Tuesday, January 26, 2016


San Francisco's Amazing Mexican Food Scene
You know what San Francisco doesn't mess around with? Its Mexican Food. As a matter of fact, according to my unofficial estimates, it might just be the only thing in this city that is priced totally fairly and delivers an incredible output. From the food trucks, to the Mom & Pop locations (or should I say 'Madre y Padre') to the upscale & fancy: The Mexican food scene in this hilly city is legit.

On an after work walk last week with the puppy through the Marina District, I passed this adorable alleyway which I had to stop and admire for a minute just to pay respect to its cuteness:
When I heard from others (one being Jodi!) that the Mexican restaurant to the left of it was delicious, I made a point to go there with Jay to test it out. Which is just what we did last Saturday.
^BONITA in the Marina District
^Sophie's Choice for food lovers.
^Bright colors, humming music and little outdoor tables will put you right into a Mexico state of mind.
^We both went with the Mexican Street Tacos (even those carrot & jalapeƱo slices were soaked in flavors and delicious)
^BONITA'S MEXICAN STREET TACOS: 3 Corn Tortilla Tacos Served With Onions and Cilantro. I ordered one Carne Asada, one Carnitas and one Rotisserie Chicken.
^And I was super, duper pumped about that.
^Eating like this with a lone dog near you also makes you feel authentically a bit South of the Border.
^Is there anything more beautiful? 
^I burn some of my calories by smiling at the food the entire time. #DietTip
^It's always summertime at BONITA.
^The couple who eats together ... stays gains weight together.
^A beautiful, zesty, fresh, tangy work of art, I tell you.

From the speed of the food, to the friendly staff, to the quality of ingredients, to the reasonable prices, to the light, bright and happy digs: I couldn't get enough of the spot. We're down in the Marina District quite a bit and very much plan to put this in our regular rotation. 

Located in The Marina District on Chestnut Street.

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Pat Hatt said...

Sure sounds like it was a spot you spotted that is now well worth a spot on your list of spots to stop.

Ashley Lillis said...

I'm a firm believer that Mexican food should be its own food group because it's so good! Those tacos look absolutely amazing, and the restaurant is located in such a cute part of San Francisco! I definitely want to try and visit Bonita next time I'm in San Fran!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

This place looks DELISH! I'm all about Mexican food, and love to hear that it's fairly priced especially in a city that's notorious for being overpriced. Awesome find <3
Green Fashionista

Andrea Nine said...

Talk about YUM!! And what a gorgeous locale!! San Fran here I come.....someday, lol!! You look adorable in those sunnies too!!

BLovedBoston said...

I love how colorful everything is in that little area- makes things more appetizing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Jax said...

Omg so yummy!!!! You're posts are making me hungrier and hungrier lately. We do love Mexican food. Have you ever tried columbian? If not you should totally go on a mission to judge the Columbian food of SFO! Lol

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

this restaurant is so adorable, and i love all the photos. you're so cute smiling at your food. and yes to the couple gaining weight together haha. i am not the biggest fan of mexican food, but i don't think i've ever really had proper almost authentic mexican food in an adorable alley, so that might be why.

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Looks delicious and I like that you got to try three different types of meats.

Christina Lea Loves said...

This looks like the cutest little place.. and delicious!

Elle Sees said...

this is like a commercial, as in, I WANT TO GO TO THERE! great pics, great food, and great expressions! ;)

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

That looks so damn good...! Yums! We had an invasion of Mexican restaurants ravage the shores of Singapore - pretty decent, actually, but... Not the same, or same same but different? Pics looks amazing!

Unknown said...

These photos! <3! They should be paying you for this stuff! I am allll about the Mexican food, i'm tempted to jump on a plane right now for some that looks that good!!! :)