Monday, December 14, 2015

Girls About Town

Well hello again! If anyone actually cares about my posts (Hi Mom!), I'm sorry for the unexpected absence last week. Moving into a new office proved to more of a time suck than I had realized. Plus, we had Christmas happy hours and I had a friend arriving that week which meant I was scrubbing every inch of my house. Blogging just didn't quite fit in.

Speaking of my friend coming into town, I'm writing this on Sunday night after a full weekend of time with her. And let me tell you, it was such a refresher for my soul. If there's one thing I've noticed since moving out of Portland it's that I miss having close, close girlfriends around. The ones who judge you not for actin' a fool, who know your heart, who just get what you're saying even though you're speaking just with your eyes. I miss those girls. And thankfully, I had a visit from one this last weekend!
I've known Lanie since the 8th grade. She's honestly one of the funniest people I've ever met and her constant, hilarious, self-depracating attack on herself endlessly makes me laugh out loud. I couldn't wait to have her all to myself for a couple days. 

On Wednesday night when she arrived in town for work, we met up at my two favorite bars in the city (so far) for after work drinks, Rickhouse and Topsy's. We enjoyed catching-up about our life for a bit before we had to call it an early night with work beckoning in the morning. But the real fun started after work on Friday when we met up in the financial district outside of my office and hauled all her stuff to my apartment for her stay. 
^iPhone snaps of Saturday (left) and Friday Night (right)

We spent Friday night in North Beach bouncing around between different haunts. I only have one crappy pic of this night because if there's one thing to know about Lanie: She's not a huge picture person, which is opposite of me. I knew I was going to be shoving my camera in her face all the next day so I tried to keep it to a minimum the first night as to not drive her insane.

The next day we rose and headed to The Marina for a day of fun which started with brunch at The Tipsy Pig (wrote about them here).
^Brunch at The Tipsy Pig in the Marina
^The difference between breakfast & brunch? Cocktails.
^I enjoyed the Pulled Pork Hash and it was increds.
^Jay got the Fried Chicken Sandwich and was p*ssed when he discovered the accompanying fries were sweet potato vs. regular potato.
^Lanie got the breakfast sandwich and tots which lead to us all talking about the beauty of potatoes for an hour after.

We then found ourselves at a Santa Pub-Crawl which had about a million 25-year-olds out and about day drinking in festive gear. We all felt pretty confident that we were way too old for that crowd but totally identified with where they were at when we were their age.
^Millions of Santas drinkin' it up
^iPhone of us with the Santa Pub Crawl behind us.

Then we moseyed down to the GG Bridge to get a look at her and take some emotastic photos together with lots of prodding by me.
^the army of darkness on the beach with GG back there
^Friends since age 13 and going strong
^Done pretending we're friends, back to our devices - ha!

I think at that point those were enough images for her and I obliged with that. We spent the rest of the day depleting brain cells with dumb jokes, walking all over and visiting various places in the city. I was so sad when she took off in an Uber for the airport this afternoon. Felt so dang good to see her.

And with that great weekend behind me, it's off to the office I go today :)

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

So glad you had this weekend together! Love all the photos and especially LOL'd at the army of darkness.

Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like a great weekend was had with her indeed. Too old for Santa pub crawls though? Say it isn't so, lol

Ashley Lillis said...

Not having girl friends close has got to be the worst! I felt like that was one of the toughest things about graduating was that people moved to different cities, and we didn't get to see each other as often. It definitely seems like y'all made up for lost time though! I had no idea that Santa Con happened in different cities! We were in NYC a few years ago for Santa Con and it was insane, especially on the subways!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

LOLOLOL I'd be pissed if I got sweet potato fries instead of regular, too!!!!
Glad you had such a fun weekend!!!! :D

Unknown said...

You two are so cute! I love all these photos... I just want to jump in those food pics. :) YUM

<3 Have Ashley, Will Travel

The Siberian American said...

Nothing better than time with a close girlfriend! Love all those food pics-it all looks amazing!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I can't get over how gorgeous your pics are! So glad you got to spend time with one of your besties, amazing weekend indeed <3

Green Fashionista

Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder said...

All those food pics? yum, yum, and yum. I'm suddenly hungry now... I love that picture of you and your friend with your backs as you're walking. It's so simple but gorgeous.

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Girl time is always good for the soul especially those that know you best! Sounds like a fantastic girls reunion with lots of laughs, and good food drinks..

julie @ said...

When good friends come to visit, a guaranteed awesome time is in store!! YAY!!

Myra said...

You gorgeous girls, you! So glad you got some time with your friend, lovebug! xo