Friday, July 8, 2016

Little Things Lately ...

 LOL’ing at Chandler’s stoned face during his obligatory ‘tick check’ after our 4th of July trip to Southern Oregon. The climate there is dry and hot, hot, hot and Jay’s mom lives on a piece of rural land. Though he has medicine on him, we always have to do a once over check once we’re home. As far as he can tell, we sat there for about an hour slowly moving our hands over his entire body to ensure that there were no stowaways. About 20 minutes in, we noticed how ridiculously relaxed he looked and it made me laugh. You can hear said stupid laugh below in the video I sent to my family. But really- that relaxed face tho.

Stuffing my face with … Watermelon. I’ve been eating it as a snack and we’ve also had 4-5 cubes on our dinner plates for dessert. A palette cleanser indeed.

Obsessed with my husband’s hometown. Really. I just love it there so very much and grateful for its presence in my life via him. Gonna pull together my annual 4th of July visit there post for next week but that’s a quick iPhone snap showing a bit of its beauty (at his mom's property where we got married).

Sniffing out APARTMENTS. Have I said that enough yet? If we don’t land in a place we really like come August at least I can’t say that I didn’t try. Finding one is d*mn near a job in a mayjah city which I’m taking so very seriously.

Adored the bachelorette weekend I went on two weekends ago. Seeing all my pals while soaking-up Central Oregon’s decadent mother naturey views was not too shabby indeed. Piecing together my post on that as well!

Salivating… over my new tweezers. I got me a gooooood new pair for my plucking obsession.

Can’t believe  (speaking of dry heat) I’ll be in Vegas a week from tomorrow! Bachelorette weekend round 2, coming right up.

Fired-Up … to go see Louis CK! Jay and I have been watching him on YouTube religiously since about 2011. We tried so hard to get tickets to his Bay Area show but it was totally sold out. THANKFULLY, the universe rewarded me for being a good person and aligned us in conversation with Jay’s ticket-holding friend last weekend in his hometown who couldn’t make the gig. Sold! We bought the tickets from him before he could even finish his sentence. Pumpety-pumped-pumped-pumped. I just get Louis CK's sense of humor, I get it so very much, such as this bit HERE (NSFW soundwise, it's Louis!)

Now, here's Chandler motionless in the flesh:

I hope your weekend is great! 
I'm looking forward to toasting my BIL's birthday tonight. 
Hugs & Love.
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Unknown said...

That video is hilarious! He looks like he's in heaven!

Samantha said...

What kind of tweezers?? I'm a fanatical plucker!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who uses that word lol!!

Ashley Lillis said...

That picture of Chandler is just too cute! I always love when pups make adorable faces like that! And hooray for another fun bachelorette party weekend! Vegas is going to be a blast, especially since you'll be with some of your besties!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

Chandler is loving life, lol so cute. Oregon looks beautiful!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

aw chandlers face is hilarious! KC is a huge Louis CK fan, he would love to see him. i'm so jealous you are going to vegas! have the best time :)

Nadine said...

Chandler is just too cute!!!! I have been loving watermelon and all the other summer fruits lately too! Delicious! Have a great weekend!

Pat Hatt said...

lol he just sits there and laps it up. Good to do tick checks indeed, don't want that lyme disease crap for anyone. Vegas and get to so Louis CK too, wins all around.

julie @ said...

Oh Chandler, you make my heart melt!! So cute!!! Vegas will be FUN!!

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

I love you update posts. But you know maybe you should move to PA to be near me <3 haha
XO Ellen from Ask Away