Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things I'm Kinda, Sorta, Totally Not Into

I love the idea of it. I really do. And I'm down with painting furniture and walls, etc. But when it comes to bedazzling shoes or glue-gunning beads on a blouse - am I that into something that takes twice as long to make and turns out half as good as the purchased product? Nah...

Couch / Dooney & Bourke Bags
Just not my style. I feel like they didn't get the memo that it's no longer early 2000s and we don't generally love items anymore that splash the brand's name in repeat pattern across the entire product (Maybe that's because I'm still bitter at all the free advertising I did for Gap as a walking billboard in 1999. My generation knew not what we did.).

Go ahead and take away some cool points from me. I deserve it. And yes, I do like some concerts. Some. But most of the time, I think they're boring. The charade is so tiresome. Waiting. Opening acts IDGAF about. Waiting more. Headliner- yes, finally! They play a bit then leave. Back to waiting for the encore, fighting crowds after, etc. Blah. I can think of a lot better ways to spend my nights.

Pizza for Dinner
This is not because I don't like pizza. But as my full dinner, it's just over so quickly! Like 5 bites and dinner is done! Where's the fun in that? 

Believing that people can't eat gluten all of a sudden
If you own that you're doing a gluten-free diet for whatever reason, sure. More power to you.  We all have a right to eat how we'd like. And if you're celiac, then of course- don't have gluten! But if you've eaten it your whole life and then two years ago suddenly became  "100% OMGINTOLERANT", I don't believe you. The only reason this bothers me is because people have gotten really rude about it. I can't tell you how many houses I've been to where the host kindly serves an amazing spread they clearly took forever on and were happy to share with guests. Then like clockwork, someone who ate pizza up until 4 months ago suddenly can't touch any of it and the host scrambles to come up with a stressful plan B all in the name of someone masquerading a food choice as a medical issue. Hurrumph. Manners over fake allergies.
Living your entire life around football season
I like to cheer on all "my" teams and curl up on the couch with some queso and chips to root for a win! But if something else amazing is going on at the time of the game now and again, I'm probably okay to skip the TV for real life. On the other hand, my husband missing a U of O game is not even an option. Can't a girl just go to an antiques fair with her husband in September anymoreeee?

People who use being blunt as an excuse to be just plain rude
If you tell me with sincerity that you think I'm in a bad relationship or that I'm being too harsh on a fellow friend, congrats- you are a blunt person and that is a cherished, noble quality. If you tell people that "they look weird" or that you're bored at their shindig or that you hate their permanent tattoo, you're rude. It's easy to be rude. There is a huge difference between the two.

Wall Decals
I just really can't imagine why anyone likes to put cheesy, huge stickers on their walls. No frames, no mats, just cheap looking text ... SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN (exception for kids because their rooms are always full of whimsy). Like, I can't explain how much I hate this.

Narrating videos that don't need narration
Okay, as I sat here on the couch and asked Jay for an idea of something that he knows bugs me, he immediately brought this one up. And he's SO right about that. Bear with me while I explain: Funny video or clip has been making its rounds on the interwebs. You search the video to watch it and see one that looks like it populate. You open said video and instead of the video you sought playing, you are face to face with some "host" explaining what the video is with accompanying stills without ever playing the video. Like, I don't need you to explain the video to me (also: Who are you?) ... just PLAY the video itself and I can figure it out. Does anyone know what I'm talking about!?!? Here's hoping...

Shirts that state things such as "DIVA" or "A LITTLE BIT SPOILED"
No explanation needed I hope.

My iPhone's storage
Every day I'm told I have to delete more data to make room. Every day. Every GD day.

What's something you're kinda, sorta, totally not into?

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

About a zillion things, especially at this time. DIY would totally make my list.

I am a blunt person who is not rude. There is a huge distinction.

PREACH ABOUT THE GLUTEN. If you have a disease, sure, don't eat it. But do not act like a turd at someone else's house because you are all of the sudden intolerant.

Ashley Lillis said...

Ugh I hate when people are just flat out rude! You can still be blunt and honest without making somebody feel bad. And I'll just pass on everything DIY too, especially if it involves yard work lol!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

So many things! I hate all bags that are just covered in logos. However, I think Coach bags that aren't the logo ones (like, just their leather handbags) are pretty. But Coach, DB, LV, Gucci (not that I could afford those last two, but if I could, I'd never buy one with logos all over it!!!) covering a bag with logos...ick.

Michael totally watches every single game, his team or not. There are rare times when he won't watch a game and I'm like HALLELUJAH. But then he doesn't understand when I watch TV or read in the other room. Umm, because I don't care about this game at all???

I also think concerts are overrated, and I don't understand why you would put up a decal of a quote! I'm fine with framed prints of quotes...but decals? What?

But you crossed the line on the t-shirt...I'm currently wearing one that says, "Spoiled little diva." Jk I wouldn't be caught dead in a shirt like that.

Unknown said...

Love this. I also hate people who behave in a really trashy and disgusting manner and justify their conduct by saying that they're "being artistic" and "expressing themselves" - like pretty much anything Miley Cyrus does. Express yourself through your music and quit sticking your tongue out and parading around with your boobs showing. It's enough already. And it's gross. I believe in expressing yourself through fashion but a lot of the time I think people just want to behave badly and then use the "artistic" thing as an excuse.

Nadine said...

Hahaha clearly you don't live in the southeast where people plan weddings, birthdays, baby showers and births and everything else in life around football season. And if you plan your wedding on a Saturday during a big game, expect about only 1/4 of your invites to come. And most of them will be watching their phones and not your ceremony lol.

I dont love the wall quote decals, I such at DIY, the whole gluten thing is pretty damn hilarious these days and everyone needs to chill about it, I don't love all these high wasted shorts with crop tops, and there is a huge huge difference between being blunt and being rude!!! People totally use blunt as an excuse.

Jax said...

I've never in my life done a DIY until this year. We got poor yet needed a patio set. Guess who got down and dirty and made them as new?!!! Lol I believe some people have a gluten allergy but I don't believe the amount of people that have it. Society took a legit problem and made it a trend. Smh...

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i don't like coach or dooney & bourke bags either, but mainly because of the price tag, it instantly makes me think they are ugly lol.
i am going to a concert on saturday! i honestly can't remember the last one i went to because.. so much standing makes my back hurt, and i feel like an 80 year old if i insist on sitting for the whole time. plus it is just so loud lol. but i am excited.
um, when i eat an entire pizza for dinner, it's more than 5 bites. it probably should only be 5 bites, but you know. gotta eat the whole thing.
i - as a celiac - HATE when people are 'gluten intolerant'. i worked at a restaurant when i first moved here and this lady was like, um i can't even have 1/18th of it, so can you please wash your hands and i was like bitch stop. stop. it's like when people would come into mcdonalds and ask for a big mac without pickle because they were 'allergic' and i would say oh poor you, no big mac for you, because guess what is in big mac sauce? and they they would admit they weren't actually allergic, they just didn't like pickles. if you don't want to eat gluten, don't eat it. i never broadcast my disease or diet, i just do my own thing and find something to order. i mean, i know i am saying it here, but still. if i go to someone's house and they cooked pasta for dinner, guess what, i'm eating pasta and i'm gonna have a stomachache the next day. my mum raised me better than that lol.
also! people who do gluten free as a weight loss diet. RAGE. guess what is gluten free? chips, chocolate, fries, ice cream.. etc etc.
i skip through the people talking on the video haha. i don't want to listen to you.
and the iphone storage. so much rage.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh! that being said, i am actually all for people giving up gluten if they want to. i know several people who were not diagnosed but gave it up and they had lots of things clear up - bowel issues, skin issues, etc etc. i just don't like the rude people who make a big deal out of it. it's like a vegetarian making a big thing out of it. it's your choice, don't bring others down.

Samantha said...

OMG! I feel you dog on that iPhone storage thing. WTF?? That is so annoying!!

And t-shirts that read "spoiled brat" or "girl boss" or "this girl designs the dream she loves" makes me want to puke. Unless you are 12 or Beyonce, your ass doesn't need to be wearing anything that reads Diva. LMAO.

julie @ said...

YES, YES, YES to all! I cannot even tell you how much I abhor Coach, D&B and even MK. Yuck.

I gave up gluten for a month to see if it would help my stomach issues and hey ho, it did. But staying gluten free in Asia is waaaayyy too difficult and I would probably die of starvation.

DIY. Oh, I feel like we could be great friends IRL! Love the concept, just don't have the time or energy to execute it. One day, maybe..!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Ashley - that's a good one Ashley and so true! But then again, are these people actually really smart...? It'd be nice to be a total idiot and just wash it off in the name of being an artist. That's what I'm gonna say next time I take my car for an oil change and they come back with the familiar: "You know your oil tank is completely bone dry, right? This should have been taken care of months ago". Well, I'm an artist. ALSO, yes, Miley has gone off the rails. I found an old YouTube video of her singing "Jolene" last week and she sounds so good and looks so cute! Miss that version of her. Still edgy, but not insane.

Pat Hatt said...

Gluten free can help a lot of issues, more than the so called medical idiots would have you believe, but if you are just doing it for a fad then pffft. I'd rather eat dirt than touch it again due to my umm bowels lol

And agreed, I find concerts soooooo boring and annoying. Woweee, you stand there. Yes, most acts are talented, but I've got Youtube, who needs concerts?

Marie said...

Oh man, where do I even begin? I agree with some many of these! I wish I could do DIY but I can't. It's always a disaster. I'm just not talented and I'm ok with that. I'm not crazy about going to concerts because I hate waiting around for the artist to finally come out and I'm usually not a fan of the opening act. And why do some people have to have like three opening acts, ugh drives me crazy.

Laura Darling said...

I'm the same about DIY stuff. I always think about how I could buy something for less than what it would cost to make it myself!

Susannah said...

You don't like pizza for dinner?!?!??! We can't be friends! ;-)

Elle Sees said...

You bring up a good point about concerts. I won't go to one unless there are seats. No more pit for me! I get too claustrophobic.

i saw a meme the other day called the white girl first apt starter pack and it was nothing but Live Laugh Love decals!!! cracked me up!!!