Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paris Adventures | Night & Day

A couple hours after my Dad and Stepmom dropped me off at our airbnb (end of the post here) and jetted for the rest of their European adventure, I arose groggy from my nap while Jay attempted to will himself out of his own coma. We had been there many days now, had walked ourselves into the ground and here was the day that we were just plain exhausted. But you know what? We didn't have any time for that because in a couple hours, we had reservations for a boat dinner on the Seine river to celebrate my MIL's birthday. So off went the covers and on went the make-up and coats to gallivant into the city again as we prepped to take it by water. Though there was plenty to see on foot on the way over ...
 Such as this gorgeousness above ^ which was all the prettier with the blue hour sky. 

And long exposure shots like above ^ which alluded a bit to the city's famous nickname.

But nothing really compared to the dinner cruise. I didn't take too many pictures on it because we were all just so stinkin' tired but I think I got enough of the view for you to get the idea of its gorgeousness.
^Left: Birthday girl and me on the cruise | Right: I asked Jay to take a pic of me with the pretty sky. He assured me that I was looking at the camera and "looked pretty" after I felt that I didn't think I was paying attention when he had shot it. The one good thing about looking like a cat staring at a ghost is that I can now at least know I was right.
^Left: Dinner cruise views from the water | Right: Happy Birthday dessert!
^Boys take in the view between bites.
^Quick video I took of us passing it available here.

After spending many moons up on the top deck of the ship admiring that insane view and sipping espresso, we all decided to head back to the room to visit a dreamland that surely wouldn't measure up to the reality of the day. But the truth was, we needed to be well-rested as the parentals only had about 24 more hours to spend with us.

The next morning we all rose refreshed and looked forward to taking the day with gusto. Which is partially depicted in the images I have:
^My In-Laws soaking in those Parisian views from the Centre Pompidou.

^MIL/StepFIL & Mama and Son soak up their last time here at the Louvre.

We walked well over 12 miles that day and wanted to do even more by the time the sun was dropping closer and closer to the horizon. Which is good because we knew just where to go: Sacré-Cœur. A place known for its view, basilica, music, atmosphere and drinks.
^Live music at Sacré-Cœur -video here.
Time seriously stood still as we drank in that experience. We had raced and raced to get on the subway there before we lost the light and it paid off in spades. Our last night with his Mom was just as peaceful and happy as she wanted it to be. She had made it to Europe with her sons and this moment seemed to embody the exact reason why. We didn't eat that much that evening but we all still went to bed full on the experience and wanted for nothing. At about 4:30 AM the following morning, Jay's mom and stepdad left for the airport while we lingered for a few more days.
Which brings us to all this wandering the next afternoon. Which is a pretty enjoyable task across the pond, I must say.

^The brothers exploring on on foot the following day.
^I happily took pictures of things as we passed.
^And then there were 3: One of our last outings together in beautiful Paris.

And just like the night before, by day's end, it was a race again to make it to the Montparnasse Tower Viewing Deck to try and capture the Eiffel Tower before it was too late.

The views from the deck were seriously cool but the entire place was probably the most tourist-centric place in our entire visit. The top deck is one big commercial with patriotic tchotchkes everywhere in an effort to squeeze dry all the visiting guests. So if you go, prepare for that commercialization. But if you just want a view no matter the emotional cost, try it out. We only endured the crowd because my BIL and I both really wanted to practice with our cameras on that view. Here's the Instagram of the set-up to do so.

And with our feet now weighing the same as an Anvil block, we knew it was time to go to our nook of the woods for a nightcap and some much-needed sleep. So these two exhausted blokes and I boarded the train and rode the rail in perfect, exhausted silence.

And that was the name of that tune! :) 

PS: I'm really excited for tomorrow's Paris post and if you like Carrie Bradshaw, I think you will too. 
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

So if you were to go to Sacre Coeur or Montparnasse for night views/experience, which would you choose?

Pat Hatt said...

Sure looks like an amazing time, the sky in the first two looks so surreal. Have to push yourself even when tired to see such sights.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Steph Hi Steph, I’ll email you this too in case you don’t come back here (in which case you won’t even see this, lol). Anyway, both spots were full of tourists but the experience of Sacre is wayyy better. No Eiffel Tower views but views of the entire other side of Paris. Plus there’s music. And vendors selling wine/beer/bubbly/coffee. So most people buy their drink of choice and then go sit on the steps to take it in. It’s really cool and the moment is really special. With that said, the views on the top of the tower were awesome, it’s just the most sold-out place that we saw (the vibe is a lot like times square commercialization) and it was pretty expensive to go up. If you guys get good views of the ET another way, I would definitely lean towards Sacre.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh no, so sorry to hear about montparnasse tower, it was so nice and not touristy at all when we went :(
you totally don't look like a cat staring at a ghost in that one photo, you look fabulous, as always!
i wish we had done one of those river cruises, sigh.

The Siberian American said...

I feel like a broken record when I say your photos are stunning, but it's so true! I loved doing a river cruise on the Seine-definitely one of my favorite experiences in Paris!

Ashley Lillis said...

Oh my goodness! Talk about some beautiful pictures! I love that long exposure one and all of your pictures of the Eiffel Tower! The dinner cruise sounds like so much fun and it looks like y'all accomplished so much that next day! I can't wait to read about your next post!