Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Off to Ashland for the 4th!

Outside of Portland, Ashland is the most important city to Jay and Me as a couple. With new readers, I feel like I have to say this every post so for those who don't know- here's the deal:

Portland is at the very top of the state, right next to Washington.
Ashland is at the very bottom of the state, right next to California.
That's a five-hour driving distance.
Ashland has a much drier, hotter climate than Portland.
We live in Portland.
I am from Portland.
Jay is from Ashland.
His family still lives in Ashland.
We visit often.
It's also where we got married.
Anyway, after work today we are packing and then up early to embark on that five-hour drive to spend the holiday with his family. Ashland is definitely one of the perks of Jay. It's a tiny town but it's a legit one. The people are educated, diverse, kind & the town hosts an array of fun things to do. We also have the best of both worlds when we're down there. His dad/stepmom live in a wonderful home a five-minute walk from downtown. His mom/stepdad live on the hill with incredible views overlooking the city. No matter where we stay, it's a great location and we have always had a wonderful time there together, always some of our favorite memories.

So, in an effort to get excited for this weekend and show you a glimpse of an Ashland 4th, here's what we did in 2014 there:
^Chandler's first 4th required some family outfits.
^Top: Jay's brother walking Chandler in downtown Ashland before start of parade. Bottom: Jay & some of his high school buddies.
^Roving about town in our red & blue.
^4th activities with the dog, his family and the city as our beloved dates.

After the events of the 4th, we always linger around town for a couple days for some of the following ...
^Hanging on his Mom's vineyard (where we got married)
^Going out on dinner dates downtown. Image on left is one of my faves of Jay as he looks like a talll drink of water. Love him!
^The cute brothers. It's so incredibly sad that the pic of Jay will never make it to an online dating site. I mean, look at that thing- that was just made for swiping right.

^Love this: Top is Jay & his bro chilling at their Dad's. Bottom is Jay & his Bro chilling at their Mom's. Told you both houses are incredibly welcoming.

Signing-off for the rest of the week as we head down to Ashland. I'll be on Instagram (@caitielady08) from here on out and looking forward to posting again next week!

Have a great 4th & rest of your weekend!!


Pat Hatt said...

Sure looks like quite the wonderful spot, as I've said before. Both houses look welcoming indeed too. Enjoy your weekend.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

looks like an absolutely amazing place! love all the photos from last year. have the best time!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Have an amazing time this weekend gurlie! And can we talk about how much I'm LOVING that blue maxi skirt?! Gorgeous <3

Marie said...

Such great pictures. Looks like it's a wonderful place. Have a fab weekend!!

BLovedBoston said...

Looks like you are in for another great time!!! Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Slamdunk said...

You all will have a blast. Enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I would love to visit there. I prefer visiting smaller cities and towns.

Jax said...

Enjoy the weekend. It seems like a lovely town!!!!

Natalia GutiƩrrez said...

What I love about your pictures is the happiness in your faces and the bright colors. It all looks lovely! Happy 4th of July!!!


mirmirzimzim said...

that flowing in the wind 4th of july outfit pic is pretty perfect. framer!