Monday, November 28, 2016

Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

^Thanksgiving weekend 2016

It just entered the most wonderful time of the year. And not just because it includes Christmas music and copious amounts of treats and decadent platters and lots of shared joy with loved ones... but because it's time. Oh yes indeedy. It is time. Time to break out the good stuff.

Spring and summer clothes put peps in my step and let me play out the part of the carefree hippie I'm not when it comes to dress. Fall is spectacular with its neutral colored knits and shades of orange. But if you ask me, winter is where it's at (and yes, I'm fully aware it's not officially winter at all - not even close - but unofficially, it starts after Thanksgiving for me). I love dark, fuzzy, furry big jackets. I love bright and deep shades of lipstick. And I love topping it all off with a pair of sunglasses. Rocking around on a sunny yet cold wintry day in that get-up is my favorite thing in all the land.

So happy this time of year is here!
I hope to blog on somewhat of a normal pace. Work has been great but has reached a level of time suck that I can't even explain - early in the morning at home, all day at the office and continues later on at home again on my couch OR involved after work meetings. #busyseason 

Anyway, I hope you're doing okay on arguably the most depressing Monday in the entire year.
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

It's my busy time too. I am scheduling posts like a mad woman.

I love winter gear best as well. Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Pat Hatt said...

But it's cold and there's snow. Did I mention there was snow? Wonderful may be stretching it lol

Nadine said...

I am so with you, fall and winter is my jam and I much prefer the neutrals and jeweled tones of this time of year, they suit my pale self much better! I hope that works slows down a little bit for you so that you can enjoy the season!!!

Ashley Lillis said...

I love all of the coats and sweaters that comes with winter too! For the first time ever I'm actually trying to wear some of the bold lip colors for Winter and Fall, and I'm loving it! I hope that work gets better for you soon!

naghmeh said...

I LOVE winter too! and I always get grumpy looks from people when I say that but I love snow and the cozy clothes :)

good luck with all the work stuff!
The Fashionista Bubble

julie @ said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! I used to love winter, but now I'm a pussy and the cold scares me. But I love the thought of winter coats and sweaters!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i've been quite busy and when not busy not blogging, so i am very behind. hope all is well with you lovely!