Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 Reasons I Blog ♥

There's things you will often find me doing. Things such as snapping pictures all the livelong day, having kiss sessions with my puppy, tweezing errant hairs while I watch TV and initiating conversations with people in the elevator about the weather even though I'm also simultaneously telling myself inside my head to "Stop. Just stop. Stahhhhhhhp." But there's one thing you generally won't hear me doing, and that's talking about my blog. Outloud. To actual people (are you crazy?!?). Because that's just not how I've rolled with this thing for better or worse. And while I AM trying to be better about that - linking it to my Instagram was a big deal to me!- I'm also someone who understands wholly and fervently why I like to blog and the benefit that it does bring to my life. And I'm just entirely grateful that I do know that, otherwise I would have wasted a sh*t tonnnnn of time with no redeeming value to show for it:

>>> Because I like to document my life <<<
There's no viable way that I would have remembered half the things I have done had I not put 'pen' to 'paper' and encapsulated the little day to day nuances that speak to where I was in any given season. And blogging enables me to not only have images of it but also my thoughts at the time. People love to make the argument that technology keeps us from engaging in the moment (and, don't get me wrong, I believe it's a solid argument). But on the uptick of that, I think that it benefits you in its ability to help you remember who you were. Do you think I would remember how I felt when 1 guy thought I was hot & 1 guy did not all in 3 seconds unless I had made note of it? Or would I have recalled so many specific details of my treasured morning walks with Chandler in downtown Portland had I not taken the time to score them on this platform? I love that aspect of blogging above all others.

>>> Because I'm more creative than my career acknowledges <<<
Shunting my creativity here after hours gives me a little bit of life that I don't get from 9-5. After a day of financial analytics and numbers, it's quite nice to come on here and  declare: "This is what I had for dinner yesterday!". Whether or not anyone else gives a flying **** about what I ate is another story, but the posting of images and words gives me a little smidgeon of easy joy after a long day. And where else does one create packing collages of their Paris outfits or discuss and display the trivial items that get you through your desk life?

>>> Because it's women supporting women <<<
Wording that like that immediately puts Louis CK in my ears in his classic valley girl voice. But this is the place to be if you are looking for some positive female interaction that, more often than not, manages to dig a little deeper than a lot of conversations I have with real-life acquaintances. People come on here to spill their heart, their musings, their failures, their hopes, their personality ... and along the way, you find some pretty cool chicks from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, to interact with (and cool dudes, like Pat!).

What's your favorite thing about blogging?
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lombard Street | SF, CA

^Saturday, 3/19/16

In a slow and steady manner, Jay and I are trying to make it to all of San Francisco's famed tourist attractions. This, of course, will take a long time seeing how there's about 50 million of them buuuttttt the long-term goal is fun in itself. For instance, we are waiting for a cold and blustery day to do Alcatraz (seems approps) and we'll stand in line to ride on the trolley when the people are at low tide (because that is where all the tourists congregate, all the livelong day). We'll get to 'em all eventually. But I was happy to cross one off our list this last Saturday by scaling Lombard Street aka "the most crooked street in the world".

Ideally, I would imagine most people anticipate visiting the street in their car and winding down it. But on the weekends, we are but simple walking folk and really only take our car to get OUT of town, not through town. So we decided to leash up Chandler and have a family date by walking the 2.4 miles there (and back!) and using the many steep hills in the process as a Saturday workout. 
^This is my new favorite picture.
^Starting the descent down Lombard Street and looking at the hilly masterpiece that is San Francisco.
Chandler's hilarious, exhausted face was the end result of the hills bathed in sunlight. In fact, outside of the time when Jay and I were smiling for the camera, I'm sure we likely looked just like that - tongues out and all. Elevation + heat, oh my! 
^Started from the top and now we here (here being the bottom)
^Look at that famous crooked street behind us (though I think it could also be called the "World's Most Inefficient Street", amirite?)

It was actually really funny walking down the street adjacent to the cars who make their descent as slow as possible after waiting in a huge line for quite a chunk of time in order to use the road. Every single vehicle had every single window open and all we could see were lone hands jutting out from it with iPhones shooting videos and pictures of the whole experience. Everyone inside the cars was filled with elated joy. And while I watched all of that play out at the same time that I basked in our weekend date of a long walk together to see something cool, I realized that it often is the journey and not the destination that resonates. Aaaaawwwww, how horribly cheesy and cliché. 

But I stand by that thought. And on that note, I'm out. :)

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Greetings from LA

Well, hello there! I tell you, what a couple weeks it has been. Two weekends ago, I left work on Friday and immediately grabbed a flight to Portland to spend a short weekend in my hometown to ring in my nephew's first year of life. Upon my return a few days later, I unexpectedly had to head to Los Angeles in the middle of last week for work. And though I landed back in San Francisco on Friday night, I am now back in LA as I type this on Sunday. Work & life be crazy, y'all! Crazy. But that's okay, sometimes some chaos like this ends up being nice when you reflect at the end of it. Breaks up the monotony a bit, I suppose? And as I'm typing this on Sunday night from my hotel, I'm currently sipping some tea and watching A&E in blissful solitude, so needless to say it's not half-bad (though missing my dog is basically now a defining characteristic unless I'm in his presence). However, here's some snippets of my Sunday (aka yesterday):
^Sipping a Moulin Rouge cocktail at Bottega Louie in downtown LA
^Hello there everyone. Just checked into my hotel and waiting to shower off my travel. Which (admittedly) is only a 55-minute flight. However, it's been like my 10th flight in 4 days.
^I can always appreciate the aesthetics of a gorgeous bar. Isn't it amazing how much depth a mirror behind the drinks adds?  I only notice when I see one without one.

^Hotel room view this week. Different from last week.

Anyways, I look forward to being more present online this week. It will be a busy one for me but not as disorienting as last week.

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SoCal SoBusy

Despite the fact that I pretty much zombied through Monday as if there had been a tranquilizer dart stuck in my thigh that I didn't see, I must admit that Daylight Saving Times has its perks. Those come in the form of having more than one hour after work with sunlight flooding into my place and a happy dog who gets to romp in a field and catch balls a little longer. Speaking of zombies, you definitely feel like you're turning into one when you go to work in the dark and leave in the dark. So yes, DST does have a way of putting a little pep in your step, I must admit. 

In other news, the career has been a busy one and I actually am en route to Los Angeles at the last minute for work for a few days. So the carnage and point of all this is that the blog shall suffer this week, but I'll be back Monday.

In the meantime, I'll try to snap a few Los Angeles things on the 'gram [@caitielady08 here].

Have a great rest of your week, a safe Saint Patrick's Day and a fabulous weekend!
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Little Things Lately ...

Soaking-In ... Sun-Saturated rooftop bars as much as we possibly can.

Watching ... "The Bachelor" on demand and happy to see Lauren B. reppin' my hometown so well! Portland is usually only highlighted as a place for weirdos, which bugs the ever-living s&*@ outta me.

Waiting ... to give Chandler the okay to start eating. As we tell him repeatedly: We eat dinner as a family. So he will stand near his food (as seen in background of pic, which is the main reason I took it), wait for us to get situated, declare "Okay Chandler, eat!" and then we will all start satiating away. Unless we tell him it's okay to eat, he will not touch his food. Ughhhhh, he's cute.

Loving ... new spaces, new faces and all the people I know now since moving here.

 Obsessing ... over my loves as they cuddle together on a soggy Sunday (Chandler was fast asleep until he heard me take my phone out, dangit). But they are my favorite beings, who remind me forever that I am home.

Crunching ... on belVita breakfast biscuits. In no way is this even a remotely sponsored comment, those thing are just insannnneellllyyyyy good.

Relishing ... in San Francisco's many, many, many happy hours. So many spots, so many eats.

Flying ... home tonight!!! Super excited to spend a short Friday-Sunday in Portland.

 Happiest Weekend!
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Sunday Duds

Jay was super excited on Sunday because I wore some color. Which made me laugh. I don't know that going from all black, which he never shuts up about, to neutral earth tones is much cause for celebration but I'll take it. 
Sundays are such a different day than any other. I don't wake up with the euphoria that I have on a Saturday morning yet I'm not as indifferent as I am Monday-Friday. Sunday is a free day, no doubt, but it's also a day to get your life in order and I adhere to that. It's the day we grocery shop and cook (Usually I make our lunches and Jay does all the dinners. On this Sunday, I asked Jay if he wouldn't mind handling all. I kinda wanted a break). We also tackle laundry, pick out our outfits for the week and run errant errands (those words look so wrong together). I need clothes that can keep up with the fast pace and generally I look to yoga pants + a sweatshirt to get the job done. But seeing how I had freed myself from the duty of cooking, I decided to dress in something a bit more cohesive for my morning hair appointment so I could do some shopping on the way back home. And it was breezy, airy and perfect for all of that (including, yup, these shoes!).

What are your errand clothes?
Genuinely curious, fill me in!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Grilled Chicken & Veggies Mediterranean Salad

I think veggies are the "bee's knees". And while I don't know what that statement actually means or where it derives from, I do know that I have always, always, always loved my veggies. My parents never had to beg me to eat them. I never put up a fight when told to eat my peas (my favorite). Veggies are near and dear to my heart palate. So that's why I love making and eating this for work lunches. Especially because it requires basically zero instruction.

Grilled Chicken & Veggies Mediterranean Salad
^Isn't it just gorgeous?

Now, on to assembling this insanely easy salad: 

Grilled Chicken & Veggies Mediterranean Salad
Mix together pepperoncini, sliced cucumber, diced cherry tomatoes, crunchy chopped celery, shredded green, cut red onion, kalamata olives & grilled chicken (grill your red onions  too if you want extra, extra flavor). Pack for work over a bed of spinach and with a side of Greek vinaigrette. Top with feta crumbles. Dress at the office. Then eat, savor, enjoy - and be so happy and proud that you took the time to pack your own healthy, amazing lunch.

Happy Eating!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I've said it before and I'll say it again: San Francisco does not mess around when it comes to its Mexican food. It is legit. And while the main heroes of the city are the hole-in-the-wall burrito joints (which we frequent and one of these days, I must post on them), every Mexican restaurant we've visited has also been out of this world. And Tacolicious in The Marina District is no exception.
Yes, just down the street from the other eatery, Bonita, that I profiled here, stands Tacolicious. An inventive haunt which serves scrumptious, locally-sourced food that they remind you, is best eaten with your hands (seriously, those words bark at you on the ceiling above the bar: "Fingers not Forks"). With Jay's strong love for Mexican street tacos (him eating one would give Meg Ryan a run for her money in her famous "When Harry Met Sally" scene), we figured we'd give it a go amidst our weekend errands a bit ago.
^They only serve Coronas that are the size of 40s. And because I was a college student many moons ago, that only reminded me that we all used to start weekend nights by taping those to our hands to play a spirited "game" of Edward 40hands. Therefore, I opted for a Pacifico in a respectable serving size (alongside a lemon water).
^Jay went with his IPA and we sipped our orders alongside homemade chips and salsa. Hamada-hamada.
^Jay got the Carnitas Taco while I went with The Marina Girl Salad, described above + shrimp.
^I had a bite of his taco (of course) and it was every bit as flavorful and amazing as it looks above.
^In heaven, please tell me there is grilled shrimp. Please.

So the San Francisco food tour continues and we have yet to find a place that didn't fit in with the city's delectable eating vibe. What a fun quest to embark upon.


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