Monday, July 6, 2015

Peace. Love. 'Murica.

How's that 4th of July weekend hangover treating you? I'm not even referring entirely to alcohol. I'm just talkin' the whole shebang: the late nights, the heat, the celebratory food, the games, the drinks, the roaming town. Man oh man, I don't know if it's just me but I am SPENT. Thankfully we had the good sense to take Monday off too so we saved ourselves the hassle of Sunday traffic and a five-hour exhausting car ride while we still had American Flag tattoos on our backs. Smartie-pants indeed! 

But less talky, more picturey - here's our Ashland 2015 Fourth in pictures:
^Family Photo in all our dorky USA flair.
^All set-up to watch the parade- can you tell who took the pic based on the missing spot next to me?
^Chandler's 2nd 4th. We did learn this year that he hattttttes horses. That was fun during the seemingly endless array of them in the parade.
^Dad & Sons walking down the Main street of downtown
^Brothers. Jay doesn't usually wear a scarf with a t-shirt btw.
^Peace, love & USA
^Brunch after the parade. The boys shared some 'za...
^While I noshed on a Ceaser Salad with a mimosa
^Took this while on a quick stroll. How stunning.
^Trying to relax but ...
^... two dogs & their balls had other ideas.
^Hours of slobbery faces in my lap dropping off balls...
^... and then racing to the yard in anticipation of me throwing it.
^Chandler's 4th hangover touched land midday. This picture cracks me up.
^Waiting for fireworks up on the hill.

Always sad to see it go. I just love this place.

Anyway, have a good day- we'll be spending it playing the license plate game in the car and unpacking. Reality bites.


Pat Hatt said...

haha him hatting horses must have been interesting to learn. Sure looks like a fun weekend, drooly balls and all.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

The lavender(I assume it's lavender?) and last photo...stunning. I love the parade photo! What a glorious assembly for America's birthday.

Enjoy your day off!

Anonymous said...

I don't usually like salads, but that one looks good. The brothers picture made me giggle. You all seem like a very fun group. :)