Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Will to Propel

I'm obsessed with the idea of a new apartment right now. Knowing that the market down here is ridiculously competitive + the fact that I'd like to find a home we stay at for a few years, securing a place that fits our needs in a 'hood we want is really all I think about on my down time. Which made me think about how often I am looking towards the next big thing after already getting what I want (actually seeing how I put a lot of leg work into these transitions, I'd like to say after I work hard to make what I want happen :).

For instance, when we lived in Portland in a no pet unit, all I wanted was to move so we could get a dog. I prodded and prodded until finally Jay saw the light of what a furry pet would do for us. So we painstakingly packed up our life, moved to another downtown building a few blocks away, got a dog and I was super happy.

Amidst that, I was still pestering for another move: One out of Portland. And I begged and pleaded with Jay on making a transition with me to a new city for literally years. I wanted to experience something else and if I wanted to make it happen, I had to present my case to a husband whose life would also be shifting. So I relentlessly pursued this with him and endlessly tried to open him up to the idea and evenntuaalllly, it happened. And I was super happy for the gift of the adventure (with said dog in tow to boot!).
^I'm pretty good at picking guys & dogs

And now, here I am again, pursuing another move to a new building as the one we're in doesn't suit us for the long term (we don't plan to buy a home until we know what life will look like in the coming years). And I'm beginning to wonder if this need to constantly look ahead to what is next considered a detriment or an asset? On one hand, it's propelling us to take these steps that further our life and goals. On the other hand, I fear that I'm not taking any time to smell the roses

However, the dog was a good the best choice. San Francisco was a positive decision not just self-exploratory wise but also when it came to our careers. So something tells me that I just may be on to something in my continued efforts to propel life. Maybe it's okay to never be "done". Maybe it's all about looking to the next chapter while you still write the pages of your current one. I'm not sure.

But in the meantime, don't even bother talking to me unless it has to do with furniture or great available apartments with a foyer and on top of a coffee shop because that is the name of the game.

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I am big on living in the now...but the future doesn't happen unless you plan for it. So you have to keep your eyes moving. I do, anyway.

But to the important things...are you guys actively looking/watching and waiting and figuring?

Ashley Lillis said...

I feel like it's definitely something that you have to balance, the living in the now and looking towards the future. I feel like you can't help but plan for the future, which was a big motivator behind us moving a couple of years ago into a bigger house, but we also had to make sure to live and enjoy the moment too. I think that as long as you're not unhappy in the moment, but still dreaming about the future, you're doing a good job of balancing!

Nadine said...

I feel like it doesn't hurt to look ahead and see where you want to go next and adjust to make that happen. Sometimes though, I feel like I get caught up in ohhh if we lived in a new house now it would be so much better and really I just need to sit back and enjoy the now too. We are talking about selling our first home together in the next year and moving. We have the neighborhood picked out and were going to pull the trigger this year but decided to wait another year. I am constantly dreaming up what I want our new house to look like. I think it is great to have future goals, but don't forget to appreciate where you are now! After all, it is what you wanted when you were at your last stepping stone :)

Samantha said...

I can't wait for us to finally move away from where we are now. Ultimately, we will still move AGAIN after our next move. The military is so daunting with being slow as hell lol.

Pat Hatt said...

lol the cat just wrote a post making fun of the getting and having aspects of things. Doesn't run until next June though.

It's good to keep moving forward and not get stuck in a rut or something like that. But if you constantly look to the next thing over and over again by the time you do get time to stop and smell the roses you may be too old to be able to bend down and smell them lol

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

There's nothing wrong with working towards a better life/future. But it's also important to take stock of what you do currently have and appreciate the small stuff to keep yourself grounded. Don't let it ground you too much though!! I'll probably be shaking up my life in the next few months - eeek!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

"Maybe it's all about looking to the next chapter while you still write the pages of your current one." I love how you said that. So true though. I'm also in the market for a new apartment. I think looking forward to the future or the next big thing keeps you open minded to any opportunities that may present themselves. That's how I am too. Always looking forward to what's next. I'm in that phase right now where I'm kind of getting antsy for a change.

Elle Sees said...

Sounds like I need to go to you for advice! You've got the right ideas here. Best of luck apt hunting!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

you totally just described me. i am always looking ahead, i am always looking forward to something. it is mainly travel, but sometimes not. i have a super obsessive personality, so i am always obsessed with something. it was moving to the US for like 10 years, then it was getting married, then getting a house, then having a baby (i was obsessed with it but didn't follow through haha), then travelling to different places. i love to look forward to things and it honestly makes my heart skip (not in a good way) when i think about not having something to look forward to. sometimes KC gets upset with me because he thinks i'll never be happy, and that i don't appreciate the little things but that's not true. i appreciate it all :) anyway, i ramble. glad i'm not alone ;) i cannot wait to see the amazing apartment i know you will find.