Friday, February 12, 2016

Little Things Lately ...

 Loved // Having drinks with my old friend from college, her wife and Jay. Dang it to all heck if I don't love funny people. And she is ridiculously hilarious. I was laughing out loud throughout.

Showering // With the new shower head my dad installed for us when they were here a few days ago for the Super Bowl (all that jazz will be posted about next week). Not only does it have 50 options of flow but it comes with a hose for us to wash the dog. No more shooting cups of water at Chandler's hoo-ha and belly for 20 minutes trying to rinse off soap during his weekly bath.

 Drinking // Many things with lemon garnishes in them (mainly seltzer). Because my Aunt/Uncle have a lemon tree in their yard in Santa Clara and sent us home with a ton of them when we were there last Sunday. I can't get enough.

Obsessed With // Purging our crap. I want things ou
t of my house so much right now. A flip has switched and we ain't got no space for items we don't use. Once this is all done, I plan to post many, many thoughts.
Gorged // Local brunch at a popular AF place near us called "Sweet Maple". They serve this "Millionaire's Bacon" which has bacon that is soaked in brown sugar overnight. We have been doing a good job of avoiding brunch but made an exception on this morning and thankfully, it was well worth it.

Looking for // Ideas for this table that I did the DIY post on HERE. Surprise, surprise - I now hate that it's black. We have a back patio in our place right now so I'm tempted to redo it myself out there but also kinda tempted to pay someone to strip it for me... we'll see. The fact that I redid it and loved it and now hate it plays right into this post about why I WILL NEVER GET A TATTOO.

Admired // The downtown San Jose view earlier this week. I had to head down there to work from that office for a particular account and I had never been there before. The view of the sun going to bed over the hills was really pretty.

Happy // ... that we don't drive to work or live in the 'burbs. While the drive TO the San Jose office was really pretty in the morning with the sun glistening off the ocean, the drive home was a cluster of traffic and waiting on streets adorned with ugly Targets and huge Home Depots. I am really very happy with city life and grateful I don't deal with that every day or have to drive my car to run a bunch of errands on the reg.

What's a LITTLE THING in your world these days? 
Happy Weekend of LOVE! We're gonna celebrate with a few things around the Bay Area. Cheers to love in all its forms.
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Pat Hatt said...

I hate the stupid traffic, but city life is waaay easier to get what you want indeed. I need a shower head with power, my current one is that stupid environmental crap and it sucks lol at least I don't have to bath the cats though, although one jumps in once in a while.

Andrea Nine said...

Such a fun post of your life lately! Oh man Have I ever been on a huge purging binge! Such a good feeling! Happy Valentine's Day weekend beautiful, I hope it's full of so much love, fun and smiles!

Marie said...

I so need some millionaire's bacon in my life. It looks so yummie!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Jax said...

Traffic stinks, but I love target way to much to ever call one ugly. Lol!!! That brunch and bacon sound divine!!! Sooo yum. Happy weekend!

Ashley Lillis said...

I seriously need that bacon in my life right now! It sounds so absolutely delicious! I loved your Instagram picture of your drive to San Jose, it looked so beautiful! When we visited California, one of my favorite things that we did was to take the drive from San Fran to Big Sur. Seriously one of the prettiest parts of the country! Your new shower sounds awesome! I hate having to throw water on Dart when we're giving him a bath, and that's even in a tub!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Your new showerhead sounds amazing! And ughhh traffic is the worst especially when dealing with it day in and day out. And yummmmm give me all the bacon! Happy Friday gurlie <3
Green Fashionista

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i laughed so hard at you giving chandler a bath. good to hear the new showerhead is amazing.

funny people are the best!

i need to do a super purge of all our shit. i am starting to feel claustrophobic and just want to throw crap out

bacon soaked in brown sugar? woah!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I hate when that happens to me with something I've painted. I'd probably just sand it down and start again. And make it like hot pink.

Lemons for all, in everything.

The Siberian American said...

I've been really having the urge to purge too lately...mostly because the idea of moving all this crap AGAIN in June makes me sick. ;) Haha. That bacon sounds amazing. I hate traffic so I know what you mean about loving being right in the city. When we lived in Texas, Chris drove an hour to med school on a good day. For residency, I'm looking at places right in Dallas like four miles from the hospital! Haha.

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Funny people are the best. Laughing is definitely good for the soul, right? The view of San Jose's sun is gorge and your brunch sounds delish. Happy weekend lady!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I have been purging like crazy lately. I feel like that's going around in blog world. I totally get what you mean about a tattoo! I feel like I'd end up hating it later. Michael has a bunch and keeps saying WE should get one together and I'm just like orrrr not.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I'm getting ready to purge the ever loving shit out of our place in the next couple of weeks. With the shower coming up, we've started getting things delivered and now it's time for "out with the old, in with the new!"

Unknown said...

Purging is such a great feeling! I love it too.

<3 Have Ashley, Will Travel

Unknown said...

Those drinks look extra yummy! :) So much fun.

<3 Have Ashley, Will Travel