Monday, August 29, 2016

Unpacking, Unloading & Unwinding

Hi there! Hap-hap-happiest Monday to you! I hope your morning is off to a peppy start. Granted I'm writing this post on Sunday evening but I feel that it's a logical assumption that I'm in a good mood today. And that's just because I got so.much.done from Friday - Sunday and feel like I finally am living in a world that's not chaotic and stressful. I want to get into all of that but I can't really contain my bursting excitement any longer and must dive into something important: I'm typing to you from MY VERY OWN DESK. 
^I like my apartments white and my clothes black.

^Sunday night blogging

Do you remember when I wrote this post about MY BLOGGING SPACE at our old place? And how I had to set-up and dismantle it every time I wanted to get on here and assemble my thoughts. Well, to borrow a phrase from Elle Woods, this is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. I am deeply in love with everything about this space - I love the sleek white desk, I love the bay window view, I love the cold beach air that flows through the raised slats, I love that this "office" is its own dedicated space... I just love, love, love. And seeing how Jay and I both work remotely often, it's extremely nice to give ourselves the gift of this little desk
^How dreamy!

But let's get to the weekend because it was an oddly fun one. "Oddly" stemming from the fact that I really did chores from sunrise to sunset for two days. First off, we officially moved our items into the new digs two Saturdays ago. However, the move out process at the old place inhibits you from actually spending any good time on your new place. So we barely got to make any dents in turning the new space into a home until this weekend. So with one quick stop at the old address on Friday after work, it was on to the next chapter.
^Bye, bye home! Selfies and dog pics to send to Jay. Tied way too many doggy bags for one sitting on that leash - looks like a bridal shower ribbon bouquet!

Since Jay was out of town already running Hood to Coast, it was just Chandler and myself returning to drop-off our keys and say one last goodbye to our first SF family headquarters. This was celebrated by verbally thanking the home for its shelter (I can't not personify homes, try as I might) and then taking a few pics inside on our way out to send to Jay in Portland. 
^Though I did manage to take a few pics on moving weekend of us on the same floor. Ugly but memorable - taken 8/20/16. Not Jay's best angle... lol

One of the main veins that flowed through the entire weekend happened actually BEFORE Chandler and I dropped the keys off. I had had a really long client meeting in Palo Alto so I had to drive down south for that on Friday morning. After said meeting, I quickly scurried to HomeGoods to do some major damage in that town. Horrifying fact: there is not ONE HomeGoods in San Francisco proper. Not one! Not a single GD one. So I took full advantage of the fact that I had my car to lug stuff and was actually near a location. So damage was done with zero regrets (oh man, did I get some cute stuff) and I returned to our new apartment that night to start the official unpacking and decorating process - which looked kinda like this via my iPhone:
^Left: Dining room Right: Dinner

I set-up our kitchen table which basically brought tears to my godforsaken eyes. We have never lived anywhere before that allows room for a place to dine outside of leaning back on the couch and shoveling food so uber-sexily into our mouths. But this new place has a whole eating nook. I was ecstatic to erect the table and assemble the chairs - all with the hallucinations of us in the future sitting down for a proper meal. In the meantime, I dined on ready made food from Mollie Stones this weekend. Friday night's buffet consisted of mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and lemon roasted chicken (on paper plates because that's a 'my house isn't set-up yet' staple).
I also worked a bit on the actual kitchen. The kitchen is very ... let's just say, it's an original. Meaning, it probably has been the kitchen in this very old building since the dawn of its conception in the 1920s. I don't mind it at all. I like the deep drawers and the heavy duty hardwood shelves that rise all the way to the ceiling. The one thing we felt was a step back on this move was that we lost a dishwasher. But to be honest, it hasn't been too bad so far. And the pros highly outweigh that one appliance we always though we so desperately had to have. I'll take square footage and location over a dishwasher any day of the week. But I'm also planning to preemptively confront Jay and tell him that his little "this needs to soak" trick will not get him out of washing his pans. Oh boy, do I know my husband.
^Left: VIP books in the living room Right: New desk, freshly set-up 

While Friday night was basically reserved for the kitchen/dining area, I gave the living room as much as I could on Saturday with hot coffee in hand. I had movies blaring on my laptop as I dug into every box and unwrapped every figurine I had so painstakingly adorned with tissue and tape - so proud of myself when things were going into the boxes, so annoyed of myself as I pulled them out. I also had to use TaskRabbit to get that desk in the house. Though I had purchased it myself, I could not unload it from my car and carry it up flights of stairs all by my lonesome. So TaskRabbit to the rescue and with a swipe of an app and an hour later, the desk was sitting in my living room. I'm super excited to surprise Jay with it as he flies back from Portland this AM and will be quite stoked. 
^useless adorableness.

And of course, Chandler proved himself to be my adorable little companion who traipsed from one end of the bed to the other all weekend as if he had been hit by a tranquilizer dart. But after spending a ton of time picking out that new bed, bedding and accessories, it's nice to see him wholly enjoying it. 

And now, it's time to head back to work. Alrighty then! 

Happy first day of a shorter week!
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Everything is looking phenomenal! I can't wait to see more as you settle in.

New spaces are so exciting to me. I also talk to homes and thank them and sage them and all of that jazz.

If you have to lose an appliance, the dishwasher is a fine one to lose. I existed without one for years, and I actually find washing dishes therapeutic.

Nadine said...

Ohhhh looking so pretty! I love your desk and that space!!! And your headboard! And I am just like you, clothes black spaces white haha. I hope you are enjoying getting settled in. Nothing feels better than accomplishment!

Samantha said...

I LOVE your space!!

Marie said...

Your new place looks great. I love your desk, it's so fantastic.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

CONGRATS on the new place! Yay for kitchen tables, and loving your new blogging space! And an Elle Woods quote for the win <3
Green Fashionista

The Siberian American said...

What a gorgeous space! Love the natural lighting! :)

Pat Hatt said...

Sure looks like an awesome spot and nice bogging space too. haha Chandler is sure enjoying the bed too.

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

That bay window is so perfect! I would love that. And the eating nook? So cute! Haha, oh the good ole soak trick. We’re in the same boat because our dishwasher is broken so my boyfriend avoids doing dishes at all costs. I don't mind as long as he's doing the cooking, but I'm not doing both lol.

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

The new pad is looking amazing and so comfy with the bedroom furniture. I love the new office space with a nice view and you can get that cool SF breeze in the evenings! Congrats girl friend!

Ashley Lillis said...

Hooray for moving into your new place and getting so much accomplished! Everything looks so good, and that's so exciting that you finally have a table to eat off of and a new blogging space! Having a kitchen table was the thing that I looked forward to the most when we moved into our house because I hated eating on the couch, and now, ironically, we still eat a lot on the couch! Enjoy getting everything exactly how you want it!

Susannah said...

I love your new desk! It's so pretty!!! <3

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

the house we live in now is the first time i've ever had a dishwasher! i think i prefer not having one? but the lazy side of me loves it for sure. i love your new set up (and the elle woods quote), that desk is so pretty! i want it! i asked for a desk for my birthday or christmas last year and KC bought me a black one (oh the horror but don't tell him that). task rabbit sounds brilliant! i am sorry you don't have a home goods but yay for hitting one up outside of the city and getting lots of cute stuff. we have 2 in this city (that i am aware of, it's best for me not to be aware of any others) and one of them is combined with a tj maxx. i try and only go to the tj maxx one, because it has less stuff which in my logic means less chance of going crazy and buying all the things. which doesn't always work.
congrats on the new digs again!

Carly said...

Your new space looks so nice! It's such a good feeling to have your own desk/office space & it looks like such a great view.

Brittany said...

Super happy for you! That place looks like a dream...and totally worth losing the dishwasher, right?! It's really not too bad if you make yourself do ALL the dishes before bed every night. No clutter = Happy girl. That desk space is killing me - absolutely perfect.

julie @ said...

Ooh, I'm loving it!! Amazing that patience won out and you guys scored a fab apartment!! Yay!!