Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Night Lights

I was reading an article the other day about how crucial eyebrows are to the look of your face. I think they fail to mention that keeping your eyebrows fashionable isn't exactly a new thing ... it's just that we've redefined what it means to have a "good" eyebrow. These days it's all about thickness and volume and I dig it. But as much as I adhere to that code, I also adhered to the eyebrow rules that were popular in high school: Pluck til it's almost gone gurrrrrl. And that little thought turned into looking at old high school photos which turned into a little light-hearted Friday post today with a little glimpse into my youthful high school years:
^Off on the MAX with my sister, Jocelyn, to go see Britney Spears. She is wearing my top which (girls with sisters know) means I got something in return for that sh*t. Those services are never free when it comes to teenage girls. Also, denim mini-skirts are the official sponsors of 2000-2005 and I'll never be told otherwise.
^All those years ago and I was still the one asking all my friends to pose for a picture on my camera when we were casually going to see a movie, ha. Some things never change. And some things do, like my metabolism.
^This is my Megan. We were severely hip-to-hip all throughout high school. We spent almost every single day together, drove in and out of campus together, talked every night, etc. She was always just my very special Megan. This is my favorite picture of us in high school in-between our class together and our next class where we were dual Teacher's Assistants [See also: Teacher's Pain-In-The-@SSes]. There's a reason that even in this small sampling of pics, she's in like every one. You rarely saw one of us without the other and that's why it was extra special to meet her brand new baby this Christmas (here).
^In downtown Portland, Oregon, to watch the Rose Parade in June. Clearly, the official sponsor of THIS night was Abercrombie & Fitch  and POLO-RALPH LAUREN (or is it "RALPH LAUREN-POLO"? So many questions, so little intention to actually find the answer). See my purse stage right?  Remember how cool it was in high school to show off your massive keys, ha!
^My group of friends were big TP'ers. On this night, we had TP'ed a friend of ours (in fun) at about 3 AM. Since we were friends with this person, we knew that across the street was an elderly lady named Waltron. As we threw our last roll of TP into the night sky, we heard good ol' Waltron scream, out of the sheer silence of the night, "I have called zee police, they're on zee way!!!!". It was the most startling thing ever and we couldn't have bolted to the car fast enough. We then spent the rest of the night laughing about how scary that was and, clearly, taking pictures of the event. And in case you're wondering, we went back in the morning to help our friend clean her tree. PS that is my very bright bedroom behind me. See the BSB MILLENNIUM magazine tear-out? Would you expect anything less?
^Remember house parties? I'm talking high school house parties. No Pinterest trays of appetizers, no themed drinks with adorable straws. I'm talking parents gone, wolves ascending and no amenities. Ah, to be young.
^Tracy, Megan and Me. Tracy is getting married this year and to say I'm excited for her wedding festivities is an effing understatement. Also, I love my "Tourist Hawaiian Mom" tres-chic capris.
^Dog pile on Lanie! Remember Elena from THIS POST? She just visited me and I said she didn't like photos, I think this image serves as nice proof that she's always been this way. Love her.
^This is one of the most 2000ish things to ever 2000. Amirite?? All I can say is Praise the Lawd that that look was in style when it was, cause I certainly would be an out-of-style non-participant if "bellies out" was trending today. #EverythingHappensForAReason
^And... I'm pretty sure I've posted this before but I leave you with this, a family picture that will live on forever. In my defense, we were in Vegas for a vacation when my Dad threw a curveball saying we were going to go hiking. Was that a cool idea? Yes. Did my stupid 17-year-old head pack anything mimicking hiking clothes? No. And I think the fact that I'm like blinded by the sun here just makes this all the better. I look like I'm mentally flatlining. Let this serve as a reminder to take pictures often, because you never know when the ones that will live on forever will happen.

Hope you enjoyed that small trip down memory lane. Now go and enjoy your weekend!!

^Here's a song to get you started.
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Ahhh high school house parties. My friends and I were discussing this the other day...remember when we served no food on purpose? Those were the days.

I love love LOVE old photos. The styles make me laugh.

My eyebrows have been the same since the day I was born. I just wax them now so they no longer blend into my hairline. LOL

Pat Hatt said...

lmao I snickered at the mentally flat lining line. Geez, getting the cops called on you, such a rebel you were with your plucked eyebrows haha

Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder said...

I cringe at the high school early 00s of PLUCK PLUCK PLUCK. It looked terrible on me. I have chubbier cheeks so having more defined eyebrows make my face look more defined. I'm terrified of the day that comes back into style. I'm hoping I'm an old uncool mom that just won't follow trends at that point.

Ashley Lillis said...

Yes!!!! I'm loving all of your amazing pictures from high school and the early 2000's! I love that you always took a ton of pictures because they really help you to remember all of the fun times that you had with your friends. I swear, I had so many key chains on my keys, I'm surprised that my car key would actually stay in the ignition! I still have a ton of key chains, and my husband makes so much fun of me for it! I have a push start, so it doesn't matter how heavy my key ring is now. It just means that it's easier to find in the abyss known as my purse!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Denim mini skirts were the coolest. Also I definitely had some Hawaiian chic capris hahaha. I can't believe capris in general were cool before. Also you know how suede skirts with the buttons on the front are super popular now? They make them in denim too and I just could never wear one because I don't think I can handle putting another denim skirt on my body ever again!!! Hahaha.

Jax said...

I love this!!! Your memories, especially the tp one, made me legit laugh out loud. And as far as the eyebrow thing goes...YES!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

This is fabulous - so much yes! And lol at denim skirts being the official sponsors of 2000-2005. For me they went way past that... whoops! Happy Friday gurlie <3
Green Fashionista

Tabitha Lee said...

These are awesome! I love looking through all my old photos especially ones from high school. So many good memories. :-)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my word. this is my favourite post today, or basically ever. you are so adorable. i love that so many things were the same - bellies out, mini skirts and halters haha. i love looking back on old photos. that photo with you all and ralph lauren / a&f and that guy with the sweater around his shoulders - hahahaha that's basically how i pictured every single american ever. lol. that hiking picture might be the best one though.

Andrea Nine said...

I love taking trips down memory lane! Mine and everybody else is too, LOL! What fun times and what great memories! Y'all look so stinking cute!!

The Siberian American said...

So fun to look at old photos! Love the last one of the Vegas hiking especially-laughed so hard at the flat line comment! :)

Unknown said...

LOVE IT! Old photos are the best! You look so much like your sister and some of those younger ones with the lighter hair :)

julie @ said...

Hilarious!! What fun memories...! I can't say I ever plucked my eyebrows into those thin lines... But defo remember when A&F was all the rage... HAHA