Tuesday, May 3, 2016


What dafaq does "Candyfloss & Persie" mean?
Well, I wrote that story out here. However, to make a long (and boring) story short - "Candyfloss" I thought was pretty cool once I heard Baby Spice declare it as her favorite word. I had no idea it meant cotton candy, I just thought it was pretty cute and made me feel cool to like something a Spice Girl liked. "Persie" was the name of this gorgeous little cat statue I had growing-up. I used to pretend that he was a royal cat from Persia thus named Persie. And PS- it's pronounced 'Purrr-sheee' (not that it matters since it's a made-up name). Anyway, when I started the blog I figured the part of me that wanted to pen ideas on here was the same part of me that liked imagination. Candyfloss & Persie is a nod to that as they both represent a time when my mind drifted into la-la-land.

Where did you and Jay meet?
We met in college when we both attended Harvard Law School the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!). Though we never were romantically linked in college, just in the same friend circle. Years later we were tired of exerting real effort at getting to know new people and thought - meh, want to date each other? :) And the rest is history! We've been together a very long time now but married in Sept. 2014.

Is his name really 'Jay'? Is your name 'Caitlin'?
Yes, that is my real name. But no - that is not his. But I just figured with the frequency in which I talk about him, I'd reduce the Google search results bringing people looking at him professionally here. They can get to know him organically first and then later read my juicy musings about his life - such as the fact that he drinks coffee without creamer. Oooo, saucy!

What is your job and where do you work? What is Jay's job?
I like to keep that broad but it's in the commercial insurance/financial field and my office is in downtown San Francisco. Jay works in PR - a field very welcoming to its employees having blogs, mind you!

How old are you?
31-years-old. I will not lie about my age because if I say I'm 28, you're gonna think "man, she looks like sh*t for 28..." whereas if I'm honest, those wrinkles will make sense and you'll judge them less. See? I'm a smart cookie. No wonder I went to Harvard.

Why don't you have kids yet?
Because I wanted to live my life a bit first, MOM. Maybe I should get on that though because being DINKs in your thirties just gets better and better and soon, it'll be harder to pull away from this life. But yes, actually experiencing life as a childless human was important to me and I think I'll bring more to the table as a parent now that I've done that.

How long have you had Chandler?
Since he was a wee puppy (story here). He came from the Oregon Humane Society so we didn't know what he was. We did a DNA test and Jay was NOT the father, but apparently a Jack Russell Terrier or Labrador Retriever was. He's pretty much my favorite thing and I love him more than I can explain. 

Why do you waste so much time blogging?
All the better to entertain bore you with, my dear. No but for real, I like writing, I love taking pictures and I am adamant about record-keeping. This feeds all of those desires.

What is your pet peeve?
Wall decals in people's houses that state "DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING" above the bed. There are no words. Girl, bye.

Why do you wear such bright lipstick all the time?
Because I was raised by clowns. And because the world can always use more color.

What is your lineage?
My Dad is Irish and my mom is Italian. However, the cultural part on my mom's side is stereotypically strong and we grew-up learning Italian traditions and foods, etc. Plus, I still have a lot of relatives actually in Italy who I've met and we keep in touch with. So that side of my background feels stronger than the other.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I have a scar on my leg that is in the shape of Australia. It's way tight. Though people often get confused and think it's the UK. (Get it?????).

What is something most people don't know about you?
I research random things and watch documentaries all of the time. Good chance I will forget my keys nine out of ten places I go but I can tell you exactly what happened at Jonestown, or the day that Harvey Milk was assassinated, or the similarities between North Korea and the Eastern side of the Berlin Wall OR the main rules for dogs aboard the Titanic. 

And that's just a little about me!
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Elle Sees said...

i loved this faq!!! fellow italian girl here, ciao ciao! i cannot believe y'all got married in 2014--it doesn't seem that long ago, and then it seems like y'all have been married forever since he's been a part of your life for so long!

Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder said...

First off, GIRL YOU ARE LOOKING FIERCE IN THAT PHOTO! I am loving all the vibes of it! Second, I love the word candyfloss and think the Brits name for cotton candy is so much more appealing than ours. We should start a revolution to start using it. Third, those wall decals NOPE. It makes me think of the "suburban mom" memes and they always belong in houses of women named Carol and Joy.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Major LOLz about dance like no one is watching. Can we flush that and live laugh love down the toilets of the world everywhere?

Ashley Lillis said...

Loved getting to know you a little bit better! The world could always use a little more color, and what better way than with a fun lipstick (or fun nail color!)! The DINK lifestyle is very very awesome! My husband is definitely wanting to start having kids soon, but I love the fact that we have all the monies and can travel as much as we want! A puppy is enough for me right now!

Emily @ Beauty Blether said...

Love this! And literally laughed out loud at the pet peeve because it is one of my biggest ones - I CAN'T STAND that sh*t haha ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

bahahaha i want to see this scar.
i remember when i first found your blog and i got so excited thinking you might be australian or english because of the cotton candy/candyfloss / fairy floss (why are there so many names for a sugar cloud thing?).
i don't like wall decals at all.
and yes to experiencing life as a childless human. but i feel lost and like i don't even know who jay is now i know it's not his real name! i get asked a lot what KC's name really is and I'm like..... KC. lol.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I love this. I've wondered what your blog name was all about but just forgot to ask. ha! Umm, I love that you said Jay is not the father and OMG those wall decals...YES. If you must have cute little phrases, at least have them in a framed print. And I'm super intrigued by your scar now.

Nadine said...

I learned about what candyfloss is while reading The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty. She is an Australian author :) I laughed so hard at your comment about the wall decals. That is too freaking hilarious. Girl, bye.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

LOVE this post! I don't use my husband's real name on the blog either, and yesssss to the whole living life thing first before having children. I can't tell you how thankful I am for the 6 years we've been married and having fun with friends, going out on a whim, and traveling all the while building a stronger marriage before bringing children into it.

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

BAHAHA It's always fun getting to know more tidbits about the blogger... Reading someone's blog, you think, yeah! I know them and then you realize, well, actually, not reeeallly..! Gurl, I'm always dancing like no one is watching - I just don't need a decal to tell me that over my bed..!

Samantha said...

OMFG. Those over the bed wall decals are so GAG. I hate it! "She designed the life she dreamed." "And they lived happily ever after." Fucking awful. It has basic bitch written all over itself.

I want "Cross: A thing they nail people to." over my bed. You know, from Bill Murray's Scrooged? I always wanted that in my law office. It's so damn good!!

Pat Hatt said...

lmao that is a good reason to start dating, new people are a pain in the butt. Jay is not the father of Chandler? I never would have guessed. Blogging can sure be a time suck, but a fun one indeed.

Andrea Nine said...

Absolutely loved getting to know more about you and I always smile when I read your posts because you're so funny, so real and put such a cute spin on things! We are huge ducks fans! We are Notre Dame country through and through but our second favorite team is the Ducks!!

BLovedBoston said...

I love your answer to why you wear bright lipstick - totally made me laugh! Actually all your answers made me laugh like crossing harvard out and putting your school in there!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

Good to know about your blog name. I was wondering and trying to figure it out at one point. Very creative I must say! So funny about the scar on your leg.

Jax said...

Idk if my original comment went through, so don't get mad when I post twice. Lol

Lmao at the lip stick story! High school or college friends reconnecting and Falling in love always make me swoon. I wish I knew about things like PR and journalism years ago.

That was the comment in a nut shell. Haha!