Wednesday, February 24, 2016

San Francisco BIKE TOUR

I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t get a piece of jewelry. I didn’t get flowers. I didn’t wake up to chocolates. There was no spiffy teddy bear holding a balloon waiting for me. Nada. Zip. And it was my very favorite Valentine’s celebration yet. That’s because this year, with a desire to continue getting stuff OUT of the house rather than IN, we decided to not get each other gifts and rather, give each other the present of an all day bike excursion. Something I had seriously hoped to do for years now and the magical day finally landed on a morning where I threw open the shades and exclaimed [Stop. Don’t do Chandler Bing speak, Caitlin. Don’t you do it…] Could this day BE any more beautiful??[whhooooopsie]. Because seriously, it was blue skies, birds chirping (really!) and a golden sun set against a cloudless backdrop.

As we sipped coffee and the news buzzed in the background (that depressing drivel played in horrible contrast to the opera of the winged ones outside), we hastily threw snacks, waters and extra clothes into backpacks as we grabbed an Uber to Fisherman's Wharf to rent bikes from Blazing Saddles. Within twenty minutes of our arrival, we were suited and booted and ready to rock and roll on our own Pee-wee's Big Adventure.
^Here was the plan: Fisherman's Wharf >>>The Golden Gate Bridge>>>Sausalito>>>Old Mill Park>>>Tiburon>>>Ferry back to the city

Of course we took our sweet time as we coasted along the beginning of the route by stopping for pictures every five minutes to soak-up/capture that view while we still looked halfway decent. Well, that was my reasoning anyway. Not that I needed to explain it as he will always be happy to sit in peace by a picturesque scene.
^Karl the Fog rolling on in in spectacular fashion.

Followed by biking over this hot little redhead of a Golden Gate Bridge and feeling pretty happy and joyous to have the ability to do so.

While the bridge was spectacularly riveting, I was really excited to make it to quaint, cultured, picturesque Sausalito, our next stop on the map and one that included a pitstop of vino and snacks. We had last been here for our anniversary [post here] and it's been on my mind ever since. I tell you, if we stay down here long enough to the point where we'd move to the burbs. I'm gonna fight tooth and nail to make said move be to Sausalito vs. East Bay. 
^In Sausalito with San Francisco city line on the left (and Karl gliding over the bay)
^Basically the same as eating your Wheaties, right?
^We sat at Angelino again, mainly for their outdoor space in this heat and the gorgeous view.

From there, it was up and away from the city amenities and into Old Mill Park to check out some famed Redwood trees and rest our tushies under the canopy of branches.
^You can see I'm beginning to melt a little bit. Everything is just shifting south.
^Jay trying to get a sig' on his pager.

And then it was a long, gliding, hilly trek to Tiburon, our final destination. 
^Almost there but wanted to stop and "take a picture" [See also: Catch my breath without admitting to Jay that I was tired].
^See SF way back there? 

At the end of a lot of huffing, puffing and pedaling - we made it all the way to Tiburon. Proud. Oh so proud. And low-key hyperventilating. But only "low-key" so we were chill.
^In Tiburon with SF photobombing over my left shoulder.
^Collapsed against the grass to sweat it off. I also like how I took the time to put my blog title on this picture as if anyone in the history of time is going to try and steal this POS.
^Celebratory dinner at Sam's Anchor Cafe. I got the Moroccan Chicken w/ couscous and Jay ate the Tuna Salad Sandwich with a cup of chowda'. The best part about it was that I was able to order a European Spritz!

With full bellies, happy hearts, tired legs and ravished hair, we boarded the Ferry from Tiburon back to SF proper. And it was a very enjoyable way to commute.
^You can't see his mouth. However, it is so obvious that that boy is smiling.
^Is this real life?
As I finished-up taking some snaps on the ferry, I quickly put my camera away and went to take in that view above while in Jay's embrace. We murmured back and forth about the move down here and how good it has been. How beautiful this place was. And how lucky we were to be sharing it. And that moment after that day of endorphin-filled adventure, was all the gifts I would need for Valentine's Day. 

The following Saturday, we purchased our very own bikes. 
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Andrea Nine said...

Cutest biking duo ever! Your pictures should be in a magazine! And I just realized both our men are named Jay!! And I did not get anything for Valentine's Day either but we also had a special date day and it's these memories that were going to cherish way more than chocolate putting on the pounds are a piece of jewelry they get stowed in a jewelry box.

Marie said...

Wow beautiful pictures! What a fun thing to do together!

Pat Hatt said...

Those are awesome pictures. Neat how the fog rolls in like that. Better valentines then stuff you are never going to use indeed. A teddy bear is cute I suppose, but then what? Chew toy for the pup? lol I used to like to bike, then I got a car.

Ashley Lillis said...

That was seriously one of the most fun things that we did in San Francisco when we were there a couple of years ago, and y'all had the most perfect day for a bike ride! I have to admit that we did the guided tour because both of us are pretty directionally challenged, but I wish that we had the time to make it all the way Tiburon because it looks so gorgeous! And yes, totally agree with you that Sausalito would be the perfect burb to move to in San Fran! It's so gorgeous!

The Siberian American said...

That photo of Karl rolling in is STUNNING! Sausalito is seriously one of my favorite places in the area. It's so charming.

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

You got magnificent weather! Wow...I'd say this was a fantastic way to spend Valentine' many beautiful things to see in that city you live in and surrounding area.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

This is amazing. It's gorgeous, and sounds like the perfect way to spend V-Day. We talked about renting bikes in Seattle, and never did. This makes me want to get out more when we visit Michael's parents even more! No more sitting around in their house doing nothing!

julie @ said...

What an epic day with amazing photos to boot...! I'm always for adventure over material goods... Memories last forever, and ever ever...! That chicken cous cous looks so damn good!

Jax said...

What a unique and gorgeous way to celebrate vday! I laughed at Karl the fog. It really was creeping in there wasn't it? Hahaha

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

this is so awesome! first, one should always engage in chandler bing speak because why not. we did a bike tour in versailles and love love loved it. i would love (love love) to do one in san fran if we ever make it out there, i've read a few blog posts where people have done one. not sure if i could do it myself though, i'd be a bit nervous and would maybe possibly do a group tour. i don't know. but seriously, love this. what a fabulous way to spend any day, not just v-day.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I love the idea of gifting experiences! These pictures are gorgeous... sounds like you two had an awesome time!