Wednesday, November 11, 2015

33 Pics You Must Have On Instagram (+1 Bonus)

^Update for those who read this first thing this AM, yes I fixed the huge grammatical error I had. That is why I shouldn't write posts at night (see #2 here)!

Yesterday morning was my first coffee art latte pic on Instagram. While that may seem trivial to some, it was a milestone for me as I recognized the fact that I had completed one of the last "MUST HAVE" Instagram pics after using IG since 2011. Okay, that is beyond trivial and stupid AF. But really, here's the images you should have if you want to complete your Instagram BINGO card.

#1 The Coffee Art Latte Pic

^What's better than fine coffee & art?

#2 The Regular Coffee Pic

^While it may seem similar to the latte art pic, the generic coffee pic is different. It shows that you're an early-riser! A girl who likes to be cozy! A thinker! It shows that you need brain juice while you blog in the morning or get your kids up for school (parents will refer to themselves in 3rd person when they post these "Mommy needs her coffee!"). The generic coffee pic is about so much more than coffee, like duh!

#3 The One With Nature Pic

^I am soooo outdooorssssyyy and once I'm there I reallllllly take it all in.

#4 The Inspirational Quote Pic

^My last three posted images have been wine and beer but here, let me tell you how to better yourself.

#5 The "I'm So Fashionable" Pic

^Vogue, Vogue, Upload

#6 The Sweet, Chic, Bubbly Pic

^Wine/Champs/Beer in a picturesque scene with a bomb set-up must be snapped. It must.

#7 The Adorable Pet Pic(s)
^Everyone must have a pet pic on their feed. And if you are owner of said pet, you must continue to post hundreds. That's like, the rules of feminism.

#8 The Super Arteeeeestic Shot

^I am artistic and I see the world abstractly. Here's my depiction of that (clunks feet against wall)

#9 The Beach Sunrise/Beach Sunset Pic

^If you don't have a beach sunset/sunrise image in your feed, you may as well delete your account and reassess the decisions you've made in your life.

#10 The Downtown City Shot

^Caption will read "ohhh, my city!!" or something to that effect as the taker snaps it on their quick gasp of breath from work.

#11 The Snow Pic

^Doesn't matter if you are complaining or complimenting the snow, it just matters that the pic is there.

#12 The "I Can Cook!" Pic

^Suggested generic captions: "Nom, nom, nom, nom", "Lay Off Me I'm Starving", "Don't mind if I do!"

#13 The Changing Seasons Pic

^The transition of seasons is beautiful and photogenic. Tap that finger on that iPhone girl.

#14 The Corporate Pic

^She works hard for the money. So hard for it honey. She works hard for the money so she better post it, right?

#15 The Passport Pic
^You are cool and going on a trip. An effing abroad trip at that. This is a casual way of dropping that.

#16 The Baby/Kid Pic
^To be in good standing, like a politician, you must show that you are in fact good with kids. PS this blog post HERE.

#17 The Palm Tree Pic
A photo posted by caitielady08 (@caitielady08) on
^It's more than a tree. It's a lifestyle.

#18 The "My Digs" Pic

^Give peeps a peep into your private world.

#19 The "I'm On Vaccaayyy!" Pic

^Suggested captions: "Made it!", "Relaxation time!", "I could get used to this!!", "Not a bad office view today!"

#20 The Airplane Wing Pic

A photo posted by caitielady08 (@caitielady08) on
^This is by far the most important one to have. You are on a chair IN THE SKY.

#21 The Better Than Usual Weekday Pic

^I usually spend Tuesdays watching my Sunday DVR of Sister Wives. But I'm OUT TONIGHT MUTHAPHACKERS and you better believe it.

#22 The "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" Pic

^Make like Will Ferrell and holler at that holiday cheer.

#23 The Simple Life Pic

^I don't need much in life- just my dog, a long dirt road, my thoughts ... and Instagram likes.

#24 The Pretty Book Pic

^Reading is pretty and smart. Uploading a pic of it is pretty smart.

#25 The Gym Pic

^To prove that you do more than drink wine and take pictures.

#26 The Country Pic

^Suggested captions: "I just love the city so much but it's sooo nice to get out of it", "Murica", "feel at peace", "God's Country".

#27 The Selfie

^You must have at least one. But dear God, do not make it a serial act.

#28 The Fake Focus Selfie

^I took this selfie to show you the snow! FALSE: I'm showing you my makeup job I was proud of. The snow is a decoy. Educate yourself as a consumer. Common fake focal points in selfies: Holding a kid, a pet, or the sun behind them. False, false and false. They want to show you that they are pretty.

#29 The Mirror Selfie

^Like the first selfie, I like these as long as there's not more than like 2-3 a month. However, I will fist pump the fact that they do make everyone look weirdly skinnier.

#30 The Foot Shot

^Big fan of these merely for the fact that they're easy as pie to take and generally aesthetically cute.

#31 The Flower Bouquet Pic

A photo posted by caitielady08 (@caitielady08) on
^Suggested caption: "#solucky", "#blessed", "#solucky & #soblessed"

#32 The Cat Pic

^This is separate from a pet pic. Cats run the effing internet and if you want to be in the game, you better play it and add some cats to your feed.

#33 The Warranted Instagram Pic

^Sometimes you're just doing cool a$$ sh*t and it should be Instagrammed. In the image above I was sitting in the summer air watching "Back to the Future 2" with my sister/bro-in-law/Jay on an outdoor big screen under a downtown bridge for a private party. That was cool and I'm happy that I posted that. 

Bonus for Portlanders: The #pdxcarpet Pic

^If you're from Portland, you must, you just much- holler at our beloved airport's carpet (which is now much uglier)

So tell me fellow Instagrammers, what did I miss???

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I am lacking the fashionista pic because I never find myself rocking good fash, but I think I've covered the rest.

This made me laugh. Happy Wednesday!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love this list! I've rocked almost all of them, I think I'm just missing the inspirational quote and the PDX carpet which is pure awesomeness <3

Green Fashionista

Pat Hatt said...

lol I was with you until the snow, don't need that haha maybe if it is some one else's snow. We got the cat pics down easy.

Brittany said...

So true to all of the above. I think I kind of fail at Instagram because I'm not a fashionable coffee drinker, but oh well. Different strokes for different folks!

Jax said...

Girl, clearly I'm nothing shy of an Instagram FAIL!! I have none of the above. I'll post a pic of my daily Starbucks coffee to at least check one off of the list tomorrow... lol lol

The Siberian American said...

LOL< I was laughing so hard at these because it's all so true! Love the PDX carpet pic!

BLovedBoston said...

Such a fun idea for a post!! I need a pup one, but need to get a puppy first!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Lindsay's Sweet World said...

Love this post! And I think I've posted almost all of these... I'm for sure missing the cat one, though, because we don't have access to any cats. Guess we better get on it! Lol.

Ashley Lillis said...

I still have a few of these that I need to get on my Instagram, but I'm notorious for taking lots of vacation pics because I'm on vacation and it's awesome lol! And having a cute puppy pic is a definite must, especially for dog moms! I'm hoping that I'll be going to Portland next year, and I'm totally getting a picture with the PDX carpet when I visit!

Nadine said...

I am clearly lacking in my Instagram game. I need to beef it up!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

You've got them all covered and with some beautiful photos too. I need to step my game up! With social media in general..

Elle Sees said...

those cracked me up!! i definitely have most of these on my feed!

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

I am dying of laughter right now. This is all so true
XO Ellen from Ask Away

Marie said...

You have such beautiful pictures! I totally need to work on my IG game. Yours is fab!

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

LOL that caption on #4. I probably don't have enough babies on my IG.. lol but at least one.. so check? Feet pictures. A lot of mine end up being feet pictures. At least when we travel, or I have cute shoes on, or maybe if I'm not feelin' that creative. Gosh I love winter. Mine will always be a happy snow pic. Not a common opinion.. ha XO -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Animals pics are always my favorite. And food. :)

aki! said...

I love the captions! So funny.

7% Solution

julie @ said...

Hilarious..! I was actually thinking of doing a similar post but you beat me to it and you definitely did a better job then I would have! I better start adding some of these pics to my feed... ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

That's like, the rules of feminism & They want to show you that they are pretty made me laugh so hard, as did all of your captions. i seriously need to up my instagram game, thankfully you gave me tons of inspiration ;)