Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Working Like A Mad Woman

^True story: My first four attempts at this recreation were to put my face on Don himself. And even though I looked like I belonged in Lonely Island's "CREEP" music video in all of them, I still was gonna use it. But the chins never lined-up. Dangit. So now you just get weird blue hair.

HELLLLLLOOOOOO [ala mode Mrs. Doubtfire]! This is just not my week to blog. I was in the office almost an entire regular day on Sunday and have yet to leave work before 9:00 PM the last two days. You might say I've been working like a Mad Man Woman, get it^^^? So I'm gonna sign-off for the duration of the week and return anew the following one. In the meantime, we can always connect on the 'gram as after this hairy work week calms down, I'll be jetting off to Portland for a wedding.

In the meantime, watch this and sob happy thoughts profusely (especially you, Ashley!):
Have a great one!

[PS - Comments off. I got some catching-up to do.]
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