Wednesday, September 16, 2015

French + Fog

Welp, I had my first visitors last night guys! My very first ones! Granted, my Aunt is here on business from Philadelphia (working the same thing as my husband which is funny) and then my Mom came down to spend time in the city. However the nights this week are reserved for time together so it counts as "my" guests. And don't you know it that I'm the BEST SF tour guide ever as evidenced by our educational conversation in the Uber to dinner.

Aunt: Oh wow! Look at City Hall! Always so pretty. Is that near you?
Me: Um, I'm not sure.

Mom: Okay, I'm excited to meet you tomorrow for lunch! I know you work downtown but are you in SOMA?
Me: I'll get back to you, I'm not sure.

Aunt: So let's go to Hayes Valley for dinner. What direction is that from you?
Me: I don't really know yet.

Mom: We might want to ride a cable car while we're here, where is the jump-on point?
Me: Oh, good question. I really don't know.

So yes, while I've never been one to ask for money online from total strangers, I must humbly request that you keep me in mind for all your San Francisco Tour Guide needs. Please tell your friends.

But whether I know where I'm going yet in this city or not, I do know where I came from and that's rooted alongside these lovely ladies I got to spend my evening with. 
^If you grew up with Aunts/Uncles in your town- be glad. With my mom's relatives all east coast and my dad's all midwest, I gotta cherish my little time with these fabulous people.
^A party beginning to rumble in the city.
 ^Time to eat.
 ^Upscale Parisan food in the heart of Hayes Valley at Absinthe

A little fun #OnATuesday never hurt anybody, except I'm sure it probably has. But that's not my problem because we had a good time.

Have a good one!


Jax said...

I have a feeling that you have an eye for hot spots and fabulous places. If I'm ever in SFO, you got the job. Lol

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

How fun! I want to come and ride on the Full House trolley. IS THAT NEAR YOU?! ;)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

So much fun! And yes I will totally hire you as my tour guide when I finally get my butt out to San Fran ;-)

Green Fashionista

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Let's go to the Haight. Where is that from you? LOL

I adore SF, if I ever make it back you're hired.

I'm glad your ladies were in town this week!

Pat Hatt said...

lol I sense a pattern in your responses. Looks like a wonderful evening was had too.

Elle Sees said...

that's awesome you got visitors. love your responses! you'll be a pro in no time!

awhite said...

Yay for house guests! So fun hosting people + showing 'em your city!

Le Stylo Rouge