Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I'm a creature of habit and repetition suits me just fine.
If I love a meal, I could eat it every day, no problem.
If I like a song, I'll listen to it on repeat. 
And if I find a place I love, I'll spend more time there than Bill Murray does in Puxatawney, PA. 

And boy did we find a place we love in Marengo on Union.

This fantastic eatery is located in the Cow Hollow neighborhood in SF. A place that I had no idea existed until we came down here but that I've come to find is nestled between the vertical sidewalks of Pacific Heights and the windy streets of the Marina. Union Street serves as the backbone of the neighborhood and enchants us always with its enormity of shops, bars, restaurants, coffee houses, theaters and gyms. Parading the streets in a leisurely fashion is an utter delight and cements my reasoning to continue living in claustrophobic spaces in a big city. This life is what I love. Carless, vibrant, enticing and artistic. Yo ho, yo ho, a city life for me.

Last Fall, on a date night out wandering on Union, we came upon Marengo and were drawn in by its swanky interiors and gorgeous glass ceiling, illuminating the entire restaurant with the symphony of the moon. Since that moment, we've been back again and again (took Jordan to visit it here, enjoyed brunch at it in upper left pic here, etc.) and we'll be back many more times in the future. 

But let me show you what it looked like last Saturday.
^Passed these to get to it. How sweet and pretty.

Saturday morning started with the usual cast of characters: Steaming hot coffee, morning TV, relaxed yawns and puppy snuggles. We had a slow start to our day which felt spectacular and we were able to get ourselves mostly together by the time that Jay's brother, Logan, arrived at our place to hang out. In an effort to not have an overly packed agenda and enjoy a casual Saturday, we decided to just head to Cow Hollow (a hop away from us), meander and, at some point, eat a long weekend lunch at Marengo. And we did just that.
^Starting the day! Me, my BIL, Jay. It's always fun hanging out with him - especially when it involves eating. The 3 of us ate at KONG in Paris on my blog here.

We had originally planned to putz around a bit BEFORE we started eating but soon nixed that and decided to go right for the mothership first, then wander. So we couldn't scurry up the stairs fast enough into the restaurant to begin this weekend treat.
^If I had one tip for this beloved place, it would be to change the sign. I just don't think it does justice to the vibrancy of the interiors.
^Scoping the scene out at the bar in the back.
^Seated in the restaurant and ready to eat.
^Marengo is known for their sliders and from what you can see on the menu, I think you can take an educated guess as to why.
^Tableside pretties
^We started with tots & queso for the table. I was on a diet but then Bran from "Game of Thrones" warged into me and ordered and ate these as himself in my body- there was nothing I could do. D*mnit Bran, that's two really crappy things you did this week.
^Bam! I got the Crispy Chick Salad (bottom) and it was to die for. Logan ordered the Jerk Chicken Salad (above) and loved it as well. Posted this on my Instagram.
^How stunningly gorgeous is this?
^These are the kind of amazing pictures you get when you ask your husband to photograph you while he's mid bite and couldn't care less about helping you take a nice photo for your blog. 
^Speaking of Jay, he ordered sliders and let's pretend that I DIDN'T accidentally erase the good pictures I got of his food. Ugh. Anyway, he was muttering to himself and praising God with every bite so I'm sure that means they were utterly to die for.

After a lot of eating, moaning, clutching our stomachs and paying the bill we went on our way through Cow Hollow. We looked at furniture, sipped some coffee and I stumbled on a sidewalk sale which made my life complete (see the hat? Post coming). But after a few hours of antiquing, boutiquing and clothes shopping, we found ourselves back near Marengo just in time for happy hour and in the spirit of deciding to basically move into this place, we thought it would be nice to pop back in for a celebratory weekend cheers.
^It's always popping in the back and generally standing room only.

After a little toast, we made our way back home to give the dog some deserved attention and watch a movie as day turned into night. One thing I was really excited for in moving down here was having a chance to spend more time with my bay area BIL and it really has been just as nice as I had hoped being around the two brothers. My own siblings are such a joy in my life that I knew it was important to spend lots of times with Jay's one and only sib. And it's all the better to enjoy each other's company in a space you loveMarengo repeatedly provides that.

Located in Cow Hollow on Union Street.

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

The food looks freaking amazing there. I don't blame you for going back again and again.

Ashley Lillis said...

That restaurant looks like so much fun and that it has a great ambiance! The salad you ordered looks fantastic, but I think that Jay's sliders look even more awesome! I definitely need to check out Cow Hollow next time we're in San Francisco!

Marie said...

Oh this restaurant looks fantastic. Your salad looks soo good.

Evelina said...

Everything looks soooo delicious! And I love your hat!
Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

Nadine said...

I love love love your Groundhogs Day reference! Love that movie so much! This place looks so amazing. Those food pictures!!! Drooling over here!

Pat Hatt said...

Wow, that sure looks like they go the extra mile there. Nothing wrong with pulling a Bill Murray and going back again and again. Just don't go taking any drives with any large rodents lol

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

This place looks amazing, I could so go for some tots and queso right now! Looks like it's in a great spot too, and I agree about the sign. Hopefully they revamp it soon to go with the awesomeness that this place is <3
Green Fashionista

Samantha said...

Omg. I love the Groundhog Day reference! As always, you look adorable in all these pics!!

Brittany said...

Love this. Gorgeous pictures, the Bran reference. Also, is that an IMP shirt I see? Amazing. You write so poetically, it feels like I'm there, too!