Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Blogging Will Do To You

Blogging will make you want to encapsulate and document your life. 
For a record-keeper like me, this is a good thing. However, it also has its costs in the tune of focusing too much on documenting and less on living in the moment.

Blogging will make you want a DSLR.

Sorry Romeo & Juliet: Words + images are actually the greatest love story the world has ever known.
^My first DSLR. Since upgraded, moved to Canon and only shoot in manual.

Blogging will make you tired. 

It is a time-sucking labor of love and sometimes the sheer thought of starting a post makes one want to make like Buddy the Elf and say "no, no, no, no!"

Blogging will make you delusional at first and then bring you back down to reality. 

Starting a blog often comes with little return as you rarely get love right away yet you spend so much time invested in it. But once those first comments and followers come, you get a little bit excited. For many, this begins to shape how they post for better and worse. I find that after the initial "I'm famous!" feeling that no one will admit they have, most bloggers find themselves down more where they want to be with blogging. And that makes their blog, voice and motives far better.

Blogging will make you bite your tongue (or not)

Rude comments take some calculating to respond to. Do you say what you really feel about it or do you answer like a politician? And I'm not talking about comments that disagree with your vantage point or earnestly ask you a tough question in good faith, I'm talking straight-up rude comments. I've had a few in my day, some by an anonymous source and some by a crazy girl I know IRL who didn't realize I had all her visitor information and could see it was her posting (that was kinda fun as the comments continued for months), but both take a calculated approach that suits you. You'll find your voice after a few of them, even if for you, that means a vow of silence.

Blogging will make you think a bit more about your feelings. 

If I'm writing something a bit more cathartic (those are under the "deeper than usual" label), I try to really hone in on how I'm conveying my feelings about it. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. I believe this post about BEING KIND was a successful way in which I let my emotional side shine-through.

Blogging will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to apps, trends & fashion
I had Instagram about 8 months before anyone I knew in real-life was using it (well, they were using it but not realizing it was a social-media sharing app vs just a filter app). If you read a variety of blogs, you tend to get the "in" before it's well known.

Blogging will make you want to give your significant other a pseudynom. 
Just don't be like me and call yours "The Boy" like I did for years, barf. 

Blogging will make you rethink having a drink while you write.
Friends don't let friends drink & blog.
Blogging will make you take an outfit picture (if you do fashion posts) and you'll be staring at your feet like a f***ing loser. 

I don't even know what to say about this because I've definitely done it and probably will again. But yeah, WHAT IS ON THE GROUND THAT'S SO IMPORTANT.
^Been a hot minute since I've been the blonde I frequently was.

Blogging will (hopefully) make you realize the gravity of having an online platform.  

Personally, I would never write about a spat with a friend or insult anyone I know IRL because I "can" with this platform. Be mindful of what you post on here. Don't post unflattering pictures of people (my guide to posting pics of people HERE), don't divulge things others in your real life wouldn't want you to. Don't compromise your real relationships for blog fodder. I believe this is one of the most important things one can do.

Those are the things that blogging will do to you, anymore to add?

And in the spirit of fun, here's an old post I did kinda on the subject: 5 REASONS BLOGGERS ARE PATHETIC LOSERS.

 photo blog sign-off_zpsnuhefhbr.jpg


Panty Buns said...

OMG, you mean I'm supposed to actually put my brain in gear before posting on my blog? That's hard for me to do, especially if I've stayed up too late binge-watching NetFlix and haven't had my half-pot of coffee yet.
Your photos and images are gorgeous! (mine are poorly lit point-and-shoot). You're also braver than I in that you do lifestyle blogging, revealing much about yourself in addition to your fabulous posts on fashion, cuisine, beauty and travel. I agree with the don't drink and blog. I gave up drinking decades ago, but that hasn't totally cured my foot-in-mouth tendencies. Blogging can be a lovely way to share your beautiful memories, photos and feelings with others, or, in my case, it can provide a nice way to avoid real life and retreat into the blogosphere. I love all the beautiful thoughts in this post. Meanwhile I'm still coulda-woulda-shoulda-ing (as you can see in my last post. As you know I've been doing that for years. Thanks for not disappearing after your marriage - love reading your posts!

Rakel said...

This is a great post! love it!

Pat Hatt said...

haha sure hit on many indeed. I've had some haters, most I ignore or just make fun of. The cat doesn't bite his tongue much though, he does give nicknames to everyone. Plus blogging under "the cat" allows me to get away with anything for some strange reason. There are sure times when you want to go no no no. But being 10 months ahead in posts allows me that lol then I don't use as many pictures as you so the posts are easier to structure.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

My blog would probably be 90 times better with a DSLR. Sigh. Maybe some day in like ten years I'll be able to afford one! Ha.

I've only posted outfit photos like three times and they ALL include looking down pictures. Who started that? Because they need to take responsibility. Ha!

Ashley Lillis said...

I loved documenting so much before I started blogging, and now I feel like it's in complete overdrive! But like you, I love having everything to look back on. It definitely makes me want to bite my tongue too! I had somebody that wrote a comment that wasn't super nice, but not mean either. I wanted to respond back with, "Are you kidding me????" but I wrote a nice response instead. And yes, you have to realize that people will read your blog from your real life, so you can't just say whatever you want because you can. It's like those super cryptic Facebook statuses that people always write.

BLovedBoston said...

I love this post!! I love that blogging has brought so many incredible people into my life and people that have become my best friends!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Tabitha Lee said...

Excellent post! I must admit that I have a problem. Sometimes I still drink and blog. haha. I am still working on using my DSLR in manual mode. I really need to practice, practice, practice. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough so far not have not run into any negative nancy's in my blog life yet. Knock on wood.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love this! These are all spot on! I'm still even educating people on how to use Instagram and Snapchat! I am really hoping to not let this fun little hobby of mine be as much of a time sucker, and yes to all the photos of staring down at your feet :-D
Green Fashionista

The Siberian American said...

YES! I love my DSLR, even though it's super old. I've had it since high school. Haha. I love your looking at the ground fashion photos! Haha. I'm sure I've done that too.

Andrea Nine said...

I was laughing so hard as I read this, I was like yup, yup, yup to that! Love those pictures!!! Love this post!!

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

So true! Blogging has made me spend more money in general shopping and buying things because I'm reading other blog reviews and fashion posts.

Jax said...

Love this!! Blogging made me make many blogger friends that I generally think about as if I know them in real life. It also cultured me. I always assumed all of the US is just like NY. It's so not!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe someone you knew was posting nasty things on your blog, that's so horrible!!
AS for everything else in the list, so spot on! Especially wanting/needing a DSLR, though now i'm past that point I just need ALL the lenses! haha :)

P.S. Let me know if I am still a 'no reply' blogger, I think I've fixed it up but have no way of testing it myself!

Elle Sees said...

you had me nodding my head at all of these. so dang true. and that's crazy about the IRL meanie. wtf??

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i have not succumbed to the DSLR fanciness yet. i'd love one, but i simply cannot afford it and i know i wouldn't tote it around everywhere, you know? i totally agree with your last point, not a lot of my IRL people know about the blog, no-one knew at first, but now my 3 besties do and they read it so i have to be mindful of what i write. there's a lot going on in our little group now that is causing a lot of tension but i'd never dream about putting it on the internet.
oh, and on the pseudonym point - that's so funny, because i've had so many people ask me what KC's name is because they think it's a pseudonym or his initials and I refuse to put his name up there. and i'm like.. nope, that's his name! lol.

julie @ said...

This post is spot on!! So who was the girl posting sh*t comments that you know? I hope you called her out on it! HAHA

I get too lazy to use my real camera for pictures...! I need to but then I have a hard time finding time to edit them...!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I totally want a nice camera and I'm not into photography whatsoever, lol I love LOOKING at great images but I don't want to learn how!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Even though I know I will not take the time to learn how to use it correctly and maximize it, sometimes I want a DSLR...then realize I use my iPhone over my camera for most pics now and say forget it.

When I'm writing deeper than usual and I'm not conveying myself in a way that works, it's really frustrating. So I like that blogging pushes me like that, to really be plain when I'm trying to explain myself.