Friday, February 26, 2016


^Cute Seagull I saw down at the Ferry Building

Whew, boy. TGImfF, amirite? This work week was like a sneaker wave of craziness. Monday was business as usual and I sipped my tea and and plugged away at work at my desk with Spotify ringing in my ears and a content smile plastered across my unknowing face. All was right in my world. But then, Tuesday came. And it was one issue after another. And deadlines. And emails. And racing between floors at work. And meetings. And staying late. And working late into the evening at my home. And just a whole lotta exhausting work. I am (and was) supremely exhausted.

Or am I?

No question that the stride this week has picked-up. And no one could deny that there were numerous fires to put out and I was up from my desk a lot more than usual. But, on retrospect, I realize that I actually feel better this week. With a faster pace, I buckled down and focused with no time to snack or move at a glacial pace when I made my way downstairs for lunch. I was always on the go, only making times for things I had to do and little for much else and had some spectacular work 'wins'. And the fact that I actually feel better this week (mentally, physically) than I do on slower work days made me realize how much we perhaps undersell the notion of being 'busy' at the office. Not saying that I want to be overly stressed all the time in my day-to-day but it's actually kind of awesome to have a chance to showcase your strengths under pressure. 

 After all, the weekend looks a heck of a lot sweeter when it's wholly earned.

Happy Weekending All!
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I always feel that way after a busy week - like I slid through it and everything is intact and in fact awesome and it feels pretty damn good.

Ashley Lillis said...

Even though it's exhausting to be busy during the week, I definitely feel you on the actually feel like you accomplish more when you're busy rather than the typical day to day. And it definitely makes the weekends that much more worth it! I hope you enjoy your weekend that was well earned!

Pat Hatt said...

Oh, I'd rather be busy any day of the week at work. Goes by way faster. Sitting there twiddling my thumbs bores me to death.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

So true! The work day (and week!) go by faster for me when I'm crazy busy. I may complain, but it's true! Also that seagull is adorable. I have this weird thing about birds, I love them...even if they're super irritating like seagulls can be. Hahaha.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

This week was definitely rough with a capital woof! Isn't it funny how Mondays usually aren't so bad, it's Tuesday that likes to slap us in the face? Happy Friday gurlie, enjoy every second of your well deserved weekend <3
Green Fashionista

naghmeh said...

woah ok yeah you definitely deserve the weekend! but yeah I actually don't mind crazy work days as much as they stress me out they make the week go by fast aaand you feel like you've always got lots of energy :)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i totally agree. i think to myself that i like lazy, slow days, but i go home all tired and lethargic.. but a busy day or week when i am run off my feet and acting like a crazy person, i somehow have more energy or feel great at the end of the day. it makes me feel good to be good at what i do and get shit done lol