Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Brunch

After Jay and I got engaged (story here), I knew one of the most important things (outside of picking a date and stomaching that about 150 people would soon be staring at me all at once, watching, judging, look at the baby) was asking my bridesmaids to be just that. I knew this would be as easy as can be. My entire house is a complete replica of Pinterest aspirations. I'm a great cook. And entertaining comes super easy to me with my huge inventory of brunch accents and home decor.
Oh wait, no. None of the above is true at all. I don't even have a dining room at my place let alone a bevy of adorable platters and glasses. However, all those sentiments ring true for my sister. So I implored her help in this very sacred, sweet cause and openly used her for all her Martha Stewart qualities.
When I started thinking about how I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids, I really determined I wanted to narrow it down to drinks, food, gifts & a little toast. Being the like-minded individuals they are, I knew these were things they all hold dear just as much as me as it's pretty much all we do when we hang out.

After determining a date that worked for everyone in what turned out to be an unusually beautiful day in January (this was January 2014, when I took a hiatus from blogging), I worked with my sister to create a menu and asked everyone else to bring nothing to the brunch. I emphatically reiterated to them that they were to abandon all other customary Miss Manners rules and not bring bottles of wine for the hostess, no side dishes to contribute, no flowers as a guest thank you: I wanted to celebrate them and since I was the one asking a big favor, I wanted to be clear that the brunch was a gift from me to them.
My sister did such a cute job decorating her house for the occasion. She has since moved from this home (and the one she has now is insanely adorable as well) but I really loved the space of the dining room and am excited that it gets to live on in our memories in this amazing display she did. I hadn't even asked her to be my Maid Matron of Honor yet and she was already all about it. PS - I feel bad that married women are 'Matrons' of honor. They ain't matronly, yo! But I'll try to be proper and use the correct term since Brides are supposed to be proper.

But really, look at the sweet presentation she did. Left to my own devices, I probably would have just had a keg, some solo cups and a DIY bagel station available (all of which my friends like by the way) so I was grateful that day to be related to such a talented idiot who makes her home look this good.

After a lot of "ooooo'ing" & "aaaah'ing" and taking lots of credit for the set-up in the moments when my sister was out of the room, it was time to eat. We had homemade muffins, bagels, lox, capers, cream cheese, espresso, fruit, mimosas, jams/jellies- the works! We sat right down and got to eating.

After the meal, I invited everyone to join me in the living room and ensured that everyone had a topped-off drink. On the shelves in there sat the baskets I had worked on for each girl.
I used World Market for much of my pillaging for the baskets, including the ribbons, plastic wrap & the baskets themselves. Each girl was given a little framed photo of the two of us plus some of the fun things that WM has: Decadent soaps, mini-champagnes, wine, a card, candles, treats among other things. I had a lot of fun putting them altogether.
Before I gave them each their basket, I said a little speech. The contents of which I don't fully remember but it touched on how important each girl was to me, how much I appreciated the role they had in my life, how I cherished our highs & lows of friendship (which I had with each girl there) which speaks to the commitment in remaining friends through it all. There were tears, lots of smiles and in many ways, it felt like the first official event of my engagement. I know being a bridesmaid is a huge honor but it's also an expensive imposition. I wanted them to know I really recognized both.

And that was how, on my wedding day, I had 6 pretty little ducks all in a row behind me.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love the set up and the baskets. Your sister's former dining room is fabulous.

Totally agree on matron of honor. When my BFF got married I said please refer to me as HBIC. LOL

Pat Hatt said...

Your sister did a great job with the set up indeed. Sounds like a great January day

BLovedBoston said...

You both did a wonderful job!! The set up is just beautiful and I love the way you gave them a basket full of goodies! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Everything came out amazing, you did a fantastic job. Your sister's place is gorgeous, and loving all the details :)

And yayyy for mimosas!

Anonymous said...

I love that table setting. Old timey-ish without being dull.

Slamdunk said...

You and your sis did a fabulous job. I bet that meant lots to your 6--and even though you don't remember the specifics of the speeches. I bet that they do.

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous!!! I love the way Jocie set it all up and those gift baskets are a super cute touch :) xx