Monday, October 17, 2016

Home Sweet Sunday Home

Hello again! I'm writing this on Sunday as the blue hour tapers off into a foggy, blackened night. I'm currently wearing a raspberry colored henley top and heather grey sweat pants. Adjacent to my right, a pine-scented candle flickers and Netflix is on pause so I can type these words. The air outside is cold, the air inside is a perfectly warm and the lighting is soft and welcoming. Good gosh do I love the colder weather! It was rainy this weekend - alllll weekend. And I was pretty stoked on that. While sun forces you to trek outside (of course, that is a good thing but sometimes I resent the push to be go-go-go on the weekend when I could benefit by just relaxing), rain forces you to make your inside better. 

So today was a reflection of that. I started the day by taking Chandler on a quick walk out to the bridge so he could do his morning constitution. Then I arrived home and began my day of coziness. Jay, his bro (Logan) and I sat in the living room watching movies and sipping coffee and eating eggs. Shortly thereafter, I made my way to the kitchen, put on french music and blissfully prepped our dinners and lunches for the week for a few hours - with the rain pouring outside and the onions sizzling inside, I felt like I was in heaven. Jay and his bro watched TV, sipped tea, slept, wrestled the dog and kept the vitally of our living room alive during my kitchen tenure.

At the end of the day, with homemade soups made, lunches packed, dog showered, candles blazing, house clean (a joint effort between the two of us) - I settled in to my actual serene night. Not before snapping a few pics of the ambiance on my phone:
^Living room bliss

So Sundays and fall weekends are pretty dang awesome.

I desperately wish we had more and more of both of them.

Happy Monday!
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Little Things Lately ...

Adoring // watching Jay work. This is arguably his biggest week all year and (just like last year), I am here cheering him on for it. Got him some new clothes, I ironed them up just right and I'm excited for him to kick off his all important, all consuming week - even if it means I am basically a widow until Friday.

LOVING// That my mom is at my place right now. I'm typing this as she is conked out one room over. It's so nice to see her and even better that both of her Pennsylvania sisters will be in the city as well starting tomorrow. 

Obsessed // I worked from home one day last week while Guide Dogs for the Blind clicker trained puppies in my neighborhood. So every couple of minutes, I got to look out my window from my desk and watch another Lab dog floppily follow commands - this rotation lasted about two hours. It was the best Monday in history.

Annoyed with // dressers. Mainly everything I wear is something I hang up. I never scour through my dresser to find a 'fit. Yet, it's always jammed-up with clothes that I can't part with. This forever perplexes me. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just purge the whole GD thing.
In Disbelief// With how much I love my dog. From night time snuggles in our quiet, pitch black bedroom to happy hours outside together on the bustling streets of SF after a busy day, he's just my main dude. I always wondered what it would be like to own my own dog (vs. a family dog, etc.) and whenever I think about it, I just can't believe the level of amazingness. I love him so much. And I'm so grateful I even got his little scruffy, mutty self. I never want to diminish this feeling as I think that it's an example of a pure, humble, simple aspect of life that I could not be more grateful or thankful for. 

Smiled when// my mom and I made an Italian Sunday family dinner together last night in my kitchen for us and Jay. I played opera music, we synched up our motions as we made sauce, saut├ęd sausage, seasoned noodles and washed the dishes in my dishwasherless house as we went. So fun to have her here and even more so to spend time with her doing what I always do. Taking guests all over the city is nice, but it's also a welcome reprieve to invite them into your day to day activities.

Grateful// that my mom snapped that picture of us in Sausalito yesterday. While we don't lack for documentation of our life, I'm usually always prodding Jay when it's time for a picture and saying "okay, now smile!". We don't have too many candids. I love the sweet way he's looking at me here- I wouldn't have captured this with a posed shot so I appreciate my mom documenting our interactions. You will never see that face of his on this here blog from my pics, as he's usually contemplating ways to fake his own death after having to stand in one spot to take 45 photos until we get one where my hair does not look flammable. I promise he does love me!

So happy// that I met a fellow blogger for drinks on Thursday. We've been talking online since about 2009 and her blog has always made me laugh (she's private now due to her job). However, she was in town last week for vacation and astutely asked me if I wanted to meet up. Of course I did. And hugging someone you "know" so well and having the chance to fill in the gaps from the things that don't make their way online was really effing awesome. Thank you, Kara!!!! I'll treasure that night!

Have an amazing week!!!! 
Between Jay's work venture, my family here and my huge workload at the office - it's gonna be a humdinger for us.
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