Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happenings | A weekend rewind

For once in my life, this week and weekend didn't feel like it just blew past me. We had a great and quiet one over in my neck of the woods and I loved the simplicity of it all after weeks of craziness. Here's some little snippets and shoutouts via my iPhone:
1) I was elated to walk into work on Friday morning and find out that I won our company's ground-level seats for that night's Giants game. Our plans had gone from "watch a movie" to AT&T park right behind home plate and I wasn't complaining. 
2) It was hot in SF last Wednesday, super hot. Unfortunately, I spent all of it sitting in a conference room overlooking the Bay Bridge where I got to stare at surfers, boaters and revelers all the livelong day as I did my work. I made up for it after hours with a little set-up on our patio with 4 of my fave things: White wine, a bomb blanket, some good reads and the cutest puppy ever. So cute in fact, that this photo is twice on this post and even on my Instagram. #ThatFace 
3) As we watched 2 movies on Saturday night (see #7), we had our favorite elixir of life delivered, Pho. We order this quite regularly for delivery and each time we do, it's a battle for the pho bowl. We really only have one that is conducive to the volume and splashiness of pho and Jay ALWAYS takes it. So this time, my meal was presented to me in a huge, huge mixing bowl that I could barely hold. Just call me Winifred Sanderson. Like... Jay. You should have mentioned when you proposed that you were gonna subject me to a lifetime of not getting the pho bowl and handing me a utilitarian item instead, you sick SOB. 
4) Chandler again on the patio on Wednesday night. But whereas the first one shows what he does when I say his name so he looks up for the pic, this was him just in his environment; laying, chilling, being a little homey.

5) With a friend in town the weekend before last, we basically spent the time eating our faces off all over town. So we wanted something a little more low-key this rainy weekend. Therefore, we opted to head west out of the city and soak in the beautiful rainy beach. The Oregon Coast is my favorite place ever (example here and here) and I really miss it. But these NorCal foggy, drizzly beaches did me just fine in the interim. 
6) My Sunday food prep. Wasn't too exciting but I cleared out our fridge/freezer on Sunday morning and took inventory of what we had and we planned our meals around that. Therefore, I whipped up a bunch of smoothies from frozen fruit and made turkey sandwiches for lunches using good bread I had frozen. Jay made a delicious veggie/meat crock pot meal using tons of freezer items as well. Our freezer now has way more room and our grocery bill this week was super low. Win-win. 
7) We wanted to watch two movies this weekend, "The Martian" & "Brooklyn". Since we ended-up going to the baseball game on Friday, we watched them both on Saturday after we got back from the coast. "The Martian" was smart, witty and a joy to watch, I really liked it. "Brooklyn", however, I loved. Even Jay was delighted as the scenes rolled out. I highly recommend. I also loved snuggling in on the couch on a Saturday night with Jay and Chandler and having a movie marathon. We don't do that too much on the weekends. 
8) Loved rocking my new Ann Taylor blouse and Zara skirt alongside a sea green necklace I got in Italy while shopping with my Italian cousin in Verona. Fun to wear memories on work days. A good reminder to keep at it. 
9) Oh it rained and poured on us on Friday night at the game but who cares? The seats were great, the Giants won and we were there compliments of my office. What a fun date night with my handsome.

On a random note, Chandler always responds [see also: barks] when you say "hi!" or "hello!" because he thinks it means someone is here. Therefore, I sent my brother, Conor, this video on Sunday because he always thinks it's so funny when he does that. 
And that about wraps-up my mundane but blissful week[end].

I hope yours was spectacular!
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Chandler !!! I love the video.

Weekends in are good for the soul. I legitimately laughed at the pho bowl saga.

Brooklyn is on my list because I'm not planning on reading the book.

Pat Hatt said...

haha he just wants to greet everyone too. Nothing wrong with a movie night. Still haven't watched The Martian, first I've heard of brooklyn too. Winning the seats must have been a fun perk indeed.

BLovedBoston said...

I really loved the martian - it was such a great movie!! So glad you had a fabulous and restful weekend! xo, Biana

Samantha said...

Ohh yay! Thanks for the movie recommendations! I haven't seen either but now will watch. Xxooo

Ashley Lillis said...

Seriously Chandler is the cutest on that blanket! I think that Dart has seriously gotten tired of me taking his picture, and absolutely refuses to look at the camera anymore when I'm trying to take get a picture of him. I'm calling it his teenager syndrome lol! That's so awesome that you won tickets to the opening night for the Giants! Even though it rained, it looks like y'all still had a blast!

Andrea Nine said...

Sometimes, you just need weekends like this to rest and recharge! And Friday night Behind home plate, sounds like a blast! Here's to a fabulous week ahead

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Nice seats you got there!! I love when my company gives away fun things like that. Cute outfit in #8.

Nadine said...

Awwwww your doggie is so cute!!!! Congrats on winning those tickets, how fun!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I read The Martian but I haven't gotten the chance to see the movie yet. I need to do that! Hope you have a great week!

Nadine said...

Oh, and you were cracking me up with your Pho bowl!!!

Kay R. said...

How cute is Chandler! And yay for good seats!

Brittany said...

Jackpot for winning the Giants tickets! That's a total weekend win. I still haven't seen The Martian or Brooklyn somehow - I think they were the two Oscar-nominated movies we missed. You're making me itch to see Brooklyn, though! Love that blanket so much.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

How adorable is Chandler! LOVE that you won tickets to the baseball game, so much fun :-D
Green Fashionista

The Lilac Press said...

This seriously sounds like the best weekend ever!! Your puppy is THE cutest and a movie night in sounds like a dream! I loved watching The Martian, but I haven't seen Brooklyn yet. So happy to read your glowing reviews :)

Sarah said...

I just saw the preview for Brooklyn and thought it looked really good, we will have to add it to our list!

The Siberian American said...

That video of Chandler is so cute! How funny he barks everytime you say hi, hello! Your Giants game tickets sound amazing!