Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Sale of my Dreams

In case you didn't know this, SF is expensive. As in super, duper, crazy expensive. At the first of every month when Jay and I break out the checkbook (well, we're not pioneers... when we break open the laptop to electronically pay our bills, of course), we end up doing that psychotic half manic laugh/half blubbering sob right when we get to the rent. It's a doozy. As is most everything else around here: food, bars, drinks, gym memberships, Christmas trees that looks like GD branches, etc. Everything is just what you think it should be + add like 40% (plus the Oregonian in me is still getting used to sales tax after a lifetime of not having it). The upside is that companies obviously pay based on cost of living in order to attract talent so it is affordable with that installment. But when you know what the rest of the world costs, it's a little hard to not wince when you're charged almost $9 for a grab and go latte. That's still 9 dollars.
Having said that after my 10 months living here, I will say that the sidewalk sale I stumbled on two Saturdays ago was my favorite shopping experience here to date. And better yet, it was totally unexpected - I wasn't even tryin' to buy clothes. Normally I would maybe be bummed at myself for spending unexpected money but this was worth it. Oh, how it was worth it.

Do you remember when I posted on our favvvvvvorrritteeee restaurant/bar here? Marengo in Cow Hollow? And how we had spent the day there with Joel's little brother? That post here. Well I mentioned that after we ate brunch, we poked around the shops and perused different stores. I've mostly been on a home inspiration kick and not really into clothes so I wasn't planning on hitting up all the chic boutiques. That was until I saw a rack of dresses outside the loveliest little shop that displayed the best four words a girl can witness:

"$10 dollars or less."

(and I've been proposed to ...)

Like a Jack jolting out of his box, I sprang over to the rack of beautiful items shining in the sun. Since it was a final sale at the lowest prices of all time, I just grabbed whatever looked like it would fit (or at least kinda fit with a tailor in mind) as I became more and more seduced by the tables outside. Earrings for $2 or $1. Belts for $10. Suit jackets for $10. Hats for $12. Tops for $10. Necklaces for $3. As I scooped up item after item, I felt like I was fantasizing. I finally asked a worker just to validate that this was actually real life: "Why is this stuff marked down so much?" To which she casually replied: "Oh, we just have such a small store and no storage and the new stuff is coming in. So we need it out."

Welp, okay then. Happy I can help you guys do that. And here was the most high quality, cheapest haul I've ever experienced in my life:
^Like a true blogger loser, I hung it all up outside for this post.
^These dresses are not something I would spend a ton of money on as they're fun- but specific and not my dyed-in-the-wool taste. But I love them! And they were 10 each + 20% off so came out to around 8 bucks. Honestly, I'm scared that I robbed them. 
^Belts and a hat that I then wore the rest of the day (seen here)
^A tuxedo jacket for the office, a cropped knit turtleneck
^3 sets of earrings and a necklace
^3 earrings + 1 necklace + 1 belt + 1 hat + 2 dresses + 1 suit jacket + 1 top = $58 & some change.

Speaking of loser bloggers, it was also customary thereafter that I modeled said items. I mean, that's just like the rules of feminism. I was not too far off of waking-up though so the sunglasses are doing a nice job of hiding tired face.
^The boutique is called Ambiance in Cow Hollow.

All in all, I really can't explain how nice it was to find such a fun deal down here of actual nice clothes. I think I'm still coming off that high. Looks like we have even more excuses to go down and visit Marengo :)

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

It's like all of those things were put out there for you to find, because they're perfect for you.

That is like a historical sale that you will talk about for eternity whenever you trade shopping stories. We all have that story.

Ashley Lillis said...

You really do feel like you've won the lottery when you get some great deals on clothes, especially when you're not even in the market for anything! I love that black dress that you got, especially since you'll be able to wear it to so many different places. And obviously you can't beat the price tag!

Pat Hatt said...

Guess you never know when or where a deal will show. Have to grab it up indeed. Make it all the better when it actually is a deal compared to everything else. San Francisco sounds like one expensive spot.

Just Jess said...

I love the gold brocade dress! What a steal! Jess at Just Jess

Marie said...

I love that tuxedo jacket! It looks great on you!! And I love that gold dress. You totally scored!

Samantha said...

That black dress looks great on you!

Nadine said...

What an awesome sale to stumble upon!!!! Those dresses are so cute on you!!!! And jewelry at that price??? Who would want to pass that up! You wont the lottery that day my friend!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

WHAT?! Geez, that's amazing. I loved that white and gold dress, but seeing you wearing that black dress makes me love that one even more! The neckline is such a nice touch!

Funny you should say that about paying rent--our last apartment was not tech savvy, so they charged an extra percentage for online payments so I had to write a physical check for rent and I felt like I was living in pioneer times! Hahaha. We also got physical package notifications in our mail box instead of emails, which was annoying.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

holy shitballs that black dress was MADE for you. gorgeous. what a fun find though!

sales tax is a bummer. everything is expensive at home, so it's so fun (but dangerous) here when everything is so cheap.. but we get paid less (much less) so it's really not that cheap at all. took me a long time to understand that properly. i still forget about sales tax though.

The Siberian American said...

Love the dresses on you! So fun, especially the black one! I feel ya on the super duper expensive city. I'm always blown away when I get a bill, and there's a 25% tax on it. So crazy!

Elle Sees said...

I love what you got!!! Find a deal, a GOOD deal of stuff you'd actually wear, is the BEST! Great haul. You chose some great items and look fab!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You look breathaking in that dress!

julie @ said...

HAHA I know all too well the cost of city living - hello NYC/LDN and Singapore! But what can I say, I am a city girl...!

OMG, what a bargain!! And what fun pieces you picked up - score!!

Unknown said...

Wow! That black dress looks amazing on you. Wasn't sure about it hanging up but it suits you so well! What a bargain :)

Unknown said...

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Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Dearest "Marianne",

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Best wishes.