Thursday, January 28, 2016

Paris Adventures | The Last Day

And here we are, we made it to the last day of our Paris trip. A day that started the same as all the others: With strong, rich, black espresso and shared reverie at a café where we both checked emails and munched on a European breakfast in animated silence.
That was followed-by getting our packing out of the way in the little AirBNB and getting dressed for our final day together, which, ironically, was going to end in a couples date with our good Oregon friends (more on that below, obviously. Like I’d leave that out.). Jay and I had big plans to walk all over the city in our final send-off, having day dates at places we found at our leisure. Not surprising since it’s a mantra we embrace in our day-to-day life. But really, if you have nowhere specific to be and had already hit all the big areas on your list, why not cap it off this way?  For us, it was just perfect.
^Focus on the streets, focus on the [hunky] man.
^Just a girl and her tripod, making their way in the big city. For my post about what I packed for Paris, click HERE.
^Apparently Jay can take a really cool pic if he feels like it.
^I love lipstick. I just really, really love bright/bold lipstick and I'll never let go, Jack.

As we bounced around through the lively streets and pointed things out to each other, I couldn’t help but note the beautiful eclectic style of this famed city. Of course there are tourists aplenty tarnishing the authenticity of each place (us very much included), but one quick look at the locals reveals the deep saturation that art and beauty play in their worlds

Older men wearing well-loved newsboy caps enjoyed a midday drink, croissant and cigar. Women so done-up as they barrel past you it’s hard to envision a scenario that is anything other than the fact that they walked down a fashion runway and just kept going into the real world. Businesspersons adorned in rich textiles and mahogany suits making their way as they yelled loudly into their phones. Everyone was just so beautiful, both conventionally and otherwise. Paris was just beautiful. We had no plans to visit a museum this day but I felt as if we were readily getting our art fill. Paris is its own breed of art. 

^Mailing a postcard from Paris. I just love this pic.

^That's a clickable video :)
^We are savory, not sweet, people. So when I realized we hadn't yet had a proper sweet treat, I grabbed this from a road side stand. It was just okay, I think it was prob. a chain company.
^The image on the left there is one of my favorites from the entire trip. Getting that lighting right took a lot of work.

^These are forgotten iPhone pics from earlier in this week that I wanted to share- late night antics and we actually tried escargot (it was pretty dang good but that's really because it's a whole lotta butter).
^I love him!

One thing I must note is that as we went between so many cafes, we found ourselves outside the Le Carrillon Bar and decided to stop for a quick glass of wine. We ended up sitting next to two Americans, both students, and we chatted with them about our respective trips. The conversation was painted with a brush of happiness as we discussed the things we had seen and how nice it was to just be there. We were probably only sitting there, right outside, for about 25-30 minutes. However, we would mentally return to those seats weeks later as they were all over the news when the Paris massacre struck. We had been sitting right in the same spot that was now readily plastered all over the news as evidence of the horrible event. And it made us sick to our stomachs. Bad things seem so far away, don’t they? “That will never happen to me” or “nothing bad will happen here”, etc. My hope in bringing this up is a reminder, to myself more than anything, of the humanization of these acts. I’m sure the café that fateful night was full of regulars, of newbies, of tourists and students who had missions just like us: To enjoy life for a moment on a casual evening in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I hope to carry my thoughts on that for the rest of my life. It might have happened across the world but it was on a seat that I had called home for 30ish minutes. The seat could have been you or me. The seat could have been filled by anyone.
^Humans of Paris.
^Note: These images were taken at the cafe we went to right before Le Carrillon, they are not of us there.

Le sigh, forward march :( : And after all of our day-tripping, we went back to the AirBNB for a little nap before waking to get ready for dinner. JJ and Jess are our good friends from back home who happened to have just arrived in Paris for their first night on our last night so we made plans to share a celebratory dinner together in the city of lights. What a delightful treat.
^Our cutie friends from Oregon, Jess & JJ.
^She loves 'Friends' as much as me and it makes my heart happy.

^Double-dating in Paris. How lovely!

^My dinner order and the four of us shared two bottles of this delicious wine.

And then, just as quickly as we had emerged from the subway and landed in our first café (that’s my first post HERE), it was time to head to bed and wake up at the crack of dawn for our flight. Thankfully, we both had a strong desire to see our dog and he served as the sweet part of the end of our jaunt. That and the fact that we left rejuvenated in spirit, family, our relationship, travel desires, art and history.

So if you wonder why I go on a trip in October and it takes me until January to finish each component, the answer is this: A) It's my blog, ha. B) Trips speak to my soul (as I’m sure they speak to yours!) and I take way too many pictures to try to put in only a few posts. I prefer to take my time, spread out the posts and think about what I want to say and what I’d like to remember. That’s better in condensed topics. And I’ve never successfully posted the full story on a big trip before because I get so overwhelmed with my thoughts and images, so I’m beyond thrilled to have finally completed one (especially because I don’t like cramming it all into one week of overload).

^A short video of us on our last day there, talking about our first morning arriving in Paris [that post here].

And with that, I say Au Revoir! Thank you for everything, Paris!
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Jax said...

I'm still so jealous that you got to experience this! That breakfast looks amazing!!! You only tried ONE sweet, though??? Smh...I'd dive right into that Paris chocolate!!!! Lmao

Pat Hatt said...

Blah to the escargot, not even with tons of butter would I attempt that haha it was like everyone went to Paris at the same time, friends and family there to spend your vacation with.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed every post and every picture, your eye for photography is simply amazing! Love that you guys met 2 American students, but so eerie that you were sitting at the same cafe that was shaken with hatred and terror. Those attacks have not scared me from going to see this beautiful city, if anything I want to go even more now. Just like NYC, the city will be even more amazing than it was before <3
Green Fashionista

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i love the way you did your recaps! i like to smoosh mine all in one post purely so it's all in one spot when i want to look back on it (like an online photo album) but as for reading, i love it like you did it. and girl you rock that lipstick for the rest of your life, it looks amazing on you. don't let go ;)

and what you said about the seats - so true. it's so easy to think nothing will ever happen to you. when there was that scary hostage situation in sydney in 2014, i was in KY but I had been to that cafe, that street, that train station more times than i have hair on my head. it was surreal, and terrifying.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I like how you did your recaps. I'm a crammer. I don't know why.

YES to your words about the seats. That's why I don't like to take one day for granted or waste my time on petty and stupid shit. And if we stop imagining ourselves in the position of those harmed in attacks like this, if we stop realizing it could have been you or me or anyone, we stop being human.

Ashley Lillis said...

I just can't imagine how surreal that must have been to see all of the horrible things that happened in Paris and know that you had just been there. On a lighter note, it sounds like you had the best last day, just walking around the city and feeling all Parisian! That's too funny that your friends flew in on your last day, and how wonderful that you were able to meet up for dinner! And don't worry, we went to Hawaii in July, and I have yet to organize my thoughts enough to write about it! I think it's better to not rush it, and then you have wonderful posts that are filled with tons of memories!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

I love escargot but definitely only because of the butter sauce it comes in. So good! Paris just looks and sounds so fabulous! Loving all your photos.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Your pictures are always amazing!

It's so easy to think that nothing bad will ever happen to us, but we never really know.

I can tell from your pictures and description how unique and artistic Paris is. I definitely have to visit one day!

julie @ said...

Sounds like it was an amazing time... And oh, Parisian cafes are the absolute best!! And the wine... Don't even get me started on the wine...!!!

Unknown said...

Your blog is inspiring!