Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloweeny 2015y

I don't really like to talk about it but at one point while we were dating, Jay and I almost broke up. It's true, we did. And I felt really bad about it in the aftermath because it was after he had humbly come to me to bare his soul and reveal something he knew would be a game changer and I didn't react very well to his admission.

Jay told me that he had never seen "Hocus Pocus".

[giving you a minute to let that soak in]
WHAT!?! Can you even imagine? While I know that the film is no "Citizen Kane", it's still a vital attribute to the foundation of 90s kids' Halloween memories. No Thackery Binx? No repeated and crappy "Come Little Children" renditions with your sister as your parents slowly lose their minds? No "For your information, he's a little leaguer!" tweets later in life, to be favorited by all who still speak HP language? How could this be and how could I stay with such a person?!?! Had I been living with a monster?

Well thankfully, we decided to till our own soil rather than search for greener pastures. With a lot of hard work and communication we were able to remain firm in our coupledom and I even took his hand and guided him into the tradition of watching HP every Halloween like every other dyed-in-the-wool millennial does. Which is precisely how we kicked off Halloween festivities as we gussied up in Goodwill's finest.
^Jay would not stop telling me how good I looked that night. I don't say that to brag (he is my husband after all!). I say that to point out that I didn't look that 'hot' at all but he just wants me to have blonde hair so badly that his eyes are deceiving him.
^Two Irish Brothers and an 80s Career Girl  - it's been fun being in SF and seeing more of Jay's brother!
^They actually ARE two Irish brothers IRL. Jay's dreads crack me up.
^Chandler's outfit that he hated the least (see bottom)
^There's always the one family picture where things fall apart.

While I had intended to be an "80s career girl", I ended up wearing these glasses at the party because they just seemed to go with the whole weird vibe I had going on. From that point on, everyone thought I was Lady Gaga to my indifference. Whatever anyone thought I was, that's what I was! I just liked those puffy sleeves I got to wear.
^iPhone pics: 80s Career Girl/Gaga/other? Whatever you guess is right!
^iPhone pic: And I call this piece: "Chandler's Fury". Ha! Why is it so fun to put clothes on your NOT IMPRESSED pet?

And that about wraps up Halloween 2015. Are we really onto Thanksgiving now?!?! How insane is that? But I'm not gonna complain about an official countdown to stuffing time.

How was your Halloween?
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Pat Hatt said...

lol everyone has to watch Hocus Pocus, it has a talking cat. haha Chandler was sure a good sport, costumes and being held like a cat.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

You're a better woman than I am... I wouldn't have been able to bounce back after that. I watched Hocus Pocus 6 times within 10 days this year... and 2 of them were back to back. lol

Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder said...

You are a strong woman after hearing that admission! Did he truly have a childhood without that movie? I'm glad you showed him the right way to do Halloween!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my goodness, that is grounds for a breakup. lol.

KC watches Hocus Pocus with his students every halloween... and I always want to watch it on Halloween (always, as in since 2012) but he's all hocus pocus'd out by then. BOO.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...


I'm not a good blogger. I've seen Hocus Pocus like two times. Teen Witch is my jam.

Jax said...

I love Hocus Pocus!! That's a classic and that's CRAZY that he never saw it. lol Our Halloween was nice and so fun. The kiddies (my mushy and god son) had so much fun together. It's nice now that she's old enough to participate.

Anddd onto to Thanksgiving. LOL! Crazy how fast time goes...

Brittany said...

I CAN RELATE! Wheat hadn't seen Hocus Pocus until last year when I righted that atrocious wrong. We were too busy to watch this year, but I have a feeling it'll be a yearly tradition before long...

I, for one, love the career girl costume. Awesome finds.

BLovedBoston said...

Look at you with that intro line - totally had me going! Love the 80s working girl outfit! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

LOL this is amazing! Our "hadn't seen movie" game changer was when we first started dating and he told me he had never seen Wedding Crashers. How could I be with someone who wouldn't understand half of my one-liners? :-P

Green Fashionista

Ashley Lillis said...

I can't believe that your husband had never seen Hocus Pocus! Chris hated it, but he's still seen it! I'm glad that y'all were able to fix your relationship after that reveal and are still going strong ;)
Your Halloween costume is too cute! And seriously why is it so much fun to put animals in clothes? They're just too cute that we can't get over it I guess!

Myra said...

I mean, Hocus Pocus is definitely ALWAYS a game changer! Glad you converted him into the normal people world of watching some HP every year ;) Haha. Also? Chandler...so freakin' cute!!

PorkStar said...

You know i've never seen that.... I may have to youtube it :(

Melissa @ Always, Lissa said...

Um, is it wrong to say his brother his a looker? I'll take him ;) :P

Great costume by the way, you totally rock the blonde hair!

I can't believe that anybody over the age of 13 hasn't seen hocus pocus. Like, what? I freaking love that movie.

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

Looks like a blast. Your blog posts always make me smile!
XO Ellen from Ask Away