Friday, November 11, 2016

Little Things Lately ...

Flabbergasted// At how the bridge never gets old. I see it every day - whether up close from our neighborhood or in the distance from my office. Yet still, it gives me butterflies in my stomach. How magical. We explored it last week on foot and it was just all sorts of jaw-on-the-floor, can't-believe-this-bridge-is-our-neighbor fun.

Totally into// Coffee table books. I want to find one really good one. Just one thick, chic, quality, fat book to sit right on my coffee table. The hunt is ongoing and I've got my spear in hand.

Noshing// On Mediterranean food. What is it with hummus? Why is it so d*mn good. Especially coupled with feta and vinegars and onions and tomatoes... perfecto. Get me to the Greek!

Sick of // Missing the bus or racing to it in the morning. I have been on a bad streak where I come out and the bus is pulling away. They come about every 7 minutes so it's not technically that big of a deal- but d*mnit, it's annoying as h*ll. You can't NOT try and get to it - so I've been starting my days sprinting and it's not been my favorite thing to do in heeled boots. Note to SF: Please find a way to upgrade your public transit - this bus thing gets old and I miss my quiet little Portland Streetcar commute (I also could do a better job of tracking when it's coming on my phone in the morning but I'd rather just blame SF/the universe as a whole since that's easier).

Cuddling// With a little monkey! One of our visitors from our 5 weekends of guests was one of my favorite gals ever and her little son who is a year next month. Surreal, sweet, fun and blissful to have her over at my SF home while holding her little squirmy boy. 

Delaying // A DMV visit and a computer repairman search for an old hard drive. I need to deal with both things and they're just annoying tasks to embark on so I keep putting off like a fool. Maybe if they made these places a little more exciting... I mean, this is why people hate the DMV.

Stoked// That my very own hair is growing longer, longer, longer. I've never let it keep going and I'm proud of the progress it has made. I love how it sounds like I'm talking about either my hair, a pet or a viable bill on the ballot.

Voted // on Tuesday. And let's discuss that next week (albeit briefly and kindly!).

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Nadine said...

I would never tire of that bridge either!!! I live in the mountains of our area and we have been there 4 years and it still takes my breath away every morning as I see the sun rise over it! Hummus and feta are SO GOOD! And your hair looks so pretty:) Have a great weekend!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I've been to SF a couple times and have never made it super close to the Golden Gate Bridge, but I always admire it from afar. I've wanted to go wherever it is that I always see people posting pictures near it everyyyy time and it just hasn't happened.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Delaying DMV visits is the bane of my existence! I would never tire of seeing that beautiful bridge either, and look at those sweet little feet. Glad you got to enjoy all the snuggles. Happy Friday gurlie <3
Green Fashionista

Pat Hatt said...

haha well 7 minutes isn't too long to wait. The bridge sure would be a sight each day.

Samantha said...

Have a good weekend!!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

So annoying when you miss the bus! I bet those views never get old. We go hiking a lot in North Georgia in the mountains and the views lately have been amazing. All the fall foliage was so pretty! Most of the leaves are starting to fall now, so sad! Do you take anything to help grow your hair out? I'm growing mine back out too and somedays I wonder what those hair capsules would do for it.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

congrats on the progress your hair has made! haha :) it looks gorgeous, as always.
Mediterranean food!!! all the live long day please.