Monday, April 4, 2016

City Girl Moves

Welcome back! 

I'm certainly talking to myself there seeing how I opted to not blog last week. But really, with the work days moving at lightening speed and my ability to stare at my computer for even one moment longer than I had to totally diminished- I was fried. So I decided to hold my head in shame and admit that this wasn't going to be the week where I balanced it all. Something had to be cut. And seeing how my job actually pays for my life and my blog does not, I figured it would be somewhat wise to eliminate this component vs. the other.

But last week was a crazy week. Good. Just crazy. Actually the last few weeks have been that with business trips and a general increase in workload. But one of the reasons last week stood out was because my office was having a big event on Thursday that we all had to prepare for on top of everything else. And as I thought about how much I've been working lately and the magnitude of the Thursday event, a light bulb appeared above my head and I decided to be the true city girl I am and get a blowout before coming into work that day (I asked if they have some sort of business woman special. You know how some places have like a lunch special? For business women). And I was happy about that plan from the moment I booked my appointment all the way til last night when I finally washed my own hair after a few days of blowout bliss.
^Left my place about 6:50 AM, coffee in tow, to walk to DryBar - Pacific Heights for my 7 AM appt.
^7:45 AM with tousled, soft hair upon my departure. Then it was a quick visit to my house where I changed into my work outfit and popped out the door again to head to the office.
^I almost hate getting my hair done by stylists. It's so smooth and you leave wondering why you can't just do that to your own hair.
^My work outfit on Thursday. The more I age, the more I feel at home in a conservative pencil skirt.
^Enjoying a glass of wine at our downtown SF office with my colleagues Thursday evening. I took Friday off because we had a friend in town and after weeks of crazy work and a long, accomplished week behind me - this wine over fun conversations with work friends was a very nice moment.

I'm really trying to focus more on my presentation at the office. While I have always cared about how I look to my colleagues and clients, the increase in responsibility and the culture of working a downtown financial job in one of the country's biggest cities warrants a reevaluation of self. It's a great opportunity to step up my game and dress for the job I want. So I've been trying to throw some money at new pieces that make me look the part of a career woman in her 30s. And over the course of the next month or so, I plan to get my wardrobe in order with respect to that. And getting a blowout to prep myself for my huge day of networking was a smart little way to begin. FYI: Trying to look nice at work is, of course, Plan B. Plan A is winning Powerball, wearing sweats everywhere and just flipping people off if I feel like it. But until that day, Plan B's a go.

Hope your Monday is going well!
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Your work game is on point!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Just Jess said...

I understand the priority game as well. I love the idea of a blowout before work one day. I still struggle with the presentation at work issue.
Jess at Just Jess

Emily @ Beauty Blether said...

I feel you lady - work and other aspects of life just get in the way sometimes and I regularly see my blogging get pushed to the side. Then it'll be like a week or two and I'll realize I haven't posted! lol Your blow out looked fantastic! xx

Ashley Lillis said...

I totally feel you! I felt like I dropped off the face of the planet last week with my work conference, but thankfully work wasn't too crazy. I love that you treated yourself to a blowout before your big work event! There really isn't anything like getting your hair done to make yourself feel instantly more put together. Hope this week is a lot less crazy than last week!

The Siberian American said...

Your blowout for your work event was stunning! Sounds like you are rocking the work life! :)

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

I just got at blow out yesterday and love how silky smooth my hair is! Not looking forward to washing it. Your hair and work appearance is fabulous!

Pat Hatt said...

haha damn having to put time into that paying job and not the blog. I like your plan a, but yeah, think you're stuck with plan b.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Welcome back! Love all things Drybar, your blowout came out fabulous <3
Green Fashionista

Nadine said...

Such pretty hair!!! I am with you on trying to find good work pieces. While my office is very very casual, I still like to dress up a little and stay professional.

Sarah said...

Man I love Drybar. Everything there smells SO fabulous.

julie @ said...

You're back!! Yay!! :) There's nothing like looking good for a work event...! And yes to pencil skirts! Although now that I'm working in Sing, my professional work attire has gone a bit too casual. Oh well! You look fab, girl!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

good luck with plan a!! and plan b of course. but i totally get what you mean. i am not fancy or anything but i definitely have less slobby days than i did when i was like 21-25 where id' rock up with my hair in a bun that i'd slept in and no makeup and ratty clothes.. not cute. your hair looks fabulous, but i totally know what you mean about almost hating your hair when stylists do it. like i watch my friend do my hair - and her own - but i cannot replicate it. rude. welcome back!