Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Spot In The Sun

For someone who just wrote a post about their excitement for fall and colder weather, I'm backtracking on my words just a little bit. Because it was all kinds of hot in San Francisco this weekend and even hit 91 on Sunday. Anddddd ... I loved it.
Our Sunday had originally started out like any other. We woke up and decided we wanted to enjoy a proper breakfast. It was my mom's birthday that day and after a resplendent conversation with her on the phone about the brunch we had planned for her up in Portland ("we" indeed- I coordinated with my sister from afar) and seeing the pics I was being texted of it - I felt like I wanted to enjoy some birthday fare too

There's two ways to do brunch.

The first way involves waking up refreshed and leaping into the shower with a uppity tune reverberating in your head. You smile at the mirror while you brush your teeth, you happily blow dry your hair into the perfect style and you step into an adorably stylish outfit with the help of little chirping birds. You arrive at brunch refreshed, fantastically fashionable and energized for the day ahead.

Then there's the second way. The slow waking up, the "feed me" gurgles shouting from your stomach, the empty fridge you know has nothing for you. This is followed by the will to find food as fast as possible. You throw your dented hair into a forgettable ponytail and scramble into workout clothes as fast as you can to embark on your quest to eat eggs

We chose the latter this day.

So we skipped out of our building and walked the few blocks to the eatin' street to get some grub. As we sat on the back patio under a canopy of sun drenched palm trees, I realized that today was going to be a beautiful day. A really, really beautiful day.

In order to actually enjoy some of it, I proceeded to then hit my normal Sunday errands with rapid fire: Grocery store, check. Apple store, check. Paper Source, check. Making sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, checkity-check-check-check

Now let's go to the beach.
^We've lived here awhile now and I still am awestruck by this view.
^I picked up a new IPA for Jay to try.
^I longed for a sailboat.
^We opted to sit on the grass this time because I had just dealt with a ton of sand and I didn't feel like doing it again that evening. Living by the beach has been amazzzzing but the 10 million additional grainy, rocky roommates that come with and infiltrate every corner of your house are a bit more difficult to make peace with.
^I sipped a rose in my wine chiller. It was the perfect libration for the heat.
^Chandler spent his time fetching tennis balls which was basically secretly a trick to tire him out. We kept throwing the ball down the hill so he was basically cross fitting leaping up and down it over and over and over again.
^We acted as though it was straight-up July (as did everyone else we were with)
^Which is easy to see why!
^Sunday vibes.

I honestly could have sat there for hours more But alas, there were things to do and real life to tackle. But boy how I loved that little moment in the sun.

^Our cheers via Instagram

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Pat Hatt said...

Get all the stuff checked off and enjoy the day indeed. Tennis balls are a fun way to wear him out at least.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Now that's a perfect Sunday.

p.s. totally hear you on the sand.

Ashley Lillis said...

That looks like the most amazing Saturday ever! I totally understand the not wanting to sit in the sand because there's nothing worse than trying to get sand out from every crevice of your body. Your wine chiller is so cool! I feel like I need one of those in my life!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Absolutely perfect Sunday - brunch, beach time, and Rose. And that view is nothing short of amazing <3

Nadine said...

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!!! I bet your 91 degrees feels a little different than our 91 degrees with all our humidity here because you wont find me chilling outside in that haha. But it looks like you soaked in every ounce of fun you could! Love it!

Samantha said...

I want a sailboat toooooo.
In my Veruca Salt voice.
Love the pics!!

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

Oh, I need that wine chiller...! Like now! What a lovely day out in the sun - I had no idea there even was a beach in SF!! That's so awesome!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you had fun in the sun! That's the best way to enjoy the heat -- have a blast in it!

Robin said...

Beautiful. I think I could live there for years and never get tired of it.

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

What a gorgeous view of the bridge. I love how the water created a small little area for kids to play in. Those are always fun. I went to the beach on Sunday too and thought, I don't care what the calendar reads, it's definitely still summer here...for now, lol.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i always forget how much i hate the sand until i meet it again, lol.

i am definitely always on the latter version of brunch, even when i try to do the first one lol.

i've always wanted to visit San Francisco, but your posts since living there have made me want to visit even more!