I hung out with four of my oldest/closest friends on Saturday night (seen here). I have more to post on that next week but one sliver of the night that I loved was when we all decided to look at the #TBT Instagram post I had done on the prior Thursday (seen here). In 2005, we all headed to the annual DMB concert in the Gorge for one night of hilarious fun. As we sat at brunch the morning after, ready to head home, we all started discussing that maybe we should just stay another night ... so we did. With no tent, no food (there's not stores around there so we couldn't go stock up), no sleeping bags, etc. we decided to let the day carry us and see where it went. We ended up having one of the most memorable times of our lives, met a host of random people who hooked us up with stuff and made jokes that still make us laugh out loud. That was 10 years ago. The ability for any of us to throw our agenda to the wind and just extend a trip by two days is close to nil now. That's why those stupid memories are important. That's why youth is vital. It's such a fleeting point in time where you can break the rules. And you'll reflect on it, with hilarious dialogue, for the rest of your life. 

5) Gay Marriage
^Our amazing officiant-Jay's 'cousin' but called an Uncle- & his partner with us two days before our wedding. 

Can I get a hip-hip-hooray??! And did that take long enough? About.dang.TIME. We all deserve the right to look over at our spouse when we hear chewing to see that they have tilt a nearly empty bag of chips to a 145 degree angle and think: "Omg, I'm legally bound to this idiot for the rest of my life...". Can I get an 'amen'? And on a non-funny note: Since marrying in September, we have had various legal benefits as a couple ranging from insurance to beneficiaries to tax credits. Everyone deserves that. I'm not special because I married a dude. I don't deserve less or more than anyone else. Happy, happy, joy, joy that after 17 years together, the man who legally married Jay & Me could marry his own partner (if they so choose). What an antiquated, insane world we have lived in before where people would deny anyone that right. If you're south of age 80 & still are anti-gay marriage: Girl, bye. I'm open for discourse on various topics but not on this one. I don't respect people who don't respect others' choices for their own life and their inherent right to love especially when it has zerrrroooo effect on anyone else. Zero. You could shut down any complaint about gay marriage with: "But ... how does that affect you?", no matter what was even said that sentence will apply, I promise you. Live and let live. Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Love is love. And that's all the cliches I got. 

Anyway, so that's my spiel today! It's Sunday afternoon as I type. I'm sitting on the back patio with my feet in the redneck pool while Chandler dunks for balls. Jay is within sight watching TV in a house we cleaned on Saturday. It's really hot but overcast. Life is good today. Oh and did I mention we only have a 3-day work week? :)

I'm only posting Mon-Wed this week as I'm not a weekend blogger & Wed is my Friday. Enjoy the start of the holiday week!


Pat Hatt said...

Bet Chandler will never go all druggie again. Glad he is alright. Vet bills aren't cheap indeed. Yeah, blogging for fun is way better than just trying to get followers etc. That just becomes a pain. Stupid things of youth are fun to look back on and true, who does gay marriage hurt? no one. Idiot people.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I am so happy that Chandler is okay.

I don't like bloggers who think they are Internet celebrities. Blogs are supposed to be online journals. I would rather read about people's lives. I read a post once where somebody said that she wishes she could just sit down and eat, instead of taking ten pictures of the food. Uh, who said she can't? I don't lose sleep at night because I didn't see what somebody's pasta looked like.

I am not anti-gay marriage; it just upsets me when people support gay marriage but don't accept couples with age gaps (my husband and I), religion/culture differences, or race differences. Love is love for any two adults.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Robin- thanks, me too! That's funny about the pasta and so very true.
And I would agree that acceptance is key! However, the difference has been that there's no law against age gap marriages, or interracial marriages, etc. So the difference here lies in the law. However, I agree that you shouldn't have to defend who you marry to someone!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Pat- lol, I love everything you said. Especially in the roundabout way you said it!

Jax said...

I get grammatical errors whether I'm typing day, noon, or night. Lol I am ecstatic that they legalized gay marriage. This is a good day that will go in the history books that we were honored to live through. Finally, instead of something tragic. :)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

thank goodness chandler is okay! that's terrifying.
i totally agree with everything you said about blogging, i started that way (kind of) as well and it got old FAST. you gotta enjoy it or you won't do it, and i didn't enjoy it!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Awwww poor pupper! I'm so glad he's ok, that must have been so scary! And can I tell you how much I LOVE that his name is Chandler?! Awesomeness :-D

Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder said...

For a long time when I first started blogging I censored myself and was constantly thinking "what if people don't like me?" and suddenly one day I woke up and realized EFF THAT. I now am 100% genuine and write what I'm interested in and if people don't like that - it's okay. But the people that do I have learned to enjoy and have genuine relationships with because of that. I always am happy when I hear a blogger straight forwardly say they don't want to write certain things to be popular.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Zero craps given about # of followers. I blog because I enjoy it. Not because I want people to pin my stuff or hang on all of my words. If they do, that's cool, but that's not why I do it. Nine out of 10 bloggers I read and like are bloggers who do it for themselves. Like you!

WAH so scary about Chandler. I'm so glad he's okay. Been there a few times including the freaking out. Poor guy in that photo, it makes me want to hug him.

HELL YES TO MARRIAGE. Just plain marriage and all consenting adults being allowed to have it if they want it. I'm quite pleased but man that took too long.