Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Belga | San Francisco, CA

I can't help but think that if San Francisco were a person, she'd be a stereotypical Italian Nonna shoving food down your face because you look "too skinny". Or the mother in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", who solved all problems by way of heavy meals. Because this city wants you to eat. It really does. And far be it from any of us to say no to this siren-song. Because the dishes served are more than impossible to pass up. 
We were surprised this week with a visit from our good friend, Brian. He was here last night on business and we had one chance and one chance only to sit and debrief over ales and food. Normally, this is not something you would ever see us do on a Monday but the duty of friendship called and we were off to Cow Hollow immediately following an area apartment showing. The three of us settled on Belga, a "Belgian-inspired brasserie with California sensibilities" [per their website here]. We've nestled into their wind-soaked outdoor patio on more than one occasion (as seen here) but hadn't made it a big foodie trip just yet. That changed last night.
^Started off with a Pilsner for Brian, a Malbec for me and an IPA for Jay
^Accompanied with an order of frites w/ garlic a├»oli, house-made ketchup & curry ketchup THEN Smoked trout rillettes, pickled onions & cucumber
^... the second one, needless to say, made my little bread & veggie heart flutter
^We finished off our little eating sesh with Tartine, tomatoes, buratta, chervil pistou & walnuts. This was so ridiculously fresh, juicy and delicious.

So dang you, SF, for yet again placing orgasmic food right into my big, fat mouth. But really, decadently seasoned tomatoes dripping over crunchy olive-oil soaked bread pale in comparison to the treat of sitting there with a longtime friend. Love all my people so much and love spending a minute alone with them in this vibrant city. And yes, the curried-season fries don't make that experience any worse.

Located in Cow Hollow on Union Street.

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Unknown said...

All of that looks amazing! The Tartine looks so bright and refreshing. :) As always, love your pictures.

Pat Hatt said...

haha well at least you'll never go hungry, that is a plus too, along with great food.

Samantha said...


Nadine said...

Oh my goodness. I cant even handle all the yumminess that is this post right now. Just stop!

Ashley Lillis said...

I wasn't hungry until I read your post and started looking at your pictures! Oh my goodness everything looks so delicious I want to start licking the screen! Sometimes the best meals with the best company happen when we normally wouldn't go out!

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

What an interesting spin to Belgian food...!! I have a massive soft spot for Belgian food... Oh, Bruxelles... I do miss you!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

omg this looks delicious. that tartine stuff sounds and looks amazing. i would be 100lbs heavier if i lived there haha.