Tuesday, August 30, 2016

20 Random Questions

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?
In the spirit of being cliche AF, I'll go with sky diving. I'll also go with eyelash extensions. I truly fear I would like them way too much that I could never go back.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
The normal ones: Graduating college, job promotions, etc. But the little ones count too: the first time years ago when I realized that I was paying for my entire life all by myself, the time I successfully threw away two huge bags of clothes that I still wanted but knew I would never wear. All of that counts!

If you were going to go to the movies alone, what would be the perfect film for you to watch by yourself?
Something really sad. I love a good hemorrhaging movie cry every now and again and that's a dish best served without any witnesses.

What is your favorite Wikipedia article? 
I'm telling you, the one about Queen Bees will blow your mind. Fascinating!

What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?
I like my lips. I explained why that is right here. They just always look the same, I never have to worry about them.

Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken.
Ugh, hard to pick one vacation as they all seem to come at just the right time. In terms of historical personal value, I will say that it is hard to beat meeting my Italian relatives in Verona. One day I'll get my sh*t together and post on that. It was nothing short of amazing. 

 Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations?
Ummm, can't say I often find myself free on a weekday afternoon - ha. But I'll base it off those slow Fridays when we all trickle out into the weekend: Happy hour in sunny North Beach post-work. And the fact that it's walkable from FiDi, makes you feel like you've left the day behind and ventured off into a lighter realm. Love its proximity, love its vibe, love its food, love that the sun is always shining, love the fact that it's a little slice of Europe.

What’s your “going to bed” routine?
I take a quick body shower every single night before bed, I don't ever bring my 'day' into my sheets. So it's that, followed by my hair up in a makeshift bun on the top of my head and I generally climb into bed in an XL shirt and really large sweat pants. I know, right? Jay is lu-cky.

What animal best represents your personality?
Perhaps an Otter. They strike a hearty balance between work and play (when they're not working as skilled hunters to ensure they survive, they're playing fetch with their friends and heading down waterslides they've made) and are a solid hybrid of shy and outgoing - which I feel like I dance between quite often. This is also the most arrogant response because I think they're SO CUTE. I don't do them justice there.

What piece of clothing or accessory can someone wear that immediately makes you have a bad opinion of them?
Any shirts that say things such as the following: "#girlboss", "diva", "A little bit spoiled", "Princess", "[insert tropey joke about shopping]"... I have a weird thing with phrases, I guess!

What villain do you really feel for?
Cal on "Titanic". When I watched that movie again as a grown woman, I could understand a bit why he was pissed. I mean, Rose was emotionally cheating pretty hardcore before she physically cheated. And that was AFTER she spent the whole day complaining about the ship and after he gave her the most expensive diamond in the world and literally said the hottest/sweetest phrase I've ever heard: "There's nothing I couldn't give you, There's nothing I'd deny you, if you would not deny me. Oh, give your heart to me Rose"That was like a dagger to poor Cal's rich little heart. No one is a bigger Leo fan than me but with grown-up eyes, #I'mWithCal. In other news, Pepé Le Pew should have been a bit more vilified (no means no!).

What are you really happy about being terrible at?
Gift wrapping. Because now it's a family joke every Christmas and I can stop trying to pretend like I'm good at it. I suck, we all know it. 

What conspiracy theory do you actually believe?
I don't really believe it but the conspiracy theory that Shakespeare didn't exist/didn't write his plays is interesting to read about. 

What is something that most people don't know about you besides your family?
That I have a soft spot for Mormons. This based on personal experience as well as my love of many Mormon blogs (and the bloggers behind them). I feel like for the most part, they at least walk the walk of their beliefs and are generally kind people. Not speaking about WHAT they believe, just my impression of those who do believe.

What are you going to do this weekend?
Put some finishing touches on the house and celebrate my anniversary with my husband! I can assure you that there will be many long walks and at least one delicious brunch. I can also assure you that Jay will want to jump off a cliff once he sees the list of places I think we need to go to finalize the home.

What is something that is popular now that annoys you?
I've seen people online try to make the case that trucker hats are back. I think the fact that I haven't seen a single person in real life actually sporting one rests my case that they definitely are not. They were wonderful in 2004, let's leave them there to cast a funny shadow on all of our youthful pictures.

What would be your perfect weekend?
Going on a long bike ride across the bay, celebrating the completion of it with delicious food + drink and taking lots of pics along the way.

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any?
They're not my cup of tea but they look pretty dope on a lot of people. Will I ever get one? No and here's why.

What’s your favorite number? Why?
8 has always been my jam. Born on 8/8 and was 8 lbs. and 8 oz. Sorry about that second part, Mom. Yikes.

What’s the most useful thing you own?
Tweezers, my Keurig and my tool kit. All never fail me when I need them most.

How about you answer one?
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Laura Darling said...

I like 8s too! I was born on 8/18/88. And my brother was born on 7/17/87. My dad said he lucked out because they're easy birthdays to remember! My sister broke the pattern mold and was born in 12/27/95 and it's always a struggle for him to remember her's!

Samantha said...

Lol! You and I have some things in common. 9 is my jam. Born 9/9. And I couldn't agree more--Cal for the win! Rose was so selfish, dramatic and just ugh. She wouldn't even scoot her butt over for Leo to hop on NOT to mention she insisted he hold her hand while he froze to death. And then she's all..,.jack? You died? Wha???? Such a biatch.
Trucker hats? Ew! And oh god those sayings make me want to throat punch someone. "GirlBoss" "I'm a diva!" "Daddys darling." Unless you're Harley Quinn, just NO.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Co-sign the sky diving one. One of these days.

I love shirts with sayings on them but I am picky about my sayings and all those you listed I hate.

I keep meaning to transition to a quick night shower but only get there a few days a week.

Nadine said...

These questions are so fun!! I am no huge in to the phrase shirts either. I mean, I have a thank that says "polite as fuck" that I wear sometimes but never one that says princess or girlboss or anything haha. And you seriously make a wonderful point on Cal. I never really thought about it but now that you mention it, you are so right! I find conspiracy theories so fascinating. Some of them are totally believable because the world can be a messed up place. I laughed so hard at your trucker hat comment. I see a lot of people wearing chokers lately too. And while a few of them are super cute and I could totally see myself with one, most of them can probably be left in the 90's. Like the real thick ones. 8 has always been my number as well.

Just Jess said...

I love all of these questions. I am with you on the depressing/ugly cry movies are the best ones to attend by yourself. Me Before You was that way for me. All the Kleenex! Jess at Just Jess

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i am trying to convince KC that sky diving will be more fun that swimming with great white sharks. we'll see who wins! he says he's too scared to sky dive, which is so weird.
i have never accomplished getting rid of clothes i still wanted but would never wear. i've gotten rid of things i wouldn't wear, but not if i still wanted them in my heart, you know? i place way too much importance or sentimental value on clothes and i'm like but i love them and they love me and i don't want to break up. lol
i am with you on the baggy sweats and tshirt. sexay!
i used to love phrasey cliche tshirts. thankfully i grew out of it!
i've never heard of the shakespeare conspiracy theory! will head down that rabbit hole later...
how cool that you were born on 8/8 and were 8lbs 8oz. that's awesome!
i love your reasoning on not getting a tattoo! i have made some super questionable fashion choices, and i wouldn't necessarily get my tattoos again right now, but i don't regret them like i do some of my clothing choices.
off to read the queen bee article.

Unknown said...

This was actually really interesting to read. An otter? hahah I never even would've thought of that. You seem like a real cool person

Life is just Rosie

Elle Sees said...

Love the lucky 8s!! Trucker hats---hated them then, won't be wearing them now! I have a soft spot for Mormons too. My fave cousin converted to marry his dream girl many years ago. I'm bad at gift wrapping as well. They all know which ones I wrapped. Loved this!

Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

Hi Caitlin! I just found your blog tonight after seeing your comment on Jess' blog :)

I am so glad I stumbled over here--your responses to these 20 Random Questions are ah-mazing.

I used to work at a salon and the gals there would occasionally apply eyelash extensions for me. They are incredible that first night, and then les miserables the next few days. They basically just fall off lash by lash and some get stuck in the glue and end up being super painful to get off! You are not missing anything with those devils!!!

I also take a shower every night! I don't normally wash my hair (that's for the AM shower), but I agree--I want to hop into bed clean and having cleansed the day away! It's such a relaxing routine.

There are a million other things I loved about your responses, but my favorite by far is the #ImWithCal rationale. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! GAH! #MeToo #SorryLeo

Looking forward to following along with your adventures!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

Lol I've never been asked what's my favorite Wikipedia article, that's an interesting one! My dream was to pick up and move to NYC and go to art school. I made it to NYC to visit, but the older I get, the more unrealistic that dream seems. I haven't lost all hope yet though. I'm hoping to go on a trip in March to NYC for a conference. There's potential there that I could land a job in the city and work for a department stores headquarters. As much as I would still love to go to art school, I can't fathom spending $88K on a second degree.

Brittany said...

This is so fun! I might just steal it from you... ;) I love that you give real answers and explain them. I never really thought about it, but whoa - Pepe Le Pew was a total creep. Haha...I'm also not a fan of those weird phrase shirts. Yuck.

Pat Hatt said...

That is a lot of 8's haha never knew otter's played like that. Yeah, good to shower off the crud before bed indeed.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

LOL at Pepe Le Pew! And I can totally see where you're coming from with Cal's character on Titanic. And happy hours on a weekday afternoon when you have no obligations are the BEST <3
Green Fashionista

Robin said...

Hello...I just got back into blogging again, and I am glad that I found yours! I completely agree about Cal in the movie "Titanic". His fiancée starts running around with a stranger on a ship, and he is a villian? And he seemed to sense that she was uneasy about their engagement, but he was trying to bond with her.

Ashley Lillis said...

I don't think that I'll ever be able to get a tattoo either, but I think that a lot of it comes from not wanting to piss my parents off. Chris has one, and it looks fine on him though. I'm also really terrible at wrapping Christmas gifts! That's awesome that it's become the running joke in your family though!

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

Fun post!! Ahaha - I can give you gift wrapping lessons if you want! I'm quite anal about it but I blame it on my Japanese heritage! Yes to 8s!! I could do without one of my tattoos. HAHA But yeah, does look good on people - like sleeves! Wait, trucker hats are back? Err..