Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy 60th Mom!

Today my beloved mom turned 60. 

She thrives on humor so I'm inclined to write on here: "D*mn, you old." 

But being the sweet little daughter I am, I'm not saying that. And truth be told: I'm not thinking it. Trips around the sun deserve cheers and hugs and celebrations. I'm happy to oblige.
In the spirt of "60", here's 6 things I love about my mom:

1) She made childhood great:
Heart-shaped PB&Js on Valentine's day, letters from the tooth fairy, coming home to a house full of holiday spirit in December - check, check and check. But deeper than that, she instilled in me an understanding that what makes me me, is something to cherish. Which helped me to note how everyone has something that makes them them and that's something to cherish too. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm a nicer person because my mom raised me.

2) She wrote a newspaper column for years and years:
Taking after her Philadelphian Dad who penned new stories his entire career, my mom had a column that ran in the papers for what seems like maybe a decade? The woman can write. And she's largely to blame for the fact that I like to blog (sorry interwebs).

3) She likes the good stuff.
Unlike me who pretty much takes my pick of varietals whenever I'm toasting something, my mom likes things like whiskey, neat or an old fashioned. Bad Italian! Bad! Drink your wine.

4) She helps people.
I've seen my mom time and time again help someone asking for money by offering them one of the many canned goods she keeps in her car for that purpose. She's smart (food better to give than money) and beyond considerate.

5) She's fun to be with.
I love to hang with my mom. We've enjoyed shared laughs as we watch a movie with one headphone on our flight to Europe, we've fallen asleep yukking it up in dorm hotels at college orientation and we've enjoyed drinks and adult talk in many downtowns. 

6) She's caring.
In college, I had someone very special to me endure an incredible hardship. My mom wanted to do something, anything, to send a message of her love. She said she would give me a gift to give said person. When I saw her, she handed me a cashmere blanket. Gorgeous on its own, I inquired further why she chose that. "Because..." she replied "I feel like a blanket is something someone can wrap themselves up in and that's extremely comforting during hard times. I want him to feel wrapped-up in love or like he's enveloped in a hug from me." 

Gulp. So sweet.

Luckily for me, she will land here on Saturday afternoon and I'll get to take her out proper to toast all that she is.

Happy birthday Mom, I love you!
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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your beautiful momma <3
Green Fashionista

Pat Hatt said...

Hope she has a great birthday. Way better to give food than money indeed

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday mom!! She's very pretty like you!

Nadine said...

Awwww so sweet :) Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!!!!

Ashley Lillis said...

Happy birthday to your mom! You really don't think about all the little things growing up, but the little notes in lunches and all the decorations really does mean so much! I hope that you have a great time celebrating her this weekend!

julie @ said...

Aww, what a great post in honor of your mom! She sounds super fabulous!! Happy birthday to her!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my goodness. your mom sounds amazing. happy belated birthday to her!